Take Me Home Please.

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  1. A young girl walked up the road as the snow fell into her dark brown hair. The wind was freezing and the snow was wet. All that she had was a thin jacket over her shoulders. Her teeth Chattered as she walked. It was not fare to her that she always had to do this. She had watched her young sister diie before her eyes i on first day it snowed. It as no fare that this girl had to walk the streets all alone. But truely she was not only Akita was by her side. the large breed dog kept her warm when she slept on the streets at night. The girl stopped and looked down at the animal. " Where we gonna go tonight?"

    The dark haired girl was not like anyother. She couls hear the voices of animals.
    " I have no clue Raven." The girl sighed and went back to walking before a car pulled up next to her. Raven froze in her place and the dog by her side growled.

    (I'm looking for some one to pull up next to her, maybe more then one person in the car/truck/van, doesn't matter. I on;y want like three or four people joining thanx.))​
  2. A teen in a van pulled up next to the girl, the van consisting of weaponry and arsenal. He looked at her. "It's not really all that smart to be walking home by yourself ya know?" he told the girl.
  3. Aimee was on her way home from a night of foolishness at her best friend Shania's house. It was a cold, slightly windy night. She was huddled down in her coat as snowflakes drifted onto her hair and shoulders. Her hands were stuffed into her pockets and she felt as though each of her ribs were shivering against each other inside her. The only noise around her was the sound of her boots crunching on the snow and ice caked to the sidewalk. She slowed when she heard a dog growling ahead of her. As she neared the sound she saw a little girl with a large dog standing next to a van. "I wonder what that little girl is doing out all by herself." she said to herself as she stopped to observe.
  4. my charrie (open)
    My character is the kid in the hoodie, the other two are NPCs that wont be a main part of my thing. Left to right is Kyo, Myonaka and Ezekiel (my character)http://s1355.beta.photobucket.com/u...rt=3&o=0&_suid=135915921872207699756664745536

    'Hey, what's that up ahead?' Myonaka asked, the silver haired teen laughing while his eyes sparkled with excitement. A night on the town should always be something exciting in his mind. His two friends followed along slightly bedraggled. Kyo was half asleep on his feet and Ezekiel just didn't care. the hooded teen shook his head, taking hold of Myonaka's arm. 'Come on man, let's go home. Kyo is falling asleep, you're too damn high to be out here and I'm bored.' He sighed, wishing his friend would listen. Instead, Myonaka tugged his arm out of his grip. 'Hell no! Lets go have some fun!' He exclaimed, running ahead to the girl and the dog. He was cackling as if it were the most entertaining thing in the world and Ezekiel cursed. 'Goddamn it, come on Ky, we have to stop him from doing anything stupid.' he said, as the two of them sprinted after their friend.