Take Me Down a New Path

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  1. Greetings Everyone,

    Things are sure pretty big around here! I was led here by a friend so I am taking a step into the new world of Iwaku. Not really sure what to post but I guess I could tell you a little about myself and my RolePlaying habits. /Hides behind a wall/ Please no one throw potatoes at me... I am just trying to have fun around here. Nor do I appreciate negative comments.

    I do not wish to share my name but you can call me Sunset or anything that you think of as I am sure I will respond to it. I'm 26, a mother of a beautiful daughter and handsome son, I was once a traveler and now I have settled in Knoxville TN. My occupation is mainly automotive work but being a mother you just learn to do everything including being a doctor. Yes I am married to a wonderful man so please keep your space if you have other intentions than friendship. Let's see.... Not sure what else to add. Oh, I work on a farm taking care of horses mainly, but when I am not on the farm I am out racing cars. Weird? Naw, I grew up around cars and love it. Pretty open all n' all, so I'll answer any questions someone wants to ask me.

    For my roleplaying habits;
    -I reply pretty much at least once a day if not multiple times a day.
    -Been roleplaying for ages it seems but I try to keep things simplified. Have not met many "experienced" roleplayers. Ever tried going to a RP Group on FaceBook? Yeah don't.
    -Very universal with things as I play both F and M, all genres. Tend to stay away from sexual content though.
    -I am also a mirror writer. I love to write paragraphs but if I see someone starting to decrease the length of things I end up doing the same thing. Have yet to figure out why.

    Well that was a simple list of things about me. Anyone want to RP...or go racing? I like to just chat too~

  2. Howdy Sunset, welcome to the community! :D
  3. Thanks Diana! I heard a lot about you from my friend here. She always says you are probably the nicest one here haha.
  4. Hey! welcome t-.... Get the heck out from the hind of that wall, I was welcoming you!
    Anyways, welcome. Have funsy times here.
  5. /Steps away from the wall/ Oh yeah, and who the heck are you to tell me to get away from behind that wall!? Haha, thank you Ser K+, I can't wait!
  6. Welcome, Sunset! You'll have a great time here, I'm sure. This is a great site, and I have yet to meet anyone who is at all mean. Besides, we don't throw potatoes here. We throw strawberries! *Ahem* We don't throw things at Iwaku.
  7. Welcome to the site! It's a nice site, from what I can tell!