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Mattias groaned as the alarm for him to wake up sounded crystal clear. He grabbed his phone, trying to silence it a few times to no avail. Be rubbed his eyes and finally was able to shut the alarm off. He hesitantly moved the sheets, placing his feet on the soft carpeted floor of his apartment. He had moved out of his mother's house recently in order to move a bit closer to the campus of the college he was attending. He moved in with a good friend of his who was also staying in a place close to the campus. Right now, he was going to school for Diesel Mechanics and Engineering. He had started tinkering and learning about cars when he was a teen. He now knew a car inside and out and his friends would pay him to fix up their cars for them. It was beneficial for him because they would tell their friends who would also come and pay him for him to look at their car troubles. With the amount he made, he was barely able to help with rent and pay for his own groceries.

Dragging himself to the bathroom, he jumped into the shower, desperately trying to wake up completely before he had to drive himself to school. He quickly washed off and got out, getting dressed into some dark blue colored jeans and a form fitting black shirt. Taking a comb to his hair, he styled it to his satisfaction before heading off to school.

Upon arriving to school, he threw on his nice leather jacket as the weather was starting to get a bit nippy. Throwing on his backpack and locking his car, he headed off to his first class. Heading to the shop they had on campus, he couldn't help but notice a few sexy looking girls. He winked as they walked by, totally unawares as to anyone else around him. He then felt himself trip. How unattractive...

He got up, looking around him. There was another girl. The one he had bumped into and tripped over when he was being an idiot. He helped her pick up her things.

"I am so sorry. I can be a bit spacey sometimes...I'll watch where I walk next time"

Getting a good look at her, he couldn't help but blush. The girl's slender figure and beautiful face had caught him completely off guard. What's more, he now felt like a douchebag on top of feeling like a total loser for bumping into and tripping over a beautiful woman such as herself. He growled at himself under his breath.
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