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  1. "Rayne, run!" her father had knocked out the hunter in his wolf form who was about to grab her from behind. Everyone from her pack was attacking and defending our home, they were fighting with all their might and power but it wasn't enough. Once almost all of the wolves around the area was caged by the hunters Rayne was the only one who wasn't found, she hid from them luckily no one found her. "Where' the white one?!" one of the hunters yelled. Yes, her wolf form was white. Her fur was as white as the snow, it glistens brightly under the sun and was smooth once you feel it, at the end of her tail there was a curvy line that was color light pink and light blue, it identifies that she was her fathers daughter.

    She didn't know where to go, she kept going around the wounds with her wolf form, she couldn't transform back since it would be weird fora naked girl running around alone. Coincidentally she found a couple who looked nice and caring, she followed them to their homes and watched them from afar. The man had seen the wolf and brought her inside, Rayne told her everything about the fight, their history and her home being destroyed. The man understood so did the woman, they made a deal that she stays quite but does the house work once they leave for work in exchange she gets food and shelter.

    Rayne couldn't help but agree


    She was sleeping down the mat at the basement having a nightmare, whimpering softly she had transformed on her wolf form. It was like a dog who was hungry, but instead she was sleeping, the couple who lives here had already left for work but their children hasn't left yet. It was quite dangerous for their child staying here while she was sleeping, not to mention already whimpering loudly. She had to wake up, otherwise she's gonna be figured out.
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  2. Raiden slept dreaming about everything that had happened that day. Was it a werewolf he saw today. The one he saw outside his school? He didn't know. But he remembered how it looked straight at him as he looked out. Raiden believed in myths. All of them. He believes he has seen or heard a lot of myths. He believes in the greek gods, fairies, vampires, of course weresoves, etc. Raiden actually believed he had some sort of thing about him that wasn't normal. He just didn't know what it was yet. He had climbed a 50 story building with no problem before, and even fell off, and didn't feel any pain when he hit the ground...he didn't land on his feet, more like on his side, but still....no pain.....eh...whatever.

    Raiden awoke and went to get some water. He started hearing whimpers.....like a dogs whimpers. It was coming from the cellar. Where they were keeping that...girl....Raiden couldn't stop thinking about her. She was strange, but like....very freakin attractive. She was so perfect to him....accept the fact about her coming straight off the street. But he decided to go down and check it out. He opened the door slowly. "Hey...you okay down there?" he asked.
  3. Rayne immediately woke up and growled in her wolf form, she was already in a protective stance. Once she realizes who it was she blinked then sat down like a normal dog would do, did she wake him up? She used her paw to scratch her 'wolfie' nose the nodded, it almost looked funny to watch dog-- or should i say wolf to nod repeatedly. She began walking around you, she wanted to apologize for maybe waking him up although when she has the thought of transforming back she had no clothes down here. Sigh, she must have left it somewhere else.
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  4. She's a wolf again... he thought to himself. I'm definitely not crazy Raiden patted her on the head. "Hey...I know you can understand what I'm saying...I'm pretty sure I know what you are....you're a werewolf....right?" he asked her.
  5. Rayne stops at her tracks then stared at him, 'It can't be...how does he know...?' she thought. She tilted her head and did a little whimper, 'It can't be possible no one was supposed to find out', but he did. Suddenly she bit the hand you patted her head with, from the looks of it the wolf was glaring at him.
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  6. As Raiden's hand was bitten he pulled it back away and fell onto his back. It scared him a little. He started to back up. "I-I'm sorry!" he said in fear. "Please don't hurt me!"
  7. Rayne sat down looking at another thing, obviously she was annoyed. '...alright alright!' the thoughts of hurting someone wasn't in her agenda. Quickly she appeared again by his side in a flash then stared at his hand, she bowed down hoping he would understand she was apologizing. She was always the kind of girl who wouldn't dare hurt someone, i guess the shock of knowing someone figured out her secret just flipped her switch.
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  8. Siera always looked up to her older brother. If he said something was real, then it was. She hardly ever left his side when they were home. The day he fell from the building she knew something was different about him, but she didn't really care. He was her big brother and that would never change. Truth be told she wasn't really normal herself, but she didn't know it just yet...

    Siera walks to the top of the basement stairs holding her teddy. "Big bro! Are you down here? I had a bad dream."
  9. Once Rayne heard a girls voice she quickly looked around, where can i hide...? she thought to herself then made her look at the guys hand, she first quickly went near him hoping he wouldn't run away. When he didn't notice she was charging for his hand she licked his hand around the wound she had given him, once she stopped the wound was slowly healing. It would have been faster if she had enough time.

    She made her way to a basket just near the stairs and jumped inside, lucky thing she fits. When she hopped inside she felt something hard down the basket and howled softly, hopefully the girl wouldn't here, no i can't risk another one knowing that i'm here she said to herself. She made a promise to their parents that she would hide away from their children and not let them know about me staying here, she broke that promise right now she wonders what would happen if they figured out that two of their children had already knew about this.
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  10. Siera walks down. "Rayray... Where are you? Are you okay?" She looks around and walks over to him. "I thought I heard a doggie."
  11. Raiden looked up at Siera. "Remember that thing I told you about werewolves?" he asked her with a very serious face. Raiden was still wondering what her reaction would be. He hoped she didn't freak out and tell their parents. He took a deep breath and waited for her answers.
  12. Siera nods. "Uh-huh. That they're real and not all are mean. Some of them are really kind. Why?" She hugs her teddy.
  13. Raiden paused then went ahead with it. "I think we may have one in our basement....but don't you dare tell Mom or Dad...okay? This is our secret!" Raiden took a deep breath and pointed in the direction where she went to hide. "She went over there some where...I think we're not supposed to know...kind of too late for that."
  14. Siera smiles. "Really? Cool! Don't worry, me and teddy won't tell." She looks over where he pointed. "Wolfy, come out! We'll be nice."
  15. Raiden smiled a little. "It's fine...we promise we won't tell anyone." he said with a soft voice. He looked up the stairs to make sure their parents weren't home yet. They should be home soon though. Raiden worried a little but stayed quiet about it.
  16. 'That guy.... just told her...how can he just do that...' she sigh, if another one finds out her secret she's dead to their parents, She popped her head out the basket and stared at the guy annoyed, then looked over the girl 'She's...so cute!' she thought to herself.
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  17. Raiden through his hands up. "Hey! I'm sorry. But me and my sister have a bond. Anything I know she knows," he said. And it's exactly why I can't get a damn girlfriend he thought to himself. He always had his sister at his side. He cared for her too much to let him out of his sight. Raiden has the gift of very good looks, and girls have tried to flirt with him millions of times. Raiden had no time for them. He cared about his sister more. He didn't have time for a girl, though he really wanted some time for one. He craved it. As a teen he kind of really wanted a girlfriend. He was pretty sure it would be a while until he actually decided to get one.
  18. Rayne noticed the basket was moving a bit, 'Heh..?' then it fell to the ground on the side she was tilting her body on, she went out the basket whimpering like a sad dog, then noticed what was inside the basket. There were lots of books inside mostly about ancient history, 'Must be their dads...' she then looked at the small girl and wobbled next to her, she stared at her for a long time with admiring eyes, 'Kyaa! She's so cute... too cute!' she kept thinking over and over again, she never had a sister before only a brother, but she never thought they would be that cute! She looked over at Raiden with glimmering eyes, 'I wanna have her!'
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  19. Siera runs over and pats Rayne's head. "Cute!"
  20. Raiden stood up and looked at Siera as she pet her. Raiden had no idea what to do with this. Raiden wondered why she hadn't gone back to her human for yet. He knew she was capable of doing so....was it because it was night and not day? Raiden looked at her and asked. "Why don't you turn back to your human form....I'd really like to talk to you," he said stepping a little closer to her and Siera.