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Hello fellow Iwakian!

While March heralds spring and thus new beginnings, April follows its lead and encourages you to take a chance on National Take a Chance Day. While this day falls on April 23rd this year, there's never a wrong time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. While the prospect can be scary at first, sometimes change can lead you to exciting new adventures and the beginnings of passions.

Given that we are all here to write creative and exciting stories and expand our skills as writers, we challenge you to make some changes to the way you roleplay! An excellent place to go to look for ideas on how you might go about this would be our Roleplay Help & Writing Guides forum. You can find advice on writing about particular subjects like romance and fight scenes, enhancing your writing, and more!

For an example of a change you could make, why not branch out into a new genre? If you typically write slice-of-life realism, why not try fantasy or sci-fi for once? If you usually avoid horror, it might be fun to try dipping your toes into it.

If you're worried about not being able to write sex scenes correctly, why not practice?

You could also try switching up the style of roleplay with which you typically engage. Have you only ever written 1x1s? Why not join a group roleplay? If you have been in group roleplays, why not try GMing a story?

If those changes seem too drastic for you, you could always try changing your writing style. If you write in the third person, why not try the first person for a change? If you write in the past tense, why not try the present tense?

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Starting/Maintaining Types of Roleplays:

Writing Characters:

Writing Fight Scenes:

Writing Sex Scenes:

Writing Romance:

Writing in General:

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