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  1. Hello there. Usually I would post an idea of mine here, but I am lately facing a little problem. Since a while, each time I make an idea, I end up not being satisfied with it. I have no idea why, but it just plain out sucks. So please take your time and see if you have something that takes my interest. I will gladly give my input, so don't think I will be just some lazy butt.
    I have some characters in my character bin, and this little list here so you can check what I am into.

    I can and will post numerous times a week, if I am interested enough in an RP and won't be suddenly ditched.
    If you do not post for about a week, without letting me know why, I will drop you flat. No questions asked.
    Story line is a must, not just sex sex sex sex sex and more sex. I love learning everyone's characters.
    My posts will !Never! be one sentence. I do not feel that is fair to anyone to work with and not right of me to do. I expect the same of you.
    For myself, I generally write about 1-3. But that's just me. I'd at least like the common courtesy of my partner posting at least 1 paragraph per post. Just don't give me a one liner, cause then I won't post back. The same is the case for when you throw an extreme amount of over 5 paragraphs at me that is filled with useless information.
    Genre based; I am a huge fan of magic and special powers. I tend to use these a lot honestly.
    Grammar and punctuation is generally a decent thing of mine but I will make mistakes. We all have the ability to keep them at a minimum, so let's make use of that.
    Don't ask me to do a gay/lesbian/orgy sort of thing, it will never happen. Not even if you bribe me with a million bucks and a new charger. It'll never happen.
    Let's have fun, if either of us have a problem; lets talk about it! I'd rather solve an problem than ignore it.
    No kids or pregnancy in my rps, I just don't find them remotely that fun to work with.
    Don't expect me just to move the story line forward, we need to work together. And lets bounce idea's off one another.
    My Genre's really base around Fantasy plots. I do not like Modern remotely. We live in that time line, and we all know it's boring. If it wouldn't be, you wouldn't be reading this post.

    Now then. Any questions? Go ahead and ask. I will try my best not to bite you.
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  2. Hello, Lusterless, I'm pleased to meet you, and even more pleased to be reading this post.

    Is being a new user a problem? I've always been a writer, and have always gotten positive feedback on the small amount of works that I show other people, and I've decided to try my hand at RP. I wouldn't worry at all about progression of story/ideas/character development. I am far from an amateur; but I don't mean to brag, just message me if being a new user isn't a problem, how about it?

    -Mask 1
  3. Likewise!
    It usually is, but I'd say that you are an exception. Everyone who pays attention to how you write can tell that you have experience.
    You just did~
    Check your inbox in 3...2...1...
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