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  1. Yes I'm dying of the bored of my boredom-ness. So pm me! Or reply below! CAUSE I'LL BE SUPER DUPER HAPPY ONCE YOU DO AND I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER! O.O

    *clears throat* sorry for yelling..

    Anyways! I'm looking for partners! With the 's!' That's many more than one!

    DON'T LOOK AT THE POST REPLY COUNT THINGY! ...Just ... don't. It doesn't matter.

    We matter! Us! Our rp! No need for jealousy! Haha. *made a funny* :3

    Alright! Down to the busy-business.
    I'm looking for someone that is mostly active. If you're busy then tell me, it'll be nice. But then again, I don't care if you don't cause I might not tell you either! Yeah I'm evil like that. Mwahah .. *sighs* (I'm so lame..)

    Anywhore! Please be good with spelling and grammar, you don't have to be perfect or anything but it's like a spaz out if there's too many errors in one post. So.. heh.. yeah.
    One liners suck! So don't always send those.. unless you're like me and get distracted with something else and you can't think properly . That happens regularly.
    I freaking love chatting with my partners but if you're not down like that then.. go ahead! Click that back button or however you got here!

    GET OUT!!!

    I don't have any ideas! BUT I'M GOOD AT COMING UP WITH ONE! With You! together..
    We shall brainstorm! Cause it's fun to brainstorm with people and not let me come up with everything.

    Anyways! Don't let my weird msg freak you out! I'M AMAZING! IN TONS OF WAYS! Ask the ones that I'm following ! They know! x3

    ***I only play female characters!** [MxF] & [FxF]
  2. Got a feeling for anything in particular right now?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.