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  1. Greetings everybody!

    Thank you for clicking on this Interest Check and I hope we will all get to the end of this thing without unnecessary causalities (uneasy smile).

    My (nick)name is Fatja, but you can shorten it to just F., and this is my humble try to lure someone into roleplaying with me.

    You might be put off by my short reign on this site, but fear not for I am more experienced than it seems and already spent a couple of years in the trenches. Unfortunately, the site, or rather the people I used to roleplay with slowly disappeared into obscurity and that left me alone and desperately bored. And that’s exactly why I am here. To fight of dangerous boredom and maybe create something interesting, entertaining and with a little bit of luck, even beautiful.

    But first, let’s summarize a few rules I have when it comes to roleplaying.
    -Be older than eighteen years. (I feel restricted when I roleplay with younglings)
    -Be active. (A post every other day will make me really happy and keep the RP dynamic)
    -Be friendly/polite. (I am a chatty person and enjoy meeting new people, so please, talk to me!)
    -Don’t be a ditcher. (Can’t stress this enough. It feels really bad when you give your heart into something and your partner just disappears into shadows.
    -Don’t be cheap. (Creativity! Imagination! Try to avoid tired clichés and overused character archetypes.).
    -Give me something to work with. (Post between two and four paragraphs is reasonable, don’t you think?)
    -Work with me. (It is boring to carry the weight of the roleplay just by myself. Help me a little and drive the plot forward as much as I do)

    I hope these requirements aren’t looking too scary and be sure, that I’m not asking anything I couldn’t deliver myself.

    With the boring part out of the way, let’s move to the really important stuff!
    In terms of roleplaying, I tend to do fantasy or science fiction roleplays set in custom worlds. It allows us to literally do anything we want and that freedom is something I love about roleplays.

    When it comes to actual plot, I adore epic stories with great battles, powerful magic and godlike beings, although that doesn’t mean that I won’t do more casual stories with down to earth characters just doing what they have to. Actually I have a weak spot for plots about a misfits trying to survive the world that apparently hates them.

    I usually tend to make stories more gritty or cynical, even when I am doing classical Tolkien-ish high fantasy and try to avoid the typical Good vs. Evil plots, blurring the lines between the two and keeping things in the nice grey area.

    Also, romance is always nice, especially the Love’n’hate one (yea, I know I said no tired clichés), but I prefer it having some kind of build-up. I find love at the first sight pretty boring and even dumb and would like to avoid it. It is much more satisfying to have a romance between characters that actually were through something together.
    That being said, I am looking for FxF romances or MxF, while preffering to play the male at that case.

    So, is there somebody willing to play with me?
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  2. Still searching!
  3. Any plots you really wanted to try?
  4. I am interested in roleplaying with you, if you are still interested. Send me a message if you're still looking.
  5. That's a tough question to answer as I like a loooot of things. Right now, I'm having a Malazan Books of Fallen marathon and my tastes are pretty influeced by that. I'd be up for something more gritty and realistic, while still having plenty of magic and fantasy stuff in it.

    Things like Mentor x Apprentice pairings, Vampires (as the bloodthirsty and bestial and non romantic ones), Mediaval fantasy crime stories also really ring my bell.
  6. Sounds like fun. I love midevil things senf me a pm of your intrested
  7. Do you like any anime?
  8. Do you like costumed vigilante RPs?
  9. I love OHSHC, one piece, and fullmetal alchemist
  10. I'm afraid animes aren't really my thing.

    On the other hand, custome vigilantes could be fun. Still hyped from the Daredevil series.
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