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  1. So I'm gonna keep this short a sweet just a few points, I don't do smut nudity and dirty jokes are fine but no full on sex, also I only do 1x1's with 18+

    So here are my original plots
    Dad x son (non romance)
    Brother x brother (non romance)
    Guy best friend x guy best friend (can be romance but doesn't need to be)
    Knight x stable boy (romance)
    Vampire x human
    Master x slave
    Mythical creature x mythical creature
    Mad Doctor x patient

    Avatar the last air bender- after the decimation of the air nation two young air bending men go into hiding from he fire nation. Will most likely be romance

    Naked and Afraid- instead of an actual tv show this would be two guys actually get stranded in the wilderness...naked

    Thought out plots/fandoms

    Superheroes- a superhero duo fights crime...pretty basic, can be romance but doesn't need to be.

    Foster children- two foster boys decide to run away from their abusive foster father.

    Please post here or pm if interested
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  2. Superheroes, maybe?
  3. Sure! Pm me
  4. Added a few plots
  5. Added more plots
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