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  1. Hello there!

    Here to try your hand at a story? As am I!

    Name's Lea. Or Hobo. Whichever fits your mood at the moment.

    I'm pretty new to the site, and I'm trying to get the hang of it. I think a One on One thread would be a fantastic start! As of now, I have absolutely no story ideas in my head. So maybe I can help with yours? I could name the list of things I do and don't, but Roleplay Resume would be easier to glance at.

    Anyhow, I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts; and, hopefully, we can eventually begin the journey.

    I hope I wasn't too brash or cold in this thread. I'm not too experienced in advertising this sort of thing.


  2. Hello! I, myself, am new to the site and I agree that a one x one would be a lovely way to start of this campaign. I know we both like fantasy and adventure which are my two favorite topics so would you be willing to work with those? I personally love thieves, if you cannot tell by my resume. I can start throwing ideas out to you, I may have some plots, and I have pictures that could spark creativity.
  3. Sure! Though the first thing that comes to mind when I hear that combo is the Gerudo from LoZ. But I'm more than happy to hear what you have.
  4. @Xenia Caecitas
    First off, I love LoZ. I have played it since Ocarina of Time. And believe it or not Gerudo is one of my favorite races.
    If you want to we can take aspects of LoZ and make a new land to explore, because it is easier to do than cannon role-plays in my opinion.
    That is, if you are interested. If not, and you like the concept of Gerudo, whatever plot we decide to do, we can come up with an all-but-one-female race.
  5. I like the first idea (cause doing canon roleplaying can be a pain). Hm.. But what would be our motivation in the story..
  6. @Xenia Caecitas

    Well, in LoZ there is always a protagonist (in this case we can make it a group or good versus evil) against an antagonist with a princess and legendary items in the mix. And there has been a LoZ setting in the sky, on sea, and on land, plus various different locations. So maybe we can try to focus on some form of land that isn't used too much, for instance, though the landscape appeared in Majora's Mask, there haven't been many ice mountains. And as far as motif well, we could do the regular or we can have two people who are trying to survive in a world where various forms of Gannon are trying to take over. There is so much but it is so hard to think of it on the spot.
  7. @Ethereal

    Hmm... It would be interesting to see Wisdom and Courage in different places or completely absent for once, leaving it up to whoever steps up.
  8. @Xenia Caecitas
    I am not sure if I am getting this correctly from you but what I am interpreting is that there is no set sage for Wisdom or Courage, and so whoever fills the position/steps up will become that sage?
  9. Well maybe? In some timelines of LoZ, Link, Zelda, and Ganon are not always reborn at the same time or one dies as the other two are. So ... Say Zelda would be there, but the Teiforce piece would be dormant because there was no need for it. Same could be said of Link and Ganon.

    So if a Ganon exists in our world, but no Hero or Princess, we could sort of put in our characters as people who step up to the challenge; people who aren't born to play the part. Am I making sense? D:
  10. @Xenia Caecitas
    Perfectly! I love that idea!! You are amazing!
    Now what would ensue would have to be where do we want this to take place. We can do the Ocarina of Time Hyrule, or we can do a modern Hyrule, or even mix and match other things. This is going to be so much fun!

    Sorry I haven't replied in a timely manner, my surgery was cancelled and a lot of stuff ensued.
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