Taisho Baseball Girls

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    I love this anime <3

    I recently picked up the DVD at a geeky little shop downtown and binge-watched all 12 episodes overnight, I forgot how much I love love love this show!

    Synopsis from the DVD case (open)

    1925 - Six years since the end of the Great War, four years since women were allowed to join political associations, and one year since Emperor Hirohito assumed the throne. Only thirteen years after the death of the Meiji Emperor, Japan is a nation re-inventing itself, swept by wave after wave of wars, disasters, and political unrest. War looms in China, males over the age of 24 are about to receive the right to vote, and a strange new type of school uniform called the "sailor suit" is being introduced. But at least the national pastime, baseball, remains bound by tradition, the exclusive realm of men and boys.

    Until now.

    When a local player arrogantly states that girls should become housewives instead of going to school, teenage firebrands Koume and Akiko respond by forming their own baseball team. It's shocking. It's scandalous. And yet, in a nation in which almost anything seems suddenly possible, it may just be the start of something greater than any nine girls can imagine. It's not just a game, it's history in the making in Taisho Baseball Girls!

    The best thing about this anime is that while it is undeniably a sports anime, you don't have to like baseball or even sports in general to watch and understand it. They use Baseball to tell the story, but it is in no way a story about baseball. It's political, it's emotional, it's dramatic, even romantic!

    Any other fans out there? 8D
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  2. I'm not going to open the synopsis and just pretend that Sailor Mercury up there with the baseball bat is a disciple of Sergeant Donny Donowitz, the Bear Jew.
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  3. ... How the hell does Anime go to Jewish Bears within the first response? XD
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  4. [​IMG]

    That's how.
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  5. I haven't watched this anime, but your description kind of reminds me of Chihayafuru. It's a pretty great anime too, with a female main character, and you don't have to know/like the sport either.
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  6. Pssh.

    Sailor mercury is hotter
  7. I might have to watch this; sports anime is my secret weakness. I like historical dramas, too.

    Eyeshield 21 (American football) is one of my favorite mangas of all time, and I also read Hana-Kimi (high jumping, though it's more there as a side to romance) and a fair bit of Slam Dunk (basketball). One of my earliest animes was Initial D (street car racing). Bamboo Blade was an enjoyable show too (kendo). And there's another baseball anime I really liked called Ookiku Furikabutte/Big Windup.
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