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  1. Ryou looked over the paper work. He glanced over at Koudai, "The least you could do is show the new student around!"

    Koudai smirked, "What's in it for me?"

    Ryou placed his hand over his forehead and shook his head. There was no getting help from Koudai without giving him something he wanted.

    "Well if you help the new student around, you get to skip the opening ceremony," Ryou said finally with a sigh, "I can't skip because I have to give my opening speech like I always do. In fact, introduce her to the rest of student council members while you're at it. I'm sure they won't be attending the Opening Ceremony either."

    Koudai smiled, "Understood."

    Koudai was quite pleased that he now had a reason to skip the opening ceremony. It was an entire hour pure boredom he really didn't want to sit through. He looked at the new student's school registration forms. So he was looking for a girl named Nicky. Well that should be easy enough. All he had to do was look for the girl in the picture. Well she was bound to be in the atrium. At least he hoped. That was where most new students ended up.
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  2. Nicky had just arrived at the school, stopping in the atrium. Where the hell was she supposed to go now? Leaning against a wall, she stared with annoyance at the uniform. Why did they want her to wear a uniform? Those were stupid, annoying and pretty much just to burn as soon as school ended.
    One foot against the wall, and the other on the ground, she looked around, the brown hair ruffled up. For now it just seemed just like she would end up leaving the school and convince her father to move to paris again.
    Paris sounded good yes. French pasteries, lovely guys and oh those little streets with adorable shops. That was a city for girls to live in.
  3. Upon spotting Nicky, a winning smile stretched upon Koudai's face, "Well your school photo certainly does your beauty no justice. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Higuchi Koudai, vice president of this school's student council and a member of the Taisei Academy Host club."

    No sooner had he said the words, other members of the Host Club began to show up, minus Ryou of course. The Yuuda triplets appeared all holding hands and smiled when they saw the new girl. Minami was the first of the triplets to run up and greet Nicky.

    "You must be Nicky! Nice to meet you! I'm Yuuda Minami! She sure is cute isn't she?" Minami said eagerly with a smile. She was rather excited to have another girl join their lovely private school. Minami was confident that Nicky would enjoy her time here at the Taisei Academy. There was a lot of things to do to pass the time.

    Misumi and Masashi just bowed in Nicky's direction before grabbing the hand of their sister. They both looked to shy to say anything which was probably true.

    "Mina-chan, do we really have a new student!? Is she really western?" A girl yelled loudly from the opposite end of the atrium.

    "Keep your voice down Mai-chan! The opening ceremony is still going on," Another girl said with an irritated expression plastered on her face.
  4. Host club? She wanted to laugh. Why did they send the host club to greet her? Was that the sort of typical thing there?
    "Of course the photo doesn't do no justice. Who is ever looking good in the photos?" She spoke with a little bit of a cocky tone and pushed herself out from the wall, standing straight at her spot. Even if they came so many at once, she wouldn't pull back. Nah, she'd just show who she was.

    Having one from what looked likea group of triplets run up to her, she raised a brow and pulled a hand through her hair. Was all japanese people this straight-forward? That certainly could become interesting aftr some time.
    Cute? Was cute really the thing to call her?
    Yes, I am indeed Nicky, nice to meet you all" Most normal thing would probaly be to extend her hand and to shake hands with them all, but no. That wouldn't be any fun. So instead she kept one hand on her thigh where the pockets would have been on her jeans, and the other hanging straight down beside her.

    Turning to the direction that the Mai-chan girl was from, she smiled with a certain glint in her eyes and chose to reply in french. "
    Oui mademouselle, Je suis de l'ouest"* Nothing wrong with a little french in the early morning, was there?

    *Je suis de l'Ouest=I am from the west.
  5. "You make a strong argument," Koudai said with a smirk, "I see you don't scare easy. That's good."

    Koudai was happy to know that the girl hadn't run off screaming in terror. He was expecting something more along the lines of confusion, but confidence was always more attractive. Koudai stepped aside as Maiko approached, loud as ever.

    "うわあああすごいな! Woooow, that's amazing!" Maiko's eye's widened to the size of tennis balls.

    "Maiko use English! At least make her feel comfortable," Miho sighed, "Anyway, pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Kunigiyama, Miho. The loud one is Hashimoto Maiko."

    "But you can call me Mai-chan!" Maiko interrupted.

    Koudai raised an eyebrow. There was one more and he was not here. He waited for a moment before he spotted Masashi walking over with a tired expression. Masashi was tall. Well he was more than tall, he was more like six feet and ten inches. He was almost seven feet tall. On top of all that, he was incredibly shy.

    He walked in and blushed the moment he saw Nicky. He just offered her a polite bow.

    "Aida, Masaki. Nice to meet you." His accent was thick, but still understandable.
  6. A chuckle escaped her lips and she looked directly at the first guy. Koudai or whatever he said his name was. Scare easily? What did he take her for? A child?
    "I don't do scared. I've been at so many schools that being the new kid isn't scary" She was direct as she spoke, and turned over to the rest. They seemed to be more shy than the vice president. In a way she was now curious as to how the president would be. Someone she could challenge perhaps?

    Oh please don't worry abot language. I'm used to picking up on new ones quickly" She responded with a wink and lifted the bag from her shoulder over her head so that the strap was on the shoulder on the opposite side of where she had it hanging.

    Oh she would grow tired of bowing to people. So just to point out she was from europe and not Japan, she courtesied. "
    Nicky Massery, I'll try to remember all of your names, though it might take some time as I'm not fluent in Japanese yet" There was a bit of a teasing undertone in her response, as she looked between them all. Even if that guy was much taller than her who stood at about 5 feet 3 inches, she would never be scared. Fright was for weak people.
  7. "I don't do scared. I've been at so many schools that being the new kid isn't scary," Nicky remarked.

    "Yes, I imagine that it wouldn't be," Koudai said finally.

    He raised an eyebrow at her curiously. A curtsy was not something he had ever seen in person, though he supposed it was the equivalent of their bow. Koudai yawned. Introductions were over and he wouldn't be allowed to show Nicky to the girl's changing rooms. Koudai motioned for Minami to come over and she nodded in understanding.

    "Let's go to the girl's changing rooms and then we can show you where you can sleep," Minami smiled at the girl, "I don't really have a roommate yet, but as you probably know, you can sleep here at the academy or at home."

    Minami's English was probably the best out of the group aside from Koudai. Miho and Maiko followed the two of them up the stairs to the girls' changing room. It was a spacious room that resembled more of a lounge than anything else. However there were also stalls that if someone wanted to change privately they could.

    "This is where we change, but you can change in the stalls or in your room if you prefer privacy," Minami explained.

    "みなみの英語がうまいね!?" Maiko exclaimed.

    Miho shook her head, "Yes her English is good, but so is yours. You just have to use it."

    "やだ!" Maiko said playfully, "Just kidding."
  8. She smirked as they headed towards the girls changing rooms, but before they walked to far away, she turned as the Minami girl talked and winked to the boy. "If you find a little bit of european habits boring, I am certain there's other western traits and habits i could show that's not quite as boring"
    Her father had asked her to make friends, and so she would. Even if it meant pushing the limits of everyone.

    Sleep at the school? It could probaly be fun, at least she would save time on doing that instead of having her dad drive her to school each day.
    Maybe she could manage to squeeze in an hour of training then?
    "I don't really care. I've dressed and undressed with guys before, so even if some girls see me it doesn't matter" She shrugged nocholantly and looked around. The school was quite fine, as expected when the company paid for school, and the british international school wasn't within an hour drive.

    Anyone can become briliant in english" Nicky turned towards the girl who kept talking japanese with a winning smile on her face. "you just have to talk the language as much as possible."
  9. Koudai offered Nicky one of his devilish smirks, "I'll keep that in mind."

    He watched the girls walk off and then waited for the Opening Ceremony to be over with Masaki.

    Minami's eyes widened at Nicky's remark, "Really? That's not allowed here, but I'm glad you won't mind changing in the open. Well anyway, we sleep upstairs. You can leave your things in my room for the time being if you want. Mai-chan and Kunigiyama-san have other places to be right now. So they will be leaving us shortly. Until then, I will properly introduce you to my brothers."

    Miho looked at the clock, "You're right. We're going to be late for the closing song of the Opening Ceremony. It was nice meeting you."

    "Bye Nicky! I hope to see you again soon! You should come to host club room after Minami is done showing you around!" Maiko yelled behind her as she was dragged away by Miho.

    Minami waited for Nicky to set her things somewhere. There was literally two of everything. Two closets, two bathrooms, two beds, two mirrors. It was like living in a house the size of one room. On top of that it was pretty spacious. The room was the same color as Minami's hair which at this moment was black and red.
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  10. "When there's only one dressing room and you need to change since you've been boxing for an hour, you usually don't mind who's there with you" She replied to the girl who seemed so shocked at her comment. Like changing with guys or girls was any different from the other. You never knew who was gay either so, why should she care?

    "Bye bye ladies. See you around" Nicky waved as they headed off, and turned back to the girl who was part of the triplets. "Why did we head here instead of to the opening ceremony if I may ask? Seeing how I haven't been here, there might have been necessary info there" Not that she really minded that she had been dragged away from such things. Too many students in one room during those times, and then in a japanese school she would certainly attract the attention.

    Just placing the black leatherbag on the floor she shrugged as she stood normal again without any extra weight. Those bags sucked. Suitcases were much better. "So... Host club? Mind telling me what's the deal around that, and why it it is the hosts that came to show me around?"
  11. Minami just nodded at Nicky's comment. She didn't really box herself and knew nothing of the sport. However, she assumed it must be very tiresome if changing in front of boys no longer became a problem. Changing with guys present in the room was shameful by Japanese standards.

    "Well, if you had asked to go the Opening Ceremony, we would have taken you. However, it was all in Japanese and we weren't sure how much you would understand. If you have any questions, we'd more than likely be able to answer them," Minami smiled as she placed her bag on the ground, "I'm glad you were able to put those bags down. They looked heavy."

    Minami motioned for Nicky to follow her back down the hallway. The hallway slanted as though they were going down a floor. It led to the atrium right back where they started originally. Minami listened to Nicky's questions and then chuckled.

    "The Host Club is a place where the students gather for a type social time. You can dress in your casual clothes. My band performs there on certain occasions. The job of the Host Club is to entertain the guests with their interests. For example, Koudai is the dangerous type, Masa-kun is the shy type, Mai-chan is the fun type, Kunigiyama-san is the serious type, my brothers are the shy and lolita type, and I'm the rock star type. Our president, Ryou, he's the mysterious type. Depending on our personalities, certain guests are attracted to us. Does that make sense?" Minami explained.
  12. Ah. It was all in Japanese... It made sense she could avoid it then. "I can read it pretty well by now, but the language spoken is still confusing" As they started to walk again, Nicky stretched her arms and shoulders. One arm behind, bent down as if trying to reach the ground behind her, while the other pressed it down. It wasn't that she needed to stretch. She just liked to have something to do.

    They reached the Atrium again, and this time she studied it a little bit closer. Quite pretty, though it would be more gorgeus with black stars put up all around and with a dancefloor. Very much better would that be.

    "So that's why you're the ones sent to fetch the new girl from the west?" She spoke with a smile and a teasing tone, and dropped her arms to the sides. She wanted to laugh though at Koudai being the dangerous type. He seemed about as dangerous as a puppy with its milk teeths. "I'll have to see if they are truly as rumored to be then. Or if by western standards you would be called the complete opposite"
  13. "Yes, I'm afraid our principle speaks very quickly." Minami admitted, "Well it looks like they're done anyway. It's about time you met our president."

    A horde of students male and female alike rushed into the Host Club room. Ryou had somehow managed to make it inside the room before things got too crowded. Fortunately, it was one of their slower days, but there had to be over fifty people inside the room itself. Minami laughed as she saw the rest of the member already sitting down in their respective areas.

    Koudai was wearing his typical clothing. He dawned A tight black t-shirt with ripped jeans. Chains hung from his belt loops and he wore biker gloves. He smirked at Nicky before returning to his guests. Out of all the host club members, he had the most guests. Ironically enough he didn't look to be interested in any of them. He just looked bored, but the girls didn't seem to notice it much.

    Misumi and Masashi were talking with some other girls who seemed to be shy themselves. It was cute to say the least. They spoke in unison and they smiled when saw their sister.

    Ryou had the second most amount of guests. He smiled as he saw Nicky walk into the club. He was handsome as was customary of the Taisei Academy Host Club. As for good looks he was second only to Koudai. His eyes seemed to hold you away at a distance, but it kind of made you want to ask him questions.

    "Hello there. I must apologize that I couldn't greet you myself. My name is Matsuhashi Ryou. I'm the student body president as well as the Host Club President. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I hope you enjoy yourself at the Taisei Academy," Ryou bowed politely to her and then kissed her hand delicately. A couple of girls glared in Nicky's direction, others just looked envious.
  14. How great they had taken her away before she had to suffer through fast japanese then. Not that she would have paid attention.

    Being in the host club seemed more fun.
    Like some sort of drama could happen at any point. Especially if that little idiot believed he could continue to smirk like that without getting a fist smacked into his face.
    The males of the triplets on the other hand seemed like they would be fun to tease, to see what she could do before they would actually speak. Or that giant earlier. How far she could push stuff before he would use his height.

    "Let's hope I don't ruin anything for anyone while I'm here then" Nicky teased minami before the president came over to them. Why was he doing so? And why in the world did those girls believe their glares were fair? She hadn't even asked for him to look her direction.
    It wasn't her fault she would be noticed everywhere at that school.

    "Oh please don't worry about me enjoying time here, from how Minami here have explained it... I'll have lots of fun" especially by crushing that smirk of the 'dangerous' boys' face, though she didn't add that. "I'm Nicky. Which by the looks of it, everyone here knows anyway"
  15. "Well it will be pretty hard to ruin things for people. I also hope you don't do that," Minami noticed Nicky's glance in Koudai's direction, "Koudai's a cute one isn't he?"

    Minami giggled, "I don't know, but his smirk is really sexy. However, I have to cater to my guests. I will leave you in Koudai's care until then. Don't worry about the girls here, they glare at each other whenever someone receives more attention than them. It's just the way things happen here. Please don't take it too personally."

    Koudai looked back at Nicky, "Glad to be seeing you again. Did you get settled in well?"

    Something was different about Koudai. His eyes glinted danger and his voice was seductive in a way. It begged you closer, but at the same time it was like something you knew you shouldn't have. Koudai was the master of this look, but it was never intentional. Ryou knew more than anyone what that look really was. The two were first cousins after all.

    Despite his current facade, Koudai did look mildly interested in how Nicky was getting along.

    Ryou nodded in Koudai's direction in approval before smiling at Nicky, bowing and returning to his guests. They crowded around him and some stroked his hair playfully. Regardless, everyone in the room seemed to look happy. The twins were happy to be reunited with their sister. Minami had taken her seat on Misumi's lap. Boys to the right of her growled in envy and girls glared at her, but the triplets seemed to be used to this reaction.
  16. A suffocated laughter escaped her lips at Minami's comment. That guy, cute?! He was the exact opposite of cute. He seemed like the rude, obnoxious boy that you'd want to first kiss, just to see if it was worth it, then punch because it wasn't worth it.
    That was how he seemed.
    "His smirk is annoying and I want to wipe it off his face" nicky replied as if that was what just any type of girl would reply.

    And then that girl left, leaving her with Koudai. Oh just bloody brilliant! Just as well leave her with the guy she wanted to throw into the wall, just because his smirk was annoying the hell out of her.

    But as clearly everyone meant she should sit there by him for then, she took a chair and turned it around so that the back was facing him. who said she needed to sit all lady like?
    She she put the back of the chair towards him and the ladies, and then sat down on it, straddling the chair and resting her head against her hands on the back.

    Of course I did. Not that it would take too long with all the pretty girls that's around here" sound like a lesbian already, that used to work on getting guys to have some respect. Especially if they followed the stereotypical view of lesbians.
    When she thought about it, she would have to change outfit sooner or later, still being in the uniform would just be a very annoying thing for the day.
  17. "My smirk is annoying, huh?" Koudai chuckled to himself, "Wouldn't the first time I've heard that. Yes the girls are very pretty, though you stand out to me."

    "Koudai's smirk is not annoying! It's cute! But you wouldn't know a handsome man if he kissed your hand," One of the girls remarked slyly, "With the way you act, it's not surprising."

    "HEY!" Koudai snapped, "Everyone's entitled their opinion. There was no reason for you say that. Just leave. Now."

    He glared at the girl who stood up from her chair. She glared at Nicky and then stormed off with her arms crossed.

    "I'm sorry. She's just in a bitchy mood because someone is getting more attention than her. I'm even more sorry that I stood up for you. Someone like you can take care of themselves. Believe me, I know." Koudai looked away for a moment and then put his hood over his head and hid his expression.

    He got up from his seat and much to the girls dismay, Koudai began to leave.

    "Sorry ladies, but I cannot provide for you my usual charm. Please come back again later this evening for the First of the Year dance," Koudai walked away down the hall. His face was unreadable. His guests followed him out, but went their separate ways, some still drooling after Koudai.

    Ryou approached Nicky, "I'm sorry as well," Ryou said with a sigh, "He's usually not like this. I think that something is on his mind. You can continue to hang out here or do whatever you like. There are no classes scheduled for today or tomorrow. Please think about attending the dance."
  18. Oh dear, had she hurt the feelings of the pretty little boy? Oh joy, if he couldn't handle her calling his smirk annoying, how did he expect to survive her drunk at some point? Annoying was her sweetest way of saying something wasn't any good.

    "Koudai's smirk is not annoying! It's cute! But you wouldn't know a handsome man if he kissed your hand, With the way you act, it's not surprising."
    She wanted to laugh. Who did that child believe she was? With a smirk and a tilt of her head, she looked directly at her before the girl walked off. "Sorry then for prefering men over overgrown pups" she kept the tone as sweetly as she could for the beginning before she turned more snarky back. "also, the thing is, I don't need to go to a host club to get men, I've had enough to know how to find them. So really girl, who do you think you are to claim I don't know what a handsome man is?"

    Nicky raised a brow as she watched Koudai leave. She hadn't even asked him to stand up for her, so what was his issue? She could handle little bratty girls like those easily.
    Then Ryou came over. What was it with these host club guys? Couldn't she get to breathe for one minute before either one or another of those girls and guys came to her? Had they lost a bet that made it so they had to keep her entertained or?

    "If there's a dance, I'll have to take a quick trip home to pick up a dress."
    Standing back up on her feet, she smiled to the boy who aperantly was the leader of the whole thing. "Tell me... What's the rule about how short the dress can be and how high can the heeles of shoes be?"
  19. "Well there isn't necessarily a rule. Simply where what you want to be perceived as," Ryou answered her, "If you need to get home, you can talk to one of our limo drivers outside or you can call whomever."

    Ryou nodded at her and then turned away. He returned to his guests and gave one of the ladies a flower. He smiled charmingly at her and continued to chat idly. The host club members all seemed busy. The Yuuda triplets had made it on to the stage and looked like they were going to perform. Their guests sat at the very front of the room. They dawned rockstar clothes similar to the Yuuda triplets. Most of them were yelling and cheering as the lights dimmed. Minami's voice was eerily beautiful as she sang a song by a band known as Evanescence.

    Her brothers played behind her, smiling softly as the performed. Masaki stood up and walked out as his guests followed him out before parting their separate way. Matsuda hit his head on the doorway and blushed from the embarrassment. He had forgotten to duck again. However, he had only managed to take three steps before he tripped and almost fell. Masaki sighed. He hated being so tall an clumsy. He bowed to Nicky before leaving.

    "Hope to see you at the dance, Miss," Masaki said to her before walking away after Koudai.
  20. "Will do" Nicky nodded to Ryou as he headed back to his customers, and gave the triplets on the stage a discreet wave as she was heading out. Right now she pretty much just wanted to take a proper run and have the sweat running down, but doing that would probaly not be considered very girly, or clever wearing the uniform.

    Though, as she was about to leave the room, the tallest guy came to the door at the same time. Unfortunately for him, he was too far for it. She knnew it could be far too mean to laugh, but she couldn't help but chuckle. Especially when he bllushed. It did fit that he was the shy and cute guy yeah. "Watch out boy, wouldn't want to get a concussion at the first day of school, right?" Though as he bowed again she rolled her eyes. That he would hhave to stop with. "Please, don't feel like you need to bow around me at all. In the west we're not so very polite in general"
    She would go insane by having to bow to everyone.

    Though she didn't stop for long and was already heading up to the girls changing room. She'd have to pick up her phone and tell her dad to either drive the dress to her, or he'd have to pick her up.
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