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  1. [BCOLOR=#999999] This is a Killing RP so I won't be able to tell you the details of which we murder or curse. [/BCOLOR]

    Ren lit her cigarette and sat on the balcony. Tonight would be perfect. Everyone was already lined up to kill the target. Their base was within the red light district. Each working the day job as a host or hostesses or even bar tenders. By night they killed the wealthy who came threw their domain. " Mocking Bird."

    (Who ever post second will be Mocking Bird. Btw its a cod name. Say something like Mocking Bird has stuck the landing. Or something meaning you are ready to proceed.)
  2. Mockingbird. It was a ridiculous code name but for now it was his. Dain sat on a the roof above his esteemed leader. "Mocking bird is on his perch." It was a simple and effective meaning. His wires were all set. Cross tail was his partner for life. It was a intricate web that could be brought forward or tightened. Tonight was a mission. Being a cook in the day was boring but, it helped every little bit.
  3. Ren smirked slightly as she heard the reply. "Everything is ready. Cross Tails do your thing you have lest then 3 minutes to kill and be back here." She says puffing out smoke. "Little Robin?" She asked before sitting in her chair. Her long raven hair dropped around her as she wore her corset and fish net legging.

    (Again with code name first come first survive.)
  4. "Roger boss." He said and he leaped from the roof to another. 3 minutes. In the red light district. He could take on four people in that time. She was being lenient tonight. Hell his initiation was under a minute. But. That was beyond the point. That's when he heard it a female scream. Racing towards it like he was shot out of a cannon. This was what he lived for. Bringing justice to those who needed it most. He landed and put up his hood of his black trench coat. It was a man trying to rape an innocent. One of the worst in his book. Quickly he sent his wires flying. wrapping them up around a metal beam and then down around the mans limbs. Slowly cutting into his skin. Addressing the girl on the ground. "Run. This will get messy." Looking about the man he would be a gusher. No questions asked. Frightened she ran. A smile curled on his lips. The man was screaming as the wires were cutting into his skin. No doubt the police would come eventually if he kept screaming. So just like the assassin he was. Clenching his fist the wires cut right through his limbs. Blood rained in the alley. Dain reset his wires back into his glove then sent them up and flew to the roof. Now all was left was to get back to base alive. Should be simple enough.
  5. "Did I say 3 minutes. Oops I meant 30 seconds." Ren smirked as she stood up. She maid her way to her bathroom and changed out of what she was wearing into a body suit of some short. She then pulls the hood up that was connected the the body suit and dashed out the room. She swept a man with her sword and he feel dead. "In the name of the Moon I shall punish you and your wrong doings." She mutters before heading back to the base.
  6. Rias walked out of one of the rooms of the base and stretched. "What is my job today?" She asked herself and her she blinked hearing a scream. She sighed knowing someone else had it. She changed her clothes and grinned as she adjust the belt around her waist. "Alright." She said and stepped out side. She took a deep breath and took off in a speedy run listening for anything. The places she went were dark but her belt allowed her to see better. She looked around and soon heard what sound like a muffled scream and growled. She slid to a stopped and niffed the air soon catching a scent of a male and a female. She dashed toward it and saw a man attacking a girl. With a slightest swiftness she came up behind and grabbed the back of his neck. The man jumped letting go off the girl. "You will pay for your crime." She said and with ease she snapped his neck. She let his body drop and ran off again, listening to the night.
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