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  1. Over the course of a few years Prime Minster (what ever his name is) has been plotting to take over the country from the shadows. Making himself seem turst worthy to the ruling family was the start of his plain. By killing the Emperor and Empress in cold blood in the middle of the night without anyone knowing made the last phase of his plain easy. Manipulating the 10 year old Emperor was the last phase which he did well.

    Now a group of 8 people will all harsh past want to make a stand. Becoming a group of assassins know as Blood Raid by their leader (my Charrie). Each assassin is a welder of a weapon made from alchemy over 900 years ago. With these weapons and their intact for making this country better they take request of the less fortune, who end up selling their bodies in order to get the money to pay them, to kill higher ups. (such as knights.)​

    Assassin Roles/Weapons:
    • Animal Killer: a belt that increases all five senses and gives you animal-like characteristics, as well as powerful regeneration. (Taken)
    • Cursed: a poisoned/ cursed katana that can instantly kill an enemy. (TAKEN)
    • Artillery: a rifle that fires highly concentrated piercing shots of spirit energy. Your proficiency in its use allows you to strike almost any target with extreme precision. When the user is in a dangerous situation, the power of its shots are magnified as according to you, the stronger the user's emotions, the more powerful it becomes. (TAKEN)
    • Creation: a huge pair of scissors that can cut through anything.
    • Cross Tail: is a glove with thin but strong wires. The wire is extremely flexible, can't be broken and can cut anything. (Taken)
    • Demon: a short sword that summons a full-body armor that enhances users physical strength and allows them to blend with the environment. (Taken)
    • Plyma: a cosmetics box that allows user to change their physical appearance at will.
    • Gear: a headpiece that grants the user various mental abilities, including mind-reading, remote viewing, x-ray vision, prediction and the ability to cast illusions.
    (Character Sheet)

    Role: (assassin role/weapon or other)
    Fear/Weakness: (reasonable number)
    Strengths/Talents: (reasonable number)
    Past Life:
    Current life:

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  2. Setting?
  3. What do you mean setting!? I just gave you everything you need to know except the character sheet!
  4. No era, little detail on the monarchy (two emperors or an underaged successor), real-world versus fiction, the works. None provided.

  5. The Monarchy is Emperor and Minster. I guess you could say its Jappanses or Chinese like in that way.

    Not to sure on the era (name wise). Its a time period they still use swords and weapons such as that but at same time the assassins had a snipper. Its a mix between an older time and some what modern.
  6. Akame Ga Kill. Enough said.

    Though I MIGHT join.
  7. Not me. I like AGK's storyline, which is essentially this one, but I'd rather make my own. Sorry.
  8. Then why did you even come one here? Serious if you don't fucking like it then don't post on it. Its quite annoying trying to answer your bullshit to find out you don't want to join.
  9. Oh I want to joinnn. Can I make a character with Plyma?
  10. Sure
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  11. Hmmm...What would happen if Creation would try and cut Cross Tail?
  12. Finished planning
    :3 have it up soon.
  13. Cross tails couldn't be broken neither would creation. They can't cut each other. Other words they can cut anything but each other. All the weapons are even and can't harm each other.
  14. Okay ^°^
  15. Hmmm....I am thinking either Artillery or Demon
  16. Which ever you want. First come first serves
  17. I reserve Artillery. I got an image in my head I want to implement
  18. Will do
  19. im in interested in playing gear, but not sure if I can join. Can I reserve it while I get all my role-plays sorted out? xD
  20. Sure but make it fast. I only reserve for so long.
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