Tails of the heart

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  1. Rusty is seen sleeping in a bed with the covers covering his face, he turned to his side as he hugged onto somebody that was in the bed with him this somebody was bigger than he was but just as loveing if not more. Rusty soon opend his eyes to the one he had hugged onto and smiled as he spoke. " Hey there hon. " He said as he snuggled into him still laying in bed. He smiled again as he sat up yawning looking out the window, he then looked back to his love in the bed and layed back down closeing his eyes yet again.
  2. Grrowler slowly wraps his large paw around the little fox, and pulls Rusty in close to him in a sudden, playful motion. He grrowls a bit before he grins, and he opens his silver-blue eyes as he looks down at Rusty. "Hon? heh, you are always so informal in the morning you rascal."
  3. Rusty giggled lightly as he nuzzled into grrowler. " You know it. " He said as he smiled looking up at him with his light purple hues.
  4. The large beast known as Grrowler curled back up and went to sleep muttering something in Italian about coffee as he tightened his hold on rusty
  5. Rusty wiggoed his way out as he Quietly walked out to the kitchen, he started the coffee pot as he stood over it and enjoyed the rich scent of the freshly ground coffee beans as they perked and turned to coffee. " Mmm i think Papa is gunna love this kind. " He said as he smiled and jumped up onto the counter and sat down to wait for the coffee to get done.
  6. Grrowler watched with one eye open as Rusty left. Smelling the fresh ground coffee beans, he flicked his tail left and right. Slowly he crawls out of bed, walking on all four paws. Grrowler quietly walked down the hallway like a predator stalking its prey, and watched his puppy hop on the counter. Rusty turned around to grab his headphones, so the large wolf like beast pounced on top of him from the hallway,careful not to crush him.
  7. " EEP! " Rusty giggled as his Papa pounced on him, he then blushed lightly as he kissed him softly as he removed his headphones. " Well hey there sleepy head. " He said as he looked up at him with a great big smile.
  8. Grrowler looks in to Rusty's eyes as he presses his sheath against the fox's body. "What are you doing naked on the kitchen counter?"
  9. " Well we are the only one's in here now are we? " He said as he winked at Grrowler with a smug smile on his face.
  10. "As tempting as that is, I think I am going to keep you pure till our honeymoon" He says smugly
  11. Rusty kissed Grrowler lightly as he giggled. " Not even alill fun? " He asked as he tilted his head to the side.
  12. Grrowler's tail wags back and forth "Think of how much fun it will be waiting for it, how tight it will be when you give me your body and your soul" He says as the coffee maker chimes.
  13. Rusty shakes as he thinks about it. " Mmmm. Can't wait. " HE said as he grabbed himself and Grrowler a coffee mug from behind him his eyes still locked onto Grrowler's.
  14. Grrowler Jumps down from the counter and walks into the living on all paws. When he gets to the couch he sits upright in the couch, and motions for the coffee.
  15. Rusty poured both himself and Grrowler a cup of coffee and walked over to the couch handing His Papa his cup and sat down next to him with his feet pulled up to the side and smiled as he took a drink.
  16. Grrowler gently takes rusty's cup and sets them both down on the end table with a devilish look on his muzzle. He grabs rusty in his arms and wraps his larg legs around the fox. Using his legs the wolf places rusty on the floor inbetween his legs, and then hands him his coffee cup.
  17. Rusty giggled as he took another sip of his coffee. " Better veiw from down here. " He said with a slight blush on his cheeks.
  18. The Papa wolf drinks his coffee. "I think this is the best way to watch TV. Coffee cup in my paw, puppy on the floor and in between my legs, where he belongs in both cases I might add." takes another drink"yes a nice start indeed"
  19. Rusty smirked lightly as he had a dirty thought and blushed lighty. " Ahehehe. " He giggled and wanderd if it would actually happen.