Tagging People in Status

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  1. I have come here for more questions than I could ever imagine to have. So, I tagged a few and they got the notification (from my perception because they liked my status). Then I decided to edit the status with new tags- new people did not see it? Do tag notifications only happen first try? Or can you edit and hope new people have the tagging alert on so they can see it?
  2. I imagine the way the system works, it would only alert when you make a new status rather than editing it. As far as I know, that's how it is in posts too. I'd be willing to test this with you if you'd like?
  3. Bell is right - editing a post or status doesn't create an alert for newly tagged users.

    So if you tag someone in a post, then edit it and tag new people, the new people you've tagged won't get a notification for it.
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