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Did you receive an alert about being mentioned here?

  1. Yes, that's how I got here.

  2. No, I had no idea I was tagged.

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  1. IF YOU'RE READING THIS, PLEASE VOTE IN THE POLL. I think I may have finally figured out why I haven't been receiving alerts about being tagged, but I need to test it out.

    @Neobullseye @Brovo @Gwazi Magnum @Luma @Clownpiece @Dervish @IntrusivePenDesperateSword @Razilin @Minerva

    ALSO: If you found this thread because I linked it to you, and you were offline or barely active for at least a day or so before seeing said link, be sure to click the "show all" option on your alerts list to check and see whether or not you received an alert.

    EDIT: If you're one of my followers, and you were alerted about this thread, please make sure you got an alert about being mentioned. People who follow me should receive alerts about new threads by me anyway, but that's not what I'm testing right now. (Sorry for the confusion -- I overlooked this initially.)

    Thank you.
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  2. *walks into the thread with a blue/black eye*

    Did you really have to poke me in the eye? D:
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  3. I for sure got the alert. Good luck finding out why you don't though.
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  4. Enfant amusant.
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    You're one of my followers.

    Did you receive an alert about being mentioned? Or did you receive an alert about me posting a thread, since following me means that you should get alerts about just about anything I post?
  6. I heard you. I heard you.
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  7. You're one of my followers. You should ordinarily receive alerts about any thread that I make -- but right now I want to test alerts about being tagged only. Are you sure you received an alert about being tagged -- not just about me posting a thread in general?

    (Sorry for the confusion, by the way -- I overlooked this when I came up with this list of members.)
  8. I received one about being tagged. It said that you mentioned me.
  9. Same here. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm one of your stalkers followers too, but eh.
  10. I don't get alerts about threads you post, only in News feed. I was first alerted when you mentioned me.
  11. Ok, just making sure.
  12. Senpai mentioned me
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  13. I was promised Poutine...
  14. No Poutine 4 u

    But don't pout.
  15. I'm not Putin up with this.
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  16. Quit Stalin for time. It's already been said that there's no poutine here, so if you really want some, you better start Russian to the stores.
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