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  1. Please reply in the thread if you're interested. I am open for role reversal too so don't worry, I won't bite.

  2. 01 - OPEN
    Student x Teacher

    Seme x Uke
    YC: Uke

    YC is a somewhat new teacher at an all boys high school. He prefers to keep his home life private (meaning that no one knows he is gay) because he would surely get fired from his job if anyone ever found out his little secret. YC was recently dumped by his former partner and now regularly frequents a gay club several towns over from the one he lives in to be careful not to run into anyone he might know. At the clubs YC attempts to find a dom replacement for his lover but none of them are just right, and so the search continues. YC secretly wants his ex-boyfriend back which would explain all of his failed attempts at moving on. Unfortunately for YC, MC (a senior at the high school) ends up seeing YC leave the gay club with a man during summer break. Finding it odd that a teacher from his high school was at a gay club, MC decides to follow them and ends up snapping a video of them having sex in an alley. With video evidence, MC could have YC fired immediately if he ever decided to go to the principal with this information. However, MC has other plans. MC decided that YC is cute enough to get his attention and decides to blackmail YC into doing whatever MC wants or else he will turn YC into the principal of the high school. Even though it is completely unethical to have a relationship with a student and a minor at that, YC has no choice but to obey if he wants to keep his job and his reputation in tact.
  3. 02 - OPEN
    Student x Teacher

    Seke x Seke
    YC: Seke

    YC is a brand new teacher at a high school, because he is new he is assigned the job that no other teacher wants which is to tutor all of the bad kids/drop outs so that even those kids could graduate from high school. His usual class is from morning to afternoon; however, MC is the son of a very wealthy business man who has donated countless amounts of money to the high school that MC ditches every single day. MC moved out his family's house at the age of 16, now he is 19 and lives off of the night life. MC survives by sleeping around with wealthy women who pamper him so that he does not have to lift a finger at all (except for in bed). Not wishing for MC to end up as a complete shame to him, MC's father forces MC to go back to class and finish high school. If MC cannot get back on track his father will cut him out of the will. Reluctantly MC agrees to go back to school but refuses to alter his schedule so YC has to teach MC onexone in the evenings. When MC arrives he notices that YC is completely plain, and he looks like a push over too! Thus MC begins to push YC buttons, thinking that YC will just lie down and take MC verbal insults. At first YC tries to get MC to learn but when MC goes too far, YC unleashes a dark side to him and literally threatens MC into doing his work for the night. Realizing that his teacher has a beast locked up inside him waiting to be unleashed, MC grows intrigued. Even though YC looks are plain and MC looks like a supermodel the two have a passionate rivalry that MC has never felt before. This RP would be a huuuge fight for dominance, but most of the time YC would be the dominant one. It would be one of MC goal's to catch YC off guard so he could turn him into a uke. We'll switch off who is dom and who is sub. But remember, YC has to be really patient and focused, but eventually MC would make him snap and he would terrorize MC into submitting and obeying him (doing his homework & being the bottom).
  4. I'm interested in the first one. XD
  5. I've had this tab open for awhile, so pardon my lateness, but is the first plot still available? If not, I'd be willing to discuss the second one or something new as well.
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