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  1. [Basically--I'm new and I was kind of scared of intruding on anyone else's thread so I decided to make my own. Feel free to tell me if I'm annoying and should run away and hide or something.]

    Ace coughed as he was tackled to the ground; landing with a loud 'oomph'. That had been. . . rather unexpected for the tiny brunette boy. He hated being tackled--not this is actually happened that much. He could be very needy, constantly clinging onto people, but he was like a cat; he only liked being touched when it was his choice.

    Plus, being tackled was basically like being attacked. Probably because it was being attacked. That was why he had never been involved in sports. Ace was a small boy; he thought that eating was a waste of time so he only did it when he had to. He was thin and pale; with light green eyes and long eyelashes. Most of his clothes were too baggy for him, hanging off of his slim body.

    He usually didn't mind his size unless it was being used against him.

    "Get off," Ace grunted, annoyed

    (Cursing, drama, and doubling are all fine.
    This is reality but other than that first responder can choose the plot. Spies, family, criminal team, assassins. If it's spies, assassins, or criminals then I want Ace to be the thief. Other than that I don't really care.
    No incest.
    I don't care about length.
    Character ages 15+

    And like I said, I'm new to this site so please tell me if I did anything wrong.)
  2. Lucy and Lulu, the twins, hide in the shadows watching the with a devious grins.

    "Shall we kill him?" Lulu asks curious.

    Lucy sighs. "No. We might want to have some fun and watch him suffer first."

    They both laugh and disappear in the shadows.
  3. "Anyone know where the twins are?" Taylor asked, doing his best not to pull out his hair in annoyance, "I need to talk to those two--"

    Of course, he kept himself from saying idiots. He didn't want them to do something unspeakable to him in his sleep. They probably would, knowing the two of them.

    ((Are they bad guys, then? And why do they want Ace, just so we're on the same page?))
  4. Lucy and Lulu suddenly appear infront of him. "Assassians Lucy and Lulu at your service." They annouce together.

    ((Depends on what or who they are ordered to kill))
  5. Taylor kept himself from jumping at their sudden appearance.
    "What are you two up to?" Taylor asked, glancing at each of them in turn.

    ((So maybe they were ordered to kill Ace because he stole something he wasn't supposed to or something like that?))
  6. Lucy giggles. "Nothing. Just bored."

    Lulu laughs. "Yeah. We wanted to tease Ace again and think we are going to kill him."
  7. "Your orders have changed," Taylor sighed, crossing his tanned arms over his muscled chest, "Just--get back the book and make sure he didn't read it. If you kill him--the boss needs that book."
  8. Lucy sighs. "We already did earlier though." Holds up the book. "Why do we have to return it?"
  9. "I'll get you two another book," Taylor promised, "Or you can just--Ace doesn't really have anyone, right? That's what his file says. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to be recruited. He's a good thief. You guys can get him to steal whatever you want him to."
  10. Lucy and Lulu grin. "Even our heart?" They say almost everything together and it annoys anyone that they know.
  11. "Considering the fact that the file says he's gay. . . he probably won't have any interest in stealing your hearts, girls. I meant physical objects. Just--don't kill him. For some reason the boss has decided that he doesn't want the kid dead," Taylor explained tiredly.
  12. Lucy smirks and appears behind him and puts her head on his shoulder. "What about you?" Bats her eyelashes and hears Lulu gag.
  13. "No thank you. I'm a big fan of not being terrified that my girlfriend might kill me," Taylor replied, blinking and edging away from the two, "Well--I'll see you guys later, then."

    He practically ran out of the hallway.
  14. Lucy stands there about to burst into tears. All she wanted was someone not to be afraid. She kills for money and shealter. Nothing else.

    Lulu notices her sister's sorrow and hugs her. "It's ok sis. Everything is going to be fine."
  15. Lulu runs down the hallwy leaving her sister alone.
  16. Hides in the shadows and watches as the three argue. She loved it, almost as much as she did killing but now was not the time for blood. The book they spoke of, why did their master want it so bad and the boy on the floor, what was his deal? Keeping her crouched position as one of the girls, obviously twins, runs away. poor baby, she says sarcastically in her head. Blaise looked innocent on the outside but she really wasnt. She was rather snarky and independent. She didnt like to answer to anyone, nor did she like to command other unless absolutly nessicary. so she just hid, wondering what she should do with her new found interest in this book.
  17. Ethlin walked with her head down low, her red hair was swept to the side and her eyes darted from person and person until she finally bumped into Taylor abruptly.

    "Watch where your walking fool." Ethlin spat. Not looking as his eyes as she insulted him. She mixed into the crowd again until she found a secluded alleyway which she slipped into. She peered into her freshly stolen wallet and tossed it as she took the cash in it.

    "Too Easy~" Ethlin giggled.
  18. Lucy runs after her sister after sucking up the pain she just had in her heart.
  19. Kasumi saw what the girl did, so she walked towards her, with her headphones in her neck "Heh, not a bad one, but you better give that to me, or else this will get ugly, stealing isn't good, you know, it's a c-r-i-m-e" said Kasumi Smirking and watching the wallet and money she had in her hands.
  20. "Interesting..." Nexass said narrowing his red and yellow eyes as he scanned the school yard from the rooftop. "A pick-pocket, twin assassins with wounded hearts, a leaders dog, a frail boy and two seekers of justice." He sighs. "All for a mysterious book. I'd like to see how this plays out" He said with a smirk pulling back his jet black hair.