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  1. A satchel that contains books, ammo, random junk
    A handgun
    Two knives
    Gas mask
    A hunting rifle, 17 bullets, modified scope
    A 10 inch hunting knife & sheath around her belt
    Leather jacket
    Self-assembled first aid kit (bandages, disinfectant, suture kit)
    Extra socks

    Compound Bow and Quiver (x27 arrows)
    Trench Knife
    Worn Green Rucksack
    Hip Holster w/10mm Handgun (x3 extra mags in rucksack pocket)
    Canteen (either hooked to his waist or in his pack)
    Homemade Sewing Kit (various size needles, patches, and thread, for fixing up clothing or people)
    Insulated Hooded Jacket (he likes to keep the rare pack of smokes and matches or lighter in the pockets)
    Lockpick Set
    Wears hiking boots, cargo pants, t-shirt, and finger-less gloves
    Extra long-sleeved shirts, socks, thermal pants (for layering during cold weather)
    Firefly Dog Tags of Patrick Davis

    A Beaver Creek Skinner fastened to his Tac Vest
    Colt .45
    Fire axe
    Large military rucksack
    Some extra rags

    Hiker's backpack
    Pistol, 23 bullets
    Gloves, hat, scarf
    Large plastic water bottle
    Iodine solution
    Thin blanket
    Small switchblade

    A backpack not too unlike her father's
    A metal canteen, 1 quart
    Sleeping bag, strapped to the pack
    Carpenter's hammer with grip tape wrapped around the handle
    Medical gauze, two rolls
    Pack of band-aids, half-used

    Portable ceramic water filter
    1 Roll of heavy duty duct tape
    125 yard spool of moss green 80lb strength trip wire
    1 blade sharpening kit
    1 magnesium, flint, and iron firestarter
    1 bedroll (above backpack)
    2 sets of spare socks
    Pocket bible
    14 loose shells of 20 gauge #3 buck
    2 cans of Spam
    2 well-worn toothbrushes
    1 navigational compass
    3 extra hunting rifle magazines (12 rounds)
    2 spare rounds
    Loose sand
    2-Quart Insulated Canteen
    Spring-loaded shotgun shell holder (holds 8 shells)
    Surplus gas mask on quick-detach clasp attached to belt

    A ragged, torn backpack; not a survivalist's backpack, just a sturdy one meant for students and textbooks
    A metal canteen, 1 quart
    Survival knife, serrated blade, about 5" in length
    .357 revolver, 13 bullets
    Nail board