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Two derp questions incoming.

1. I can't seem to find this on the FAQs page; even the bbcodes help page doesn't list it.

What is the syntax for relative height of the bbcode tabs? I can do absolute heights but relative heights are causing me stress.

2. How does the roleplay thread tag 'Bio and Jumpin' differ from other thread tags, namely 'Sign-up' and 'No Bio Required'? I also could not find the answer to this on the FAQs after skimming through the entire list, sob. EDIT: answered.
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I'm not sure about your first question, but for your second, I do have an answer! :D

Bio and Jumpin roleplays require no coordination with or review by the GM, as long as you include a bio with or before your first post. Normal Sign-ups require GM's approval, and No Bio Required RPs are free to join with an RP post with no prior communication with the GM. :o
okay so the main difference is that it doesn't require a gm approval but it does require a bio/cs. Thank you.
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