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    On earth, we like to believe that it's mostly human. We like to believe that monsters and the supernatural are simply myth and legend. However, if we look around deep enough, we may stumble into realms of the unexplained, the unnatural, the unbelievable. The creatures we meet may be undescribable just like the feelings we have towards them.
    But, humans and supernatural beings... It is forbidden that they ever meet, let alone fall in love.
    But that's just what happened.

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  2. Character (open)

    If you'd prefer a real picture, I could find one, but I liked this one.
    Name: Elliot Roy
    Age: 19 years of age
    Ethnicity: Canadian
    Race: Human
    Personality: A laid-back boy, Elliot is the guy you'd find in the library instead of hanging out with his friends outside. He believes that grades come before all else, but that doesn't make him a nerd. Actually, you'll find he is quite the opposite. He was one of the 'popular' students at school, before he graduated last year, but this is before then. Because of his looks and calm personality, he had girls confessing to him at what seemed like every which way. Even though each time he bluntly told them "no", they always came back for more. You see, Elliot was never interested in girls or woman. Never had, never will is what he told himself, until he met her...
    Other: He is a Taurus, and in Chinese Zodiac, he is a Pig.

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    Name: Osonne
    Age: Unknown, looks at least 20
    Personality: Osonne is rather innocent, never participating in "mature" acts like others of her race. Many think she is very kind because of her innocent nature, but she is quite the opposite. Osonne is quite unfriendly and cold to strangers.
    She is a nāga, a half human-half serpent, much like Echidna.
    Her preferred place to live is in swamps and lakes, so many people confuse her for a mermaid.
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