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  1. Liza's alarm went off at nine in the morning, startling her awake.
    She sighed and turned it off, her heart beating fast.
    Today, her older brother came home to visit, and she was nervous.
    Most wouldn't be nervous, but Liza was in love with him.
    She had been since she was thirteen, and now she was seventeen, almost eighteen.
    Getting out of bed, she walked into her small private bathroom and took a quick, hot shower.
    When she got out, it was nine twenty, so she blow dried her hair, put it in a bun, and put on some eyeliner and chap stick.
    Wrapped in her pink robe, [SIZE=2]she go[SIZE=2]t out an outfit.
    Today she fe[SIZE=2]lt like wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, a gray tank top and a teal [SIZE=2]button up sweater that went to her knees, along with some black [SIZE=2]moccasins[/SIZE].
    Deciding this outfit was good enough, she walked [SIZE=2]downstairs to the kitchen, and poured a glass of milk, then sat at the table to wait for her brother. He was supposed to arrive at ten.

    [SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][COLOR=#800080]Ri[SIZE=2]ley was still sleeping at [SIZE=2]nine[SIZE=2], and her boyfriend was next [SIZE=2]to her, asleep as well.
    A text woke[SIZE=2] her up, and she saw the ti[SIZE=2]me.
    Scrambling to get out of bed, she jumped in[SIZE=2] the shower quickly and then blow dried her hair, put on[SIZE=2] pow[SIZE=2]der, foundation, blush, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow, the whole deal.
    Then she put on [SIZE=2]a push up bra- she didn't have bi[SIZE=2]g breasts, only [SIZE=2]B[s, unlike her younger sister, Liza, who had D[SIZE=2]'s.
    Sighing, she put on a matching pair of panties, silky and lac[SIZE=2]y, and then a tight black skirt that was almost non [SIZE=2]existent[/SIZE], and a corset as a t[SIZE=2]op. Slipping on a pair of [SIZE=2]stilettos[/SIZE], she [SIZE=2]kissed her boyfriend on the head and l[SIZE=2]eft him a note, letting him know she w[SIZE=2]ent to hang out with some friends.
    Sh wa[SIZE=2]s actually going [SIZE=2]to see her brother. He was two years older th[SIZE=2]an her, she was twenty.
    Today [SIZE=2]was gonna be a good day. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
  2. The drive was long from college and the sun practically blinded him on the road.
    Watching the road, his eyes glanced down at his phone. Nine Twenty five.
    He was going to be early, a bit too early.
    Blaine wanted to get away from his overly possessive gal friend back at college.
    He personally didn't think of her as a girlfriend. He wasn't into relationships. Honestly, just the sex.
    A devilish grin spread across his face as he pulled up to the house.
    It looked the same as it did years ago. After living in the house most of his life, he was now twenty two.
    He quietly got out of the car and sneaked around the house. He entered the shed and flipped a switch of a grey box.
    The power in the house turned off which let him sneak inside with out the door beeping at him, from the alarm.
    Entering the house, Blaine dusted off his logoed tee then his denim blue jeans.
    The man popped out from behind Liza wrapping her arms around her and tickling her.
    "HA HA~!!" He sung making it a surprise and also a damnation that he was home. Playing tricks were often his thing.
    His eyes looked around for another young sibling. She was no where to be found. He shifted it from his mind and gave Liza a smile.
    "Man have you grown!" It'd been a few years since he visited. College and sports often took most of his time. He often texted his sisters though just to let them know he was fine; even still alive.
  3. Liza squealed in fright and happiness when her brother picked her up.
    She smacked his arm playfully and turned around to hug him tight.
    "I'm not really much taller than I was, you know. The only thing that's changed is---"
    Liza looked at her chest, and then blushed.
    "Um. Nevermind. So, how have you been? I've missed you! Riley will be here soon."
    She smiled brightly and hugged him again, letting his smell wash over her.
    Her heart beat fast against her chest and she was flushed.

    Riley arrived to see her brother's truck already at the house. Putting out her ciggarrette, she walked up to the door and then inside the house.
    "Hey guys! he parties here!" She called out, her shoes clacking on the tile in the kitchen.
    "Anyone got some Vodka?" She joked, laughing as she reached to hug her brother.
    Just seeing him made her horny. He was very sexy.
    Her phone buzzed with a text from her fiancee.

    Hey beautiful. I'm so sad I missed saying goodbye. :(
    I'll have dinner made and the kitchen cleaned by the time you get back.
    If you have time for lunch, text me.
    I love you.

    He was sweet to a fault, but she did love him- at least a bit.
    She was just.. Sexually involved with her brother.
  4. Blaine followed her eyes when she spoke of something had changed.
    He gave a chuckle then patted her head again.
    "I've been real busy but ditched everything to come see my favorite sisters."
    At the sound of Riley's name, he stopped a bit then went back to his normal attitude.
    He felt the difference in the hug from before he left. The girl wasn't kidding about her breast.
    "You're not hiding a pillow under at shirt are you?" He squeezed her a bit then let go, smiling down on her.
    The voice of Riley rang through his ears causing him to instantly smile big.
    "Alcohol, huh? If I'm correct you can't drink too well. "
    His arms wrapped around her smelling the scent of the cigarette. "You smoke?"
    Their hug was cut short by her phone. Blaine rolled his eyes grabbed the phone and put it in his back pocket.
    "Your time is with me, not for your fantasized boyfriend." He joked hugging her tightly giving a quick nip to her neck.
    He let go of her as well and took a quick look over both women.
    "What shall we do first, ladies?" He gave a wink waiting for a reply.
  5. Liza noticed how Blaine's attitude changed when Riley came in the room.
    She felt a surge of jealousy, making her frown.
    "I think we should all dress like sluts, oh wait! Riley's already doing that."
    She laughed coldly and turned to walk into the living room, where she sat on the couch and opened a book.

    Riley glared at Liza as she walked out of the room.
    She looked down at her outfit.
    "I don't see anything wrong with this outfit."
    She said, smiling and winking at Blaine.
  6. He let Liza walk out.
    Blaine felt a bit bad but shrugged it off thinking he could make it up to her later.
    His eyes scanned over Riley with a smile. "I don't either. You look damn fine, Riley."
    He leaned against the counter and pulled her by the hand, causing her to fall against him.
    His hands fastened behind her. "So how's my favorite sister?"
    Blaine acted as though hugging her and nipped on her neck more.
  7. Riley moaned quietly.
    "Thanks, Blaine.." She whispered, nipping at his ear.
    "Oh, I'm great.. Especially now."
    She winked and giggled.

    Liza heard Riley giggle, and went to investigate.
    What she saw made her heart hurt.
    Blaine was kissing Riley's neck, and she was nipping his ear.
    "So how's my favorite sister?" He asked, and Liza's eyes began to water.
    She had no chance now.
    Walking back out, she made a loud sound and walked back in, seeing them pull apart.
    Grabbing a bottle of water, she walked outside and decided to go to the park.
  8. He found the giggle just cute and even set him off in a very familiar way.
    Hearing the loud sound, he pushed her lightly away.
    His eyes followed Liza as she grabbed the bottle of water and headed out.
    Blaine's body took one step forward, confused on what he should do.
    His heart was telling him to run after his sister and another part of him was gawking at the gorgeous woman before him.
    He turned toward Riley and even questioned her softly.
    "Should I go after her?"
    The brother soaked in the sight of Riley and her sexy outfit.
    "Fuck it..." In that instant, he scooped her up and kissed her lips passionately.

    He walked out of his bored out of his mind.
    The guy had nothing better to do since he didn't have his love to spend time with.
    He hopped on his board and skated a bit until he felt ready.
    Alexander popped himself and the board up then twirled the board with his foot, then landed straight back on the board.
    He cheered himself on and decided to do something else.
    This time Alex twirled the board while staying on.
    He kept his eyes straight on the board with out looking in front of him.
    Moments later he fell to the ground on top of a female he never seen before.
    The skater boy reached his feet and quickly scooped her up, dusting off the spots on her clothes that got a bit dirtied.
    "I'm SO sorry..." He was very apologetic and even hoped he could do something to show how sorry he was.
    Alexander took a quick look at her face to see some tears. He jumped at her and even put his hands on her shoulders to get her to look at him.
    "Are you okay? Did I hurt you? I'm sorry..." Her wiped away her tears and just wanted the girl to be okay.
  9. Riley laughed and pulled Blaine upstairs to a guest room.
    Her parents were out for a while.
    "Let's get naked and play doctor." She said laughing with him.

    Liza was walking along, eyes filled with tears, and suddenly she was down on the ground with a cute guy on top of her.
    "I'm SO sorry.." He said, and helped her up.
    "Are you okay? Did I hurt you? I'm sorry.." He said, and Liza blinked.
    Her tears were gone, and she was blushing.
    She laughed.
    "I-I'm fine! Really. You didn't do anything wrong. I just um, got some bad news. But I'm fine. Thank you for helping me up."
    She smiled shyly.
    He was very cute.
    "So, you skate too?" She asked, looking at his board.
  10. He followed close behind his hands wandering a bit as they headed up stairs.
    He pushed her on the bed and watched her body jump from the recoil.
    Blaine nodded and pulled off his shirt, revealing he'd been working out more than he used to.
    "Good day, madam. I'm your doctor for today. Now... Why have you come here today?"
    He spoke standing at the foot of the bed ready to pounce at any given minute.

    As her tears seemed to clear up, she spoke telling him she was fine.
    He didn't believe it one bit.
    Alexanders eyes traveled down to the sight of his old beat up board. His head nodded.
    "Yeah. Don't tell me you skate as well..."
    He gave a friendly smile and held out his hand.
    "The names Alex."
  11. Riley smiled and pulled her shirt off- she wasn't wearing a bra.
    "I seem to have very sensitive nipples.."
    She laughed.

    Liza smiled and nodded at Alex.
    "I do skate. And my name is Liza. It's nice to meet you."
    She looked at him and blushed again.
    "I'm not very good at skating, but eh."
  12. Blaine watched the woman toss her shirt to the floor.
    "Sensitive nipples? Let me see..."
    He crawled on top of her instantly grasping a hold one of her breasts massaging it in.
    His tongue circled around the nipple, flicking it, lightly then sucked gently.
    Tugging and teasing to see her reactions, Blaine watched as her nipples grew hard.

    Alex smiled seeing the womans blush.
    He was about to blush himself until he shook it away with an instant reply.
    "It's my pleasure, Liza. Would you like me to help you skate?"
    He was always willing to help someone. Even more so when it came to something he actually knew how to do.
    Alex held the board steady with his foot, offering to help her get better.
  13. Riley moaned loudly and pulled off her skirt and panties.
    "Mm, I think I need another checkup..." She muttered, looking down at her crotch.

    Liza laughed.
    "It's okay. I think I should get home, but thanks. Maybe another time."
    She smiled at him.
  14. He grinned.
    "Oh? I'll make sure you're healthy."
    His body slid down and propped himself on his knees.
    Blaine spread her legs and lifted her lightly up.
    His fingers played with the outside a bit before he furthered his inspection.
    The man's head dunked down licked her lightly then dipped his tongue inside sucking with his lips at the same time.

    Alexander frowned a bit but quickly switched it with a smile.
    "Oh... okay." He was a bit disappointed, after all he was about to be all alone again.
    Before she could actually disappear, he grabbed her arm with a sign of worry crossed his face.
    Alex hesitated to ask her a question about her personal life, but ended up coming out with it.
    "Are you sure you're okay? Something about you is just saying other wise."
  15. Riley moaned and grabbed his hair, pulling him up and pulling his pants off.
    "Get inside me...." She whispered, looking up at him.

    Liza turned to Alex and shrugged.
    "I think a guy I love is with someone else."
    She sighed.
    "Hey, I'm gonna go sit at the lake, do you want to come sit with me?" She asked, smiling.
  16. His hair pulled. He moaned and sent his tongue in her deeper a few more times then followed the pulling of the hair.
    Blaine helped pull his pants off then kicked them to the side. His member sprung up with no boxers to block him.
    The man hovered over her then rubbed his dick against her to tease. Without warning he plunged himself in her and began pulling in and out, going faster and harder for the woman's enjoyment.

    His eyes widened at her reply.
    "I'm so sorry... I slightly know how you feel. My girlfriend spends a lot of time with her friends. I hardly see her when her friends are free."
    He weakly smiled at her. "Don't give up. Someone will come around and love you for you."
    It was true just he felt bad for the girl. It's a hard thing to compete with when they love someone else.
    His long paused interrupted when her voice spoke out loud again.
    Alexander nodded. He couldn't leave her alone. Not when she was in pain.
    "It'd be happy to join you, Liza."
    His smile softened.
  17. Riley moaned and screamed and scratched at her brothers back. Her phone buzzed, and rang, but she ignored it in her bliss.
    Finally, she grabbed him tight and thrust up, moaning loudly as she came.
    The orgasm rocked through her, wave after wave.
    And finally it was done, she fell back onto the bed and sighed happily.

    Liza heard the word "girlfriend" and got sad again.
    Of course a cute boy had a girlfriend.
    Sighing, she smiled at him again and they walked to the lake.
    She sat down and took her shoes off so she could put her feet in the water.
  18. Nails digging in his back caused him to pick up his pace. He pounded her with everything he had.
    Her moans and screams were music to his ears.
    Riley's body lifted and thrusted against him. After a few times, he felt her body squeeze against him.
    His cum shot in her letting him release a moan with hers.
    Blaine fell beside her out of breath.

    He saw Liza's face sad again. His hand rested on her back.
    "Cheer up."
    The water reflected the light onto the woman. Alex gazed at her with a smile.
    He found it hard to look a way. The guy kicked off his shoes then placed his feet in the water sitting close beside her.
    Silence washed over them which gave him only one idea.
    Alexander splashed the girl with water.
  19. Riley snuggled into Blaine, even though he wasn't that type of guy, and smiled happily.
    "Ah, I needed that.. God that was amazing."
    She smiled and sat up, fluffing out her hair.

    Liza was splashed with water and she looked over in shock.
    "What was that for?!" She called out, laughing as she splashed him back.
    "I can't believe you did that!"
  20. He was puzzled. Blaine knew she had a boyfriend, fiance, or whatever. Didn't they have sex?
    His hand pulled the woman back down and kissed her passionately.
    "I missed you." He simply admitted. It was out of character yet there were things he wanted to never admit.

    Alex smiled splashing again.
    "I couldn't see you depressed any longer."
    He paused and blushed. Alex found her attractive. Cute and adorable.
    "You have a pretty smile. You need to show it more instead of frowning."
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