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  1. Helloooo! I'm looking for someone to do a taboo romance with me!
    It's going to be a brother/sister pairing~

    I'm going to play the sister, so I need someone to play the brother.
    (Sorry I had to make that so big. Seems that people never fully read my posts, so they always ask for me to be the male. I do not want to play the male this time!)

    I have two different plots for this pairing, both set in two different times.
    We can always add stuff or tweak the ideas, of course!

    However, before I list the ideas, please read my requirements.

    1- Post every other day, at least.
    2- Bump the thread or PM me if i haven't replied within three days.
    3- Let me know if you want to quit the role play, or if you're going to be busy.

    Also, a note; I'm going to be having surgery on the 19th of this month, so I will be recovering after that, and I may be doped up. If so, replies will be slow, so I appreciate any patience you can give me, as well as bumps to remind me to reply.
    (I have a horrible memory.)

    Okay, so, now that's outta the way.. Here are the plots.


    My oc and her brother haven't really spoken for a long time. He moved out of their house when he was eighteen, leaving my oc behind with their abusive alcoholic mother.
    She thinks he abandoned her and didn't care, but in reality, he did it so he could get a job and bring her to his own house. But before that could happen, their mother died, and so my oc ends up moving in with her brother anyway.

    Now she's 18, so she's technically an adult, but she has nowhere else to go, so she stays with him, and they both begin to realize that they love each other. Maybe even as more than siblings.


    My oc and her brother are royalty. They've been in love with each other and have been in a relationship together since they were young, 13 and 15.
    They've had to keep their relationship a secret, obviously, but they don't mind.

    Now, at ages 20 and 22, their kingdom is almost at war. So to make peace, their parents have betrothed them to a prince and princess from nearby kingdoms, without their knowledge.

    When they meet their new spouses to be, the brother lucks out. His future wife is kind, and intelligent, and she's actually not bad looking.

    However, the sister's future husband is an asshole. He has a strong dislike for women, and he beats her and calls her horrible names, he sleeps around and drinks a lot.

    While the brother gets closer with his future wife, as he's supposed to do, my oc gets jealous and begins to plot revenge, thinking that the brother doesn't love her anymore.
  2. I like the first plot idea. Pm me if still interested.
  3. I'm interested in plot two
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