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  1. Becouse it is a damn crime we don't talk more about it on a RP site! Share your homebrew ideas, stories of terrible GM's and inept players or what your favorite system is!
  2. One time Hellis did a thing. <3
  3. Played all of rise of the runelords for pathfinder. We fought the final battle to the final fantasy 6 soundtrack. Epic ftw
  4. I want to try out dungeon twister someday. Chess meets DND, and you can rotate the rooms.
  5. I just improvise really.
  6. Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader (which take place in the Warhammer 40,000 universe) are the only tabletop systems I've ever actually used in real life. Neither of the campaigns we tried were long-lived, mostly because my group of friends all have busy lives, but it was fun anyway.

    PS. Hi Hellis, hey Grif. ;)
  7. Dragon shaman kobold with extreme charisma and bluff.

    Sexing all the dragons and lizard folk.

    20th level paladin with 20 levels in sorcerer. Gleaming white-gold armor and a flaming sword with the power of a sun.

    Shouting things to death and handing out chaotic good dicking to all the demons.

    Home brew d6 game based on points. Had to make up skills. Ork Mek with points (added to any skill check roll) in sandwiches and giant robot combat.

    Punching moons and stuff. Gurren Laggan style.
  8. I made the Weeping Angels from doctor Who into a 5e creature, and it turns out to be extremely powerful (I'll let you guys judge how broken it is) but it was fun to make. XD
    Idol Ghul (open)

    Idol Ghul
    20/20 HP
    Blink- Each player must make a CON save roll whilst in a room with an Idol Ghul. For every failed CON roll, the player failing gets 1 Blink Token. 5 Blink Tokens means that the Ghul is in reaching distance of the player and can take 1d8 vampiric damage from the player, restoring it's own health.
    Predator Form:
    The Idol Ghul, after 2 recieved Blink Tokens, removes its hands from its eyes and seems to smile. Whilst looking at the Predator Idol Ghul, take 1d6 mental damage, players gain 1 Blink Token each.
    Hunter Form:
    The aggressive form of the Idol Ghul. If an Hunter Idol Ghul comes into contact with a party member, the party member loses 1d6 health, which resotres the health of the Ghul by the same amount.
    Enemy Description: Within the deepest recesses of the human mind, nightmares reside. Figments of horror that slowly drain the will to live from their hosts. The Idol Ghuls are nightmares incarnate. Beings of stone who must never be left unseen, or else those who have seen them will face a ghastly demise.
    Starving- Running speed of 40, base speed of 20.
    Fed- Running speed of 90, base speed of 60.
  9. mutants and masterminds - awesome shit. over the course of 2 years, an adventure that started off as a one-off and gradually grew into a campaign setting with a plethora of characters. actually, it began as an adventure unveiling the origins of the first superhero. within 2 IRL years and something like 5 in-game years, superheroics had gone global and it became awesome.
  10. What, no-one else is playing Shadowrun?

    It's like you don't want to be a drugged up cybernetic mercenary turning bad situations worse (a'la Guy Ritchie movies) in a dystopian cyberpunk future that also has magic in it.

    It's like you all hate fun.
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  11. Let me tell you about Sten. Sten was a scandinavian troll who moved to the Big city of Chicago (Becouse all the best sci-fi is in chicago, FACT). Sten was a trucker, his truck named Bobby was a fotress on wheel. We are talking about spending every point I could on the metal beast. You see, sten loves the road. He loves getting paid to travel with other peoples possession. And he didn't like road bandits and shadowrunner crews jacking his shit. So he made a massive fortress on wheels. What was the first thing I did in game? I provided my crew with a distraction, by rammint the lobby of a tech firm, spraying knockout gas and murderizing anyone standing. Meanwhile, my crew made a stealthy exit on top floor, reset and copied economical information and skedaddled. all the company knew? A fuck of huge truck totalled their shit.

    Sten only got one session before our GM flaked out on us.
  12. I'm currently the DM of a Star Wars D6 campaign.
    I found the system insanely limited though so I went ahead and homebrewed/expanded it to a whole new system.

    To the point the campaign is considered an Alpha Test where anything is up for being altered/tweaked week to week depending on balancing, restrictions etc.

    Current altered things include:
    1. Actual in depth character creation instead of a simple "Here's a bounty hunter, have fun" sort of deal., this includes choosing attribute investment, starting gear, your race etc.
    2. New Combat System. Originally in Vanillia DR was rolled each round, but that slowed down combat a ton so I made it a flat even DR. That ended up allowing the players to game too much combat (like shrugging off sniper rounds as if they're nothing), so it got reworked once again to get rid of DR completely, but increase HP's. Now combat is deadly to the point where two or three good shots can down a character whose built for combat.
    3. So added a critical hit system where getting hit with one can risk losing a limb, and in some cases insta-death (with a really high stamina save to survive with 1 HP. Assuming the death is from the table, death via damage get's no save).
    4. Mod's for weapons, armor and other equipment. Adds more creativity to gear, and a sense of progression.
    5. Force Sensitivity rebalance. Not wanting to ban force sensitivies, but not wanting them to be OP either I made the requirements higher. Basically now characters lose a significant amount of attributes points to gain basic force sensitivity (zero training in it what so ever), and leveling up a force skill is twice as expensive as any other skill (though gaining specific training via Jedi or Sith Mentor offers a 20% discount. So effectively with the proper mentor it's still 62.5% more expensive than vanilla in terms of exp, with the higher attribute cost still always present).
    6. Added Traits/Perks. Now people can get specific abilities and not simply level up simple skills and call it the end of story.
    So far it seems to work fairly well.
    Though the group has gone rather diplomatic the past few sessions so the new combat system has yet to be tested out that much.
    Granted, that does mean the players are actually treating combat realistically, which is a good thing. :)

    And so far in the Campaign they've done a number of interesting things such as:
    1. Serving the Republic (Old Republic Era) as Mercs against the Empire. Only for the Empire to steam roll the planet and the party find a way to escape.
    2. Later come back to the planet this happened on and completely destroy the Sepratist army there, doing so on the Empire's payroll.
    3. Doing work on Tatooine including repairing their own ship from scratch, and taking over a Sandcrawler. Having to slay a Jawa Mech Suit and escape a Kyrat Dragon to do so.
    4. Do more work for the Empire, where they flooded a mine and stole all their explosives.
    5. Did a Republic Job of catching a Rogue Scientist who was making a Super Soldier army, while being backed by three of the biggest Mercenary Companies.
    6. And then have their force sensitive gain open invitation to gain some guidance from the Jedi when needed (although they're seen as too old to go through proper/official training).
    Basically, the party is a group of Mercs/Bounty Hunters/Smugglers who does work for the Republic, Empire and sometimes Criminals.
    Whatever pays, it's led to a fairly open/sandbox campaign so far where although they're building reputation and growing in strength there's no specific storyline/faction that they're following or going down so far.
  13. I can't talk about Shadowrun, but I can talk about Sixth World, which is a much simplified version of Shadowrun.

    Crossbones the troll did many things in his short career as a runner, but among his many feats; he punched someone so hard his fist went straight through their chest, he fired an assault rifle one-handed out of the window of a car he was driving while exceptionally drunk on alcohol he had spent an entire mission's pay on, he bought a mech suit with money made from selling space ships after realising mechanical augments would harm his spellcasting but a motorbike wasn't flashy enough, he helped the President of the United States (who was a dragon) fight a mage who was into blood magic and demon worship (who, thanks to a demonic patron, was now also a dragon), and he killed two of his previous team-mates with his bare hands when they turned psycho-evil (one of those team mates happened to be the aforementioned blood-mage. He punched her after she de-dragoned into a magical rift. The punch did enough damage to actually kill her, but the magic rift made sure of it).
  14. Nerds, the lot of ya!

    (yes, I'm well aware of the hypocrisy, good for you to notice!)
  15. I have an amazing DM. Started a Pathfinder campaign where the party was naked and on fire. XD
  16. I'm really wanting to get into a Pathfinder group again. :(
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