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  1. I am one, are you?

    For uninitiated, tabletop gaming refers to the ages old classic gaming of sitting in a basement with character sheets and dice.

    What were your favorite systems, adventures, or stories? Are you still playing?

    I was a longtime D&D gamer from 2nd, 3rd, and 3.5 editions as well as Pathfinder

    I also played:
    D20 Modern
    Old and New World of Darkness
    Unisystem and Buffy the Vampire Slayer the RPG
    FUZION and Bubblegum Crisis the RPG
    Sailor Moon RPG and Tri Stat System
    Savage Worlds

    And I have copies for the FATE Core system, but haven't found a group to try it out with yet.

    So did you guys run in your basement?
  2. I ran a bunch of nWoD and oWoD games back at Uni, and I still play online with mates a fair bit (usually D&D/Pathfinder).

    Favourite game to play, though? Shadowrun, hands down. Because who doesn't want to be a coked-up elf mage slinging spells at corporate security?
  3. Yay another pathfinder, even if formerly. My friends and I loved the first AP, Rise of the Runelords. The final battle was retardedly hard, so we so,it the party up with most taking on the big bad and eating up save or die spells while our tank took out some crystal. Apparently, one of two ways to end that fight was to kill the big bad directly or destroy said crystal, which was nearly unbreakable. Nearly.
  4. I play D&D (Obviously) The new edition.
    Star Wars
    The Dresden Files/ Harry Dresden (It's a FATE system game)

    Sadly I haven't been able to find a Shadowrun group where I live >< I did try an online one, but it didn't make it very far.
  5. Not really played a lot of the official campaigns (my mates like to brew up their own settings, I guess), but Asmo was running a pretty long-ass Pathfinder campaign on the forum (via Roll20) up until a couple months back.

    Still got the OOC for it here.
  6. Played 3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder, D20 Modern, and the dreaded 4.0. I am not going near that system ever again.

    I was actually in Asmo's game for a little while before I succumbed to D&D over saturation. @___@ Pathfinder is definitely my favorite system though.
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  7. I wasn't aware we had a thriving tabletop community. Anyone here use chat rooms or other online communication doohickeys to run their games? I am in need of tabletop gaming without going out of my very warm office...
  8. is what Asmo and I both use to run our games. You can check those out if you'd like.
  9. I play a lot of stuff, although my group's online and plays over IRC. I don't actually do anything with a local group meeting face to face. Not really sure we're looking for new members right now, and all the games we're currently running are in progress and full, sadly. I'm far more used to meeting once a week for a few hours of chat and a dicebot that must be rigged than I am to the forum-based stuff here, actually.

    Systems I've played or know about include:
    D&D 4th edition
    Mutants and Masterminds (probably my favorite d20 line)
    BESM/Tri-Stat dX (not too fond of this one)
    Exalted 2nd edition (great premise, sadly poor execution. Waiting on 3rd edition)
    oWoD (specifically Werewolf: the Apocalypse and Hunter: the Reckoning)
    nWoD (currently running a game using the Princess: the Hopeful magical girl fansplat)
    Cthulhutech (Tagers are the only good thing here. Very odd dice mechanics.)
    My slowly growing collection of translated games from Japan:
    Maid RPG (good for silly one-shots, if you have no shame)
    Tenra Bansho Zero (hyper-Asian fantasy. Sengoku Basara plus Samurai 7 plus other stuff. Has some really interesting systems. Haven't run it yet.)
    Double Cross (Superheroes. Sort of anime X-men in overall theme.)

    Outside of the list, i might as well ramble a bit about games played and so-on. I started GMing with a magical girl game using BESM, with absolutely not other experience as a GM or with the system. It was...pretty terrible if you ask me, but it did get the group started. We've done a couple Cthulhutech campaigns, one of which was all about giant robots in space, another was tagers fighting dhoanoids and something of a very strange magical girl parody. Eventually we settled on Mutants and Masterminds for our stuff when we didn't have a set system because we all took a real liking to it and it works really well for any superheroes or anime-style shenanigans with special powers.

    I've run another magical girl game in that which was essentially a military organization like the TSAB from Nanoha fighting the Bydo Empire. Another guy did a realy silly, mostly episodic game that lampooned a bunch of common fantasy RPG tropes, in which we were a rag-tag bunch of adventurers working for the adventuring guild and taking odd quests for money. Another guy did a sort of Madoka-inspired magical girl thing full of secrets, misunderstandings, and drama. It eventually fell apart due in in part to reasons outside of the game, so he's thinking of giving it another try. All of these used M&M as the base rules.

    We're currently doing one M&M game which is low-power, horror style investigation and such in a small town. Strange things are happening and a bunch of high schoolers are trying desperately to not get everyone killed. So far, it's been fun, although it's also run a long time and I'm not sure we'll meet with much success, because we never seem to learn anything we'd really need to know in a remotely convenient manner. I'm running the aforementioned Princess game. And since we've done a lot of magical girls, and need a bit of a break from the heavy drama stuff, I'm running it like it's Sailor Moon or Precure. It's episodic, not very heavy on anything dark even if it's using WoD, and I'm just waiting for the dice to generate something horrible or kill someone and ruin my hopeful tone. And lastly, someone's running a Pathfinder game that is largely about grand adventure and we PCs having a notable impact on the world.

    ...and that was probably a far more complete disclosure on stuff than you'd expect. Ah well.
  10. I lived mutants and masterminds. Easily the most adaptable d20 system out there. My group did a massive world building thing with it where we started with low power superheroes at the dawn of the superhero age that over a period of 5 years in-game saw the party turning into silver age-level legends. They were fighting gangs in the first session and after about 2 years IRL the campaign intentionally pushed their power level to fighting demigods. It was a lot of fun seeing the transition into superman level powers.
  11. One of the game ideas for the future is exactly that. Start as fairly low-level heroes, end up as the equivalent of the Justice League. The premise sounds like a lot of fun, so I really hope it happens. But we might do other stuff instead. As-is, nothing's going to happen until one or the other of our current games finishes.
  12. My advice for if or when you run something like that is patience. It's an ambitious project and took us 2 IRL years, 5 in game years, and quite a few dead/retired hero and villain characters and npcs to make it happen.
  13. I used to play DnD every Sunday and various d20 homebrew games.
    Then I got married and my spouse couldn't into roleplaying in front if people.

    Also have 5,000 bucks worth of warhammer 40k figures in my closet. Being single was great.
  14. Except now you get regular sexual congress.

    I miss having a war hammer store near me. And I also miss the gaming store near my apartment. They up and closed down.
  15. It wasn't worth it.
  16. so now i want to try this new tabletop i acquired called nobilis. anyone hear of it
  17. I will soon as I google it.
  18. That sounds crazy. Just saying.
  19. I'm something of a story junkie, so tabletop's right up my alley, except I kind of have a dislike for the "quest-giver" archetype. I get that doing what adventurers do on a weekly basis is considered insane from the perspective of a civilian, but it just seems unrealistic that somebody would hire a group of dangerous-looking strangers to solve the important matters that they can't, and not use any other resources at their disposal. So, as a DM, I'm a bit prone to having 'guest' NPCs join in on the action if something comes up in the wilderness, or if the person needing help is an adventurer in his/her own right. But, that tends to work out better if I've only got two or three players anyway, and nobody wants to be the cleric.

    I've only played 3.5 in any sort of campaign, and though I've looked at Pathfinder and Shadows of Esteren with interest, I don't have the supplies for an extended campaign because my funds have always been needed elsewhere.

    My current project between coursework is a Pathfinder campaign setting with a tribal focus. It's pretty New World-ish, but with firearm technology being dialed back. Still in the stages of adjusting matters of the divine and currency for the setting, but so far it's been pretty fun. Can't wait to run it.
  20. look me up if you need a player on an IM, skype, or whatnot. i love pathfinder.
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