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    • What happens when you awaken the spirits via a Séance? Melissa and her friends find out the hard way one night. While at a sleepover, the girls open a door that will not close, a door to the spirit realm. At first the spirits seem harmless, but over time, they launch their attacks full force. Will Melissa and her friends survive?
      1. No offing another character without the user's consent
      2. All site rules still apply
      3. No godmodding
      4. Keep gore and sexy stuff to a minimum (gore just gets boring after a while)
      5. Have Fun!
    • Melissa Jackson (Me)
      Jessica Parker (Open)
      Amy Williamson (Open)
      Samantha Evans (Open)
      Emily Parker (Open)
      Tiana Carlton (Open)
      Gertrude Noel (Ghost) (Open)
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  1. Can I join?
  2. Sure, who do you want to be? (I'm being Melissa by the way)
  3. Oh, can I play Amy?
  4. Sure. Make sure to upload the CS as soon as you can.
  5. I'll need a Sign Up Sheet if you can provide one.
  6. sad-anime-girl-in-the-rain-2[1].jpg
    Name: Amy Williamson

    Age: 17

    Personality: A bit shy, but incredibly talented and kind.

    Bio: Amy was born into an unstable family, with a working mother and an alcoholic father. She was the victim of abuse and neglect, often attempting suicide. She met Melissa at her new school when she was 14, and had been friends ever since.

    Relationship Status: Single
    Occupation: Fry Cook at McDonalds
    Special Talents: Can play guitar and speak Spanish and Italian
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  7. Update: Amy is taken by Shin-Ryu Lighting
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