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  1. Bunbun
    T sunni's T esting T hread

    Right, not sure if this is allowed here, but this is a testing thread for format purposes. No posting please!

    Aah, and if it's against the rules, do tell me! ; A;

  2. [​IMG]

    Set in the near future, Earth and humanity is not what we remember it as anymore. World wars ravaged our once great planet, it's black blood becoming too scarce to sustain nations. Humans were scheduled for extinction within a century, until we drew our last card, and evolved ourselves. It's origin top secret, humanity has turned to evolving itself in order to guarantee survival, with a strange liquid called Charge.

    Charge gives humans the ability to wield the power of the elements and beyond with a simple sip. It comes in many forms, and has become the most essential consumable known. Lives were improved, Streets were safe, and most important of all, humanity was still going.

    There was one universal law for the Charge: Never use it as a weapon. Unfortunately, such things have happened. Large crates of Charge had been given to local gangs, making them powerful and fearful at the same time. In response, the police and military forces had been given Charges, with a 'fight fire with fire' mentality, resulting in a highly hostile and dangerous environment for both the lawful, and the unlawful.

    Your story begins in Pacifica City, birthplace of Charge and home to one of the most dangerous gangs in the nation. Who you are in this world is up to you. Are you with the law? Or against it? Do you wield unrelenting force, bending the elements to your will? Or are you against it all?

    As you may have expected, there are rules, and they will be enforced heavily, so do take your time to read through them.

    Obey the standard Iwaku Roleplay rules.
    Respect your fellow roleplays, both In Character, and Out of Character.
    NO GODMODDING. [Auto-hitting without giving the other a chance to react]
    You cannot have more than 3 Charges at once.
    Be active! Try to post at least ONCE a day.
    Failure to do so will result in being removed from the roleplay and your character killed.
    No goku'ing [Instantly coming back from near-death situations with an entirely new Charge. You know what I mean.]
    Your character MUST have an occupation.
    Do not make your character a simple citizen and expect to be involved in events during the roleplay.
    This will be a LENGTHY roleplay! If you have school/college/work that gets in your way of posting at least once a day, do not join.
    If you do not appear to be remotely active on Iwaku, there is a high chance you will be rejected, we are looking for active roleplayers to commit to this roleplay fully.​

    You may make your character sheet in any form you like, however, there are a few essential things you need to state when making said character.

    A picture of your character.
    A physical description to go along with the picture.
    The character's full name.
    The character's age.
    The character's personality.
    A brief history, at least two paragraphs in length. [This can be voided if you want to keep the character's history a secret. You need GM permission before doing so.]
    An occupation.
    Charge(s). [To be explained in a second post, so leave this blank for now.]

    Extra details are not required, but it would make your character look better overall, and give us a better idea of how to include you into the roleplay.

    Too|Human was forged by multiplepeople. The GMs and those who helped will be listed here.

    City and world-building: Jacen | Volitaire

    Plot: IAmEnzo | Volitaire

    Charge Ideas: Mikeyoshi27 | Volitaire | IAmEnzo

    General Ideas: Beloved Doll | Ana Conda | Mikeyoshi27 | Tsunni | sliverlinedmist

    Rule Enforcers: Tsunni | Volitaire | sliverlinedmist

    GFX: Tsunni


    How long is 'lengthy'?
    We expect the roleplay to end at around 3k to 5k posts.

    I have school/college/work, but it only affects my time on some days. Can I still join?
    That depends on if you think you can put out at least a single post a day. If you're not sure, PM me, or Volitiare.

    Do I have to be a super elite MLG-status roleplayer to join?
    Nope! Grammar and spelling can be excused if you post at least two paragraphs.

    What happens if I suddenly have to disappear for a few days?
    Alert me or Volitaire prior to disappearing with a reason for disappearing, and whether or not we should expect to see you return.

    Is foul language allowed?
    Yes, but keep it sensible, please. This isn't WorldStarHipHop.

    I have a character all set up, but I don't know what to do with Charges.
    There will be a second post containing all available Charges for your character to use, so you're perfectly okay to post your character without one until that list of Charges is posted. However, do not expect to be accepted until you have chosen one.

    fite me
    add me on XBL noob i have 10th prestige on COD MW3 an my dad works for microsoft so i'll rek u xDDD
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  3. [​IMG]
    The biggest question could possibly be; What is a Charge? How do they work? Will it get rid of the rash? This section's here to explain what Charge is, and how they'll work in Too|Human.

    Firstly, you should know that there are two types of Charges. Consumable Charges, which are bottles you can drink for a temporary effect, and then there are Injectable Charges, which provide a permanent effect once inside of your blood stream.

    Consumable Charges are available to the public and law enforcement, as well as the military. They serve as quick solutions to many of life's problems without actually sticking around for very long. However, to lengthen the duration of a consumable Charge's effect, you need to take a Stimpack, or Stim for sort. These are small, one-time use needles that 'restart' the Charge and allow it to last up to a day longer. Stimpacks are also available to the public, law enforcement, and military.

    Injectable Charges last a lifetime, as it exists within the bloodstream of it's user, instead of the stomach. They DO require the use of Stimpacks, but do not fade away like a consumable Charge, rather they simply become dormant, like an empty reCHARGEable (lol) battery. These are NOT available to the public, and are only offered to qualified law enforcement and military. They are extremely pricey to add onto that, and are still a prototype.et, it's black blood becoming too scarce to sustain nations.



    The user can teleport within a given radius. (The radius depends on the distance labeled on the Charge.) Simply a quick getaway.


    Put Winterfresh to shame with this chilling Charge. Able to freeze a small body of water within a mere minute. (Freezing time depends on how much water is present. Try not to use this on humans please.)

    Closes wounds by increasing the speed of which cells reconstruct by 10x the speed. All without the mess unsterile needles and threads!

    Stops bleeding for a limited time. Repeated use may be considered to keep someone from bleeding before they can recieve further assistance.

    Grants the user the ability to spark a small fire anywhere on their body. Think of yourself as a human lighter.

    This Charge heightens your senses to that of a bloodhound dog. Careful, you may get a nosebleed.


    Phantom Opera
    Ethereal afterimages of yourself are projected and used to make several successful strikes on your target. The amount of afterimages produced depends on how many times, you, strike the target. The momentum can be kept up if you roll along with the punches. Be wary that each afterimage strike is weaker than the last, so use this Charge sparingly to maintain lethality. Yes, something did just touch you.
    Tazer Bolt
    A near paralyzing bolt of electricity is shot through the users hands, eyes, anywhere the the user can find a suitable release for the bolt. It can even be used on weaponry, like a gun, a blade, or glove to augment their capabilities. Weaker shocks tend to be at a tazers voltage, strong enough to incapacitate the target. Stronger bolts can be lethal but drains the users use of the Charge more quickly. Still not a conduit.

    A charge that acts as a defibrillator, but without the use of electricity. It is used to awaken an unconscious body back to life. Jazz hands.

    This Charge gives you the ability to shift into your animistic nature, and it'll go as far as to physically change you. (Not an actual shapeshift, more like half-human half-animal. Fur/scales for skin, slit pupils, etc) Fresh from the zoo.

    If you have an idea on a Charge, feel free to drop me or Volitiare a PM.
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  4. [​IMG]


    She rolled her eyes at her acquaintance. "Do you always have something to complain about?" Renee uncrossed and crossed her legs then leaned back, "Christ, if the damn shop wants to offer their noodles, let 'em offer their fucking noodles." She paused, taking only a moment to call the waiter over to order the noodles in question, "--And it's not like they'll kill you if you eat them. Not that I'd mind if you died."

    And there it was. One Renee Teppet's undying sarcasm. It didn't matter if you were the president or some thug on the street; she'd look at you with the same cynical glare, talk in the same caustic spitfire-- and the lesson always learned was that Renee Teppet didn't give a shit about your problems. Enzo had been her long time partner and-- well, she supposed she could say friend, but that didn't stop the female from tossing insults at him whenever she got the chance.

    Arching her head over, she caught sight of the gang currently being approached by a police officer, "Do these punks have anything better to do than flirt?" She snorted, "Or do I have to teach 'em a lesson first?" Without waiting for an answer, the woman slid out of her current position and into a casual stance. "What do you say?"
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