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  1. @Zaira


    Calgary, Alberta

    Hang out:​
    Bell Bookstore and Coffeehouse
    A family business owned by two ex cons, Daniel and his wife, Nora and their four children, Blake (15), Sandra (13), Colby (10) and Megan (9). It is unknown what they crime Daniel and Nora committed, and everyone wonders but are too terrified to ask.
    (From left to right: Daniel, Nora, Blake, Sandra, Colby, and Megan)

    Both Daniel and Nora have large muscles and tattoos. Their children look and act relatively normal, save for the times when they display aggressive behaviors to those who disrupt the peace of their family's business. The eldest daughter, Sandra has a massive crush on (character name) and shows favor by giving them extra portions of food. Blake is almost always flirting with teenage girls that enter the shop, instead of doing his job. Colby and Megan can usually be seen playing hide and seek when not working.​


    Richard Kennedy played by Cerulean
    Enrique Cortez played by Princess of the Teacup
    Charlotte Post played by Mika
    Riley Bardot played by Mika
    Hazel McKay played by Zaira


    - No Godmodding/Special Snowflakes/Gary Stues/Mary Sues
    - Able to post at least a paragraph (ten sentences min.)
    - Able to post at least two times a week
    - No extreme topics (rape, abuse etc)
    Face Claim Note:
    If any of you were planning to use Kerry Washington or Ian Somerhalder as face claims, just let me know and I'll give Daniel and Nora new appearances.
    A Note on Relationships:
    [BCOLOR=transparent]I always have trouble with this in most slice of life, friend group rps that I make. But let me be clear; [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The definition of relationship is not romance. A relationship can be enemies, rivals, best friends, frenemies and/or family. No one has to be involved with each other romantically. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]But you do have to include detailed relationships with everyone in the group. In can't be something like; We saw each other at the store and hit it off because we both liked fruit.[/BCOLOR]

    Character Sheet
    (Remove things in brackets/parentheses)
    [Appearance / Real Pictures only]
    Full Name:
    Age: [20+]
    Date of Birth:
    Body Modifications:

    Sexual Orientation:
    Spouse/Significant Other: [If any]
    Origin: [Nationality]
    Political Affiliation: [Can be n/a]
    Habits: [Good and bad]
    Talents: [If any]

    Personality: [No lists. At least five sentences.]
    Biography: [At least five sentences.]
    Relationships: [At least three sentences for each person. If you don't know what to write, think about how your character feels about the other character, how they met, if they liked each other at first, first impressions etc.]
    Home: [Link or attach picture]

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  2. [​IMG]
    Full Name: Enrique Cortez
    Nickname(s): Ricky
    Age: 24
    Date of Birth: October 9th
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 155 lbs
    Body Modifications: He has a tribal tattoo On his back

    Sexual Orientation: Gay
    Spouse/Significant Other: Hank Stanley -- Boyfriend
    Origin: Canadian
    Religion: He doesn't really have one but he believes in God.
    Political Affiliation: Liberal
    Fears: Slimy lizards, frog and toads. Those dogs with the bulgy eyes and sharp little teeth.
    Habits: He tends to flip his hair back a lot.
    He bites his lip and bats his eyelashes when he flirts.
    He can't stand seeing stray pieces of hair or lint on his or anyone else's clothing and often picks it off without asking.
    Talents: Modeling.

    Personality: Enrique is a somewhat snobbish guy. As a former model, he's used to the best treatment and high class people, so he sometimes belittles ordinary working class people. He gets disgusted and surprised easily as he isn't used to life as a 'commoner'.
    That being said, Enrique can be nice at times, although most of his compliments and reassurances come hand in hand with a pessimistic and snotty remark.
    When around those he finds attractive, he often tries to change himself to catch their attention. But if he's pushed to the limit, he'll break character, get pissed off and most likely have a huge tantrum/meltdown no matter where he is at the time.
    Biography: Enrique never had an ordinary childhood. When he was an infant, his parents needed money so they auditioned him for a role in a commercial. He earned them quite a bit for being a docile and adorable baby and so they auditioned him for more roles. Because of his looks, Enrique was chosen for a plethora of opportunities which delighted his parents. They had enough money so that they were well off, but seeing their son's success made them want to go further and so they got him an agent at age five.
    Reality hit Enrique and his family at age eight, when Enrique was cast a minor role in a movie where he had to do one simple thing: Smile, give the star of the movie a hug, and skip away happily. It was at that moment, that it was revealed that Enrique was literally, just a pretty face. He couldn't act to save his life and as soon as his agent realized that, he ditched the Cortez family and suggested that they try and fit back into regular life.
    Enrique's family however, were too used to the good life now, and they refused to just give up, so they got Enrique into modelling. And from there, everything went to crap.
    At the age of sixteen, Enrique was a spoiled brat with a superiority complex. He ignored his new agent's suggestions, didn't listen to his parents, and did whatever he damn well pleased.
    When he was eighteen, Enrique was cast as an extra in a vogue shooting and the fact that he was only a background figure, really pissed him off. So instead of doing as his superiors said, Enrique tried to shift the spotlight to him, which resulted in a tragic and somewhat embarrassing accident. The model who was featured in the vogue shooting was an elite A-lister, and Enrique somehow managed to accidentally tear her skirt, which revealed her undergarments. This wouldn't have been so bad if it was only models and staff around, but unfortunately, due to her A-list status, the model was always tailed by the paparazzi.
    Too make a long story short, Enrique was fired and his parents sent him to live with his cousin in Alberta, so he could attempt to transition into 'regular' life.
    Now, Enrique works as a receptionist at his cousin's spa resort and lives in a one bedroom apartment by himself, with no contact from his parents and only the comfort of his friends to keep him from going insane.

    Family: Santiago Cortez (28; Cousin), Jorge Cortez (53, Father), Maria Cortez (49; Mother)
    Relationships: [At least three sentences for each person. If you don't know what to write, think about how your character feels about the other character, how they met, if they liked each other at first, first impressions etc.]
    Home: Studio Apartment
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  3. Are you opposed to having people who aren't Canadian in the rp?
  4. @Cerulean
    Not at all. :3 Anyone can be from anywhere on Earth. :3 Or if they're an astronaut they could have just come back from living in space for a few months. Or something... :D If astronauts do that. o.O
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  5. Appearance/Real picture only: Very-Short-Hairstyles-for-men_14.jpg
    Full Name: Shane Ray Shelby
    Nickname: Ray
    Date of Birth: 7/19
    Weight: 156 pounds
    Body modifications: He has no really big body modifications. But has
    Tattoos (open)
    tatoos.jpg SLEEVE1.jpg tatoos.jpg-large.jpg tattoo.jpg tattoo ankle.jpg

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Spouse/Significant other: Open
    Religion: Christian.
    Political Affiliation: Democratic
    Fears: Heights, Being alone and Bears.
    Habits: He has a habit to get a lot of tattoos. He goes to the gym a little too much. He cracks his knuckles too much.
    Talents:He is a body builder.
    Personality: Shane is really nice and helps out people whenever he can. If you see him it might not look like it but he is. He respects everyone's opinion but if it's something offensive to someone else he will say something. He is really defensive. He is very comedic and makes alot of jokes. When mad he can be really hurtful. He will never give up on a task. He will be cocky at when winning at something. He cares about his family and his friends. He is a sore loser.
    Biography:Shane was born in a small home, Good family, He was always the class clown of the family, He almost had a joke for every conversation. When he got older about twenty he moved into a small condo, He got a job as a photographer and a side job as an author. He mostly hangs out after work at the Bell bookstore and coffee shop.
    Family: Liane Shelby (Mother deceased) Gary Shelby (Father) Rachel Shelby (Sister) Daniel Shelby (Brother)
    Relationships: Don't know anyone yet.
    Family: None.
    Home (open)
    condo inside: condo.jpg
    Condo outside: condo 2.jpg
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  6. Also, how do you feel like new move ins? Like Joey or Robin?
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  7. Character Sheet


    Full Name: Richard Kennedy
    Nickname(s): None (so far)
    Age: 23
    Date of Birth: 5/2/91
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 230lbs
    Body Modifications: None

    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Spouse/Significant Other: None
    Origin: American
    Religion: Complicated
    Political Affiliation: N/A
    Fears: Snakes, Heights, Large Crowds
    Habits: Handsy, Always drinks water in the morning, Meditates a few times a week, Tries to do one kind thing per day, Taps foot, Squints
    Talents: Music (Particularly vocals and playing the piano.), Cracking jokes


    Outer Personality: His general attitude is dictated by his mood. Usually, when not focused on his work, he has no trouble holding a conversation and even can crack a joke or two. Friendliness and generosity comes easy to a guy who doesn't have much. Rich has the behavior of a guy who may still be a bit immature but is definitely a good choice to have in your corner. He sometimes he acts like a bad team uncle.

    Inner Personality: Most of the time, he sees other people as being perfect, in terms of personality. Normally he doesn't notice flaws until someone points them out or if they directly affect him. Even then, he might not care. If the flaw didn't cause any disposition then why bother? He thinks about many different things and many expansive thoughts. He does have a bit of a darker side but it's probably not anything the rest of the cast should worry about. For the most part, he keeps it in check.

    Biography: Ever since Richard Brian Kennedy was a boy, he knew that great things were going to happen. It was just a feeling he had. Then again, there wasn't much else to do where he lived besides dream and hope. Little did he know of the future that was before him.

    Growing up his main hobby was singing. He loved it. His family recorded many concerts on vhs. Rich would always watch them and pretend that he was there.

    All throughout high school, he always played at coffeehouses, lounges, etc. for tips. Not once was he lucky enough to play when a record label representative showed up.

    On his 23rd birthday, it was time to take a break from his self-proclaimed mini-tour. Rich wanted to settle and get himself together. Somehow, he landed in Canada and who knows what will happen next.

    Family: His full and extending family is in New York. This includes his Mom, Dad, and older sister.

    Relationships: None (yet). He just moved here, after all. Don't worry, he is a nice guy. =D

    Home: hasibullah-yusufzai.jpg 545725_458541894189046_987556791_n1.jpg
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  8. did everyone not put there personality and bio?
  9. I did. lol
  10. we are the two loners lol
  11. Hahaha, nah, he isn't necessarily a loner. He is actually very friendly and open to sticking around. In his case, the moving about was to try and attempt an career in music.
  12. i was saying that because we were the only ones who put a bio
  13. @justice hunt @Cerulean
    Other people from the interest check thread will be coming.

    On another note, because I do not like clutter, I will be pming you two about your CSs, if there's a problem or whether you're accepted etc.
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  14. [​IMG]
    Full Name: Charlotte Post
    Nickname(s): None, she's known as Charlotte to almost everyone (she's traditional), but her roommate insists on calling her Chuck.
    Age: 24
    Date of Birth: 7 September
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 135 lbs. (she's hippy and small-chested)
    Body Modifications: Pierced ears

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Spouse/Significant Other: None, having recently been dumped by her boyfriend of three years.
    Origin: Vancouver, B.C.
    Religion: She celebrates Christmas, we'll leave it at that
    Political Affiliation: Liberal
    Fears: Failure, making mistakes, flying, roller coasters, and large animals
    Habits: Nail-biting, snorting while laughing, laughing at inappropriate times or when it's dead silent
    Talents: She can calculate large sums in her head. Charlotte doesn't think this is cool either.

    Personality: On the surface, Charlotte is a sweet, unassuming young woman who works hard and stays out of trouble. She strongly believes in upholding societal norms and mores, and isn't one to deviate from the rules. She is also a sensible girl who prizes efficiency above flair, and loathes confrontation. However, she likes things done just so, and when others do not comply to her methods, she becomes a behemoth of passive aggressive rage. Charlotte, though polite, is also a bit of a snob and is competitive by nature. She silently judges those who use poor grammar (in text and speech), dress poorly, and listen to terrible music. Grant - her ex - used to lecture her on this quality, much to Charlotte's irritation. Typically, she likes to unwind with a glass of wine, the jazzy tunes of Billie Holiday, and a good book.

    Biography: Charlotte grew up in an affluent community and fortunately had all the privileges such a life afforded: a stable if not slightly uninvolved family, the absolute certainty of an excellent education, a beautiful home in a safe neighborhood, and many other luxuries besides. Her mother's side of the family lives in France and England so Charlotte spent many of her childhood summers in Europe. After studying abroad in Switzerland and obtaining a degree in horticulture, she went on to work for... an advertising agency? Ideally, she'd love to manage a botanical garden or work in landscape architecture, but hasn't been successful in finding work in those areas. She took a receptionist job at Villanova Marketing in Calgary because it was the only job she had been offered, and she needed a break from Vancouver. It pays the rent, but the job comes with an egotistic desk mate, a layabout boss, and migraine-inducing drama.

    Family: Charlotte's parents, Bill and Claire Post, are very well-to-do. They host charity benefits, are involved in their community, and generally keep a busy social calendar. When Charlotte wants to see them, she needs to notify them two weeks in advance. Hector, Heck for short, is Charlotte's twin brother. They don't look much alike, but their minds are practically identical. Though not affectionate, they talk frequently and are involved in each other's lives.

    Relationships: [At least three sentences for each person. If you don't know what to write, think about how your character feels about the other character, how they met, if they liked each other at first, first impressions etc.] Charlotte and Riley have been roommates for about one month now. Charlotte needed a roommate to help pay the rent; her co-worker Andrew, whom Charlotte finds delightful, referred Riley to her, but before Charlotte could properly conduct an interview, Riley had pretty much moved in. Charlotte still has no idea how to ask her to move out. So far, living with her polar opposite has been a challenge. Charlotte never knows when she'll come home to an empty apartment, or one filled with drunken strangers. Though she hasn't spent any real time with Riley, Charlotte already finds her infuriating, selfish, and loose.

    Home: This airy two bedroom attic apartment is a bit too expensive for Charlotte's paycheck. She lives here with Riley Bardot.

    Full Name: Riley Bardot
    Nickname(s): Riles, Ray, Lee, Rye Rye, Leelee... her eclectic group of friends and acquaintances refer to her in numerous ways
    Age: 23
    Date of Birth: 13 August
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 120 (athletic)
    Body Modifications: Tattoos (script on her right shoulder blade, script on her left wrist, and a lower back floral design) pierced ears (a helix piercing on her right ear, and two lobe piercings on both ears)

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Spouse/Significant Other: This week, Riley's seeing a waif-like blonde named Camille
    Origin: Montreal, Quebec (where she lived the longest; she was born in Washington, D.C.)
    Religion: Not religious, but spiritual - believes in karma
    Political Affiliation: N/A
    Fears: Being alone, forgotten, or ignored
    Habits: Flirts unnecessarily, smokes occasionally, practices yoga and runs at the crack of dawn every day
    Talents: Trilingual (fluent in English, French, and Italian) extreme flexibility

    Personality: Riley oozes confidence and sensuality. She marches to the beat of her own drum, and likes to create her own style rather than follow the current trend. Though somewhat unconventional in taste and manner, she's a charming girl. Loquacious and outgoing, she falls into conversation easily with strangers and makes friends quickly (though often only superficially). Riley is not big on commitment, though. Historically, she does not stay with the same person, job or hobby for very long (with the exception of yoga, which she's been practicing for years). She also gets a little too familiar with acquaintances in a short period of time. Depending on the person, this can be either refreshing or extremely off-putting. Though she comes off as strong and independent, Riley is about as insecure as they come. She doesn't look to society for validation, but she is in almost constant need for attention (be it emotional or physical).

    Biography: Riley moved around a lot as a child, living in various parts of Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia. She was a Base Brat, having picked up and moved two dozen times to follow her father who was on active duty in the Canadian Armed Forces at the time. Her mother left them when Riley was in her early teens. Having lived a life of constant change, Riley has learned to go with the flow and adapt to new situations quickly. However, it has also amplified her fickle behavior. When Riley turned 18 she moved out and never looked back. She has since had a dozen different jobs and many more romantic flings. Calgary is yet another new city for her to explore, another new adventure. She landed here on a whim, took up a few part-time jobs (currently she has one as a server at a catering company, and a second working in an upscale hotel as a housekeeper). She honestly doesn't see or feel any shame in her work. She lives in the now, and right now she's making bank in tips.

    Family: Riley dearly loves her father, Etienne Bardot. She's a daddy's girl, through and through, but nevertheless lives an independent life. Now retired from the armed forces, Riley's father lives a quiet life as an accountant. At least once a year they find the time to see each other in person, no matter where Riley is or has been. They don't talk regularly though. Riley never got along with her mother, has no idea where she is now, and doesn't much care. She has no siblings.

    Relationships: [At least three sentences for each person. If you don't know what to write, think about how your character feels about the other character, how they met, if they liked each other at first, first impressions etc.] Charlotte generally amuses Riley, what with her goody goody image and uptight attitude. Charlotte's too easy to upset, which makes upsetting her all the more entertaining. Riley has no true qualms or issues with her roommate. In fact, she quite likes the girl and has privately decided to take her under her wing and broaden her horizons, so to speak. The first thing Riley thought when she met Charlotte was, "This girl needs to get laid." During the course of the past few weeks, though, Riley has come to realize that perhaps Charlotte just needs friends.

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  15. Females are cool. =)
  16. Does this just apply to the characters who own the bookstore? That is, do you expect us only to write about our character's relationships with Daniel, Nora and their kids?
    And as far as group dynamics go, will we be able to discuss how everyone knows everyone once the characters are finalized and accepted?
  17. No, Daniel, Nora and the kids are npcs, so developed relationships don't have to be established.

    And yes we will discuss character relationships once everyone is accepted.
  18. All righty then! I'll leave that field blank until all the characters are up. :)
  19. Hey :) Let me know if there is anything I should change!

    Character Sheet
    Full Name:
    Hazel McKay
    Nickname(s): Haz
    Age: 23
    Date of Birth: October 18th
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5' 1''
    Weight: 110 lb
    Body Modifications: none.

    Sexual Orientation: straight
    Spouse/Significant Other: none
    Origin: canadian
    Religion: atheist
    Political Affiliation: N/A
    Fears: bees and knives.
    Habits: she is a vegetarian, she will eat with her hands whenever she has the chance and she's always chewing gum.
    Talents: very good at drawing.

    Personality: Hazel has two different main sides to her personality. On one side, she loves animals and nature. She can be considered kind of weird for her love to every living creature, no matter how ugly and dangerous may look to other people. Besides, she will take every chance she has to take her dog to the park. On the other hand, she loves extreme sports and activities and will always try to find something new to do. She is fearless in almost everything, with the exception of the irrational fear for bees and knives.
    Hazel doesn't care about what people think about her. This is why she'll do anything that she feels, wear anything that she is comfortable with and won't filter her words. Around new people, she's a little rude and cold. Anyways, she's totally different around her friends; she's funny and will always try to make them feel better.

    Biography: She never had a good relationship with her parents, who were always trying to make her study something she didn't like. Moreover, they never understood her love for nature. Anyways, when she turned 18, she got tired of them and moved away from her home, without knowing if she would find somewhere to live in. She got a apartment with a cheap rent at Calgary and found a job in a call center. Hazel is trying to make a living out of her art, but she can't find anything except casually selling some of her works to people she knows. She lives on the same apartment with her dog, a smart young border collie named Koda.
    Koda (Dog) (open)


    Family: Her parents and her dog.
    Relationships: [At least three sentences for each person. If you don't know what to write, think about how your character feels about the other character, how they met, if they liked each other at first, first impressions etc.]
    Home (open)
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