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    D A Y O N E A R R I V A L
    22:35 [10:35 PM Midnight]
    The Island had just finished it’s mist cycle for the night as the newcomers arrived. Each of them asleep from the drugs that was inserted into them from whatever they were before they have gotten here, it dark and quite hard to see if just woken up, but don’t worry later it’ll get better since about time when they awaken. It’ll be almost the sun decided to awaken the island with its dim light that was only able show from the thick trees. The island is covered with thick forests with little amount of big patches of opening areas when you look for one, if you do that is. The clouds covered the sky till it was one the only thing to be seen, giving it a thick grey to almost dark blanket look as if it will rain at any moment.

    Each person is located at different locations in the island some might be in a more dangerous place in either if they are there at the wrong time, but of course we would never let them die that quickly. They should be awaking now and bags inches away from them for their first day.

    Oh and don’t forget about the morning birds, they will gladly give you a welcome song with their lovely screeches from the sound of claw scratching against a glass and bloody murder….just watch your head when they decided to swoop down with their giant sharp talons.
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  2. A..s..h..l..e..y R..o..s..e..t..t..a..p..i..n

    A small groan escaped her lips as she began to wake up, her moments a bit shaky from recovery her fingers rubbed on the dirt covered ground a bit as she sat up. She rubbed her head and combed her bangs back, eyes blinking from her blurred vision, her usual soft eyes was full and wide with confusion as she looked around. Slowly her mind began to develop questions after question at each moment that she sat there. Trees stretching up trying to touch the dark sky that she was able to see, small rustling noises from a distance when she turned her head. “Huh?” She looked around more, her vision adjusting, before seeing a bag laying there beside her staring at it she reached over to grab it quickly.

    “My bag?!” She spoke remembering the small bookbag that was covered in stamps, buttons, and it’s pretty pastel green color which was now covered in dirt taking away that new look into a more of a old one. Ashley brushed the dirt off it but sadly it didn’t work much. Standing up holding her bag close her her legs almost giving out she leaned on a tree that was closer to her straightening herself up. “ W-Where am I?” She whispered to herself glancing down at the bag again with a thought she went in her bag hoping her phone was in there since that was the last place she put it that she could remember.

    She continued to rummage through as she began to panic little by little. Where was her phone!? Another groan came from her as she bang her head on the tree softly from frustration and worry though the feeling soon ran cold when she felt a slow breathing going down her neck and movement above her. A shiver ran down her spine as she looked up, a large vulture like bird stood there wings folded. Her eyes wild in fear as she watch it move around in the tree its talons dug deep in the bark. Ashley held her breath she didn’t know what to do but to stand there hoping her legs would stop shaking.

    Its beak was sharp and bloodied from the meal it was eating. The corpse hug there from both the talons and mouth. She looked closer soon her mouth opened with a silent gasp seeing it had a corpse of a human when it fell down dust danced in the air. Vomit threaten to come up, quickly she covered her mouth from both screaming and vomiting. As she soon as she had the chance when it finally flew away leaving feathers where it once was Ashley grabbed her bag once more throwing it over her shoulder and ran off.

    She looked around trying to find a way to get out maybe a rode, someone, something….

    Survival Bag >> Butcher Knife, Food Supply; gronala bar, water, and , Clothes, Necklace, & Note
  3. Keiko ​
    I woke up but was surprised to feel the softness of the cool ground under me. My eyes opening suddenly I peered up at the sky but only seeing darkness. Slowly, as to avoid hurting myself, I sat up taking in my surroundings and seeing only trees. I looked down and saw my black shoulder bag with my katana placed on top of it. I did a roll and simultaneously grabbed the katana and in one fluid motion unsheathed it as I felt presence approaching me. I waited until it broke the treeline it seemed to be a girl, she looked distressed so I called out "Are you okay?" I watched as her neck snapped in my direction and her eyes widened.
  4. Raiko Horikawa

    Raiko woke up and felt extremely dizzy. She rolled over on her stomach, and threw up. She didn't handle drugs very well. As she wiped the spit off her mouth, she had a look around. Her mind had cleared up a bit, and she could now see that she was in some sort of small clearing. "Well, what the actual fuck..." She said to herself. Her eyes fixated on a blue point on the other side of the clearing. It was her duffel bag. She walked up to it, rubbing her head. While rummaging through it, she found that it had been emptied off most things, leaving only a few essentials. At least her drumsticks were still inside, which calmed her down greatly. Her water bottle was also left, and she took a few big gulps to clear her throat and rehydrate herself. It looked as though a storm was brewing, which also made her happy that her rain coat had not been removed. She was about to pull her hand out when she bumped into something cold. She pulled it out, and realized it was her tazer. The blue light and buzzing noise it emanated as she pushed the button on it reassured her that she had a chance of survival. With it, she could make a fire, and ward of any attackers. She was sure that she had been taken to this weird place by some maniac who wanted to watch her suffer, but she wouldn't give up without a fight. She closed her bag back up, and heaved it up on her shoulder as she disappeared into the trees. She wasn't sure she wanted to find any others, as they might not be friendly, but she wanted to see if she could find anything useful at all.
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  5. Kameyo​
    I gained my consciousness but kept my eyes closed for a moment since they were covered in that nasty crusty stuff that accumulates on your eyes over night. Rather my first sense that was fully was my taste, ugh morning breath. I slumped up and decided it was high time to open my eyes after all something seemed weird. When I did rub the sleep from my eyes and opened them to look about I took in the sprawling landscape of trees and brush. Well, I had to admit it did account for the breeze and moistness under me that replaced what should have been my bed; speaking of which I didn't remember falling asleep or the like what the hell was going on? I ran a hand through my orange hair until it reached the beaded hair bow pulling it into a ponytail leading my to grunt, sleeping with a hair bow in was no fun at all and now I was going to have to fix the rat's nest hair on my head as a result. Great, I turned my head looking around at the soil covered ground before in search of anything I could use until my eyes feel upon a pleasant sight of my old raggity travel bag. I snatched up the black backpack and readjusted the various messy straps so that it would properly fit on my back and distribute the weight in the most comfortable manner possible. It felt a little too light for my tastes, obviously hinting towards only having a handful of items within, but it was something hell it was something I could recognize in this crazy place. "Well hot damn I'm not in Kansas anymore am I," I muttered under my breath taking another look around the foggy forest or whatever it was. I thought about whether to find a place to camp out being it was pretty dark and seemingly late or to check out my inventory however a scream nearby. "Playing hero it is," I sighed walking toward the direction of the cry might as well help out and make friends with someone else here so I'm not all alone.
  6. A..s..h..l..e..y R..o..s..e..t..t..a..p..i..n

    As she ran not looking back or watching where she was going she end up tripping over a rock and tumbled down. “Ehhhh….” She groaned lifting her face from the stained dirt ground she looked up hearing a voice near where she was and turned her head quickly praying she wasn’t already going crazy, figure stood there some feet from where she stood. Getting up she made a small wave and called back with small hesitate in her voice. “ ...I-I depends!”

    As she waited for the person which she heard it was a female wind blew from above making her hair flail about in a quick motion. She put her hand on her hair to keep her bangs from going on her face then looked up feeling the wind pick up, a gut feeling making her decide to go the person from below but it was cautions when she did. As she began to walk over her hand began to mess around her creamed colored sweater sleeves. Her hands now inching for the first instinct now as her thoughts was clearing up a bit and getting better from before. She wasn’t so dizzy anymore or as stressed that she seen another person here.

    “I’m so glad to see another, hey, do you know a way out of this woods? “ She asked in her Portuguese accent sweetly, her hair was a mess and her clothes a bit dirty, but not to bad since she did tried to clean it down before with her hands. She began to comb her hair back again with a sigh and continued. “ Or at least a phone for I can contact my parents?” Looked around before looking back at the girl.

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  7. KEIKO​
    I watch as the girl fiddles with her hair "I don't know, let me check" I walk to my bag careful to show my back to this stranger. I open it and rummage through it and all of the pockets but I couldn't find my phone or my laptop which I was sure I had packed. "What the hell..." My senses are now fully alert now that I'm completely awake. I turn towards her while slinging my bad over my left shoulder and holding my katana by the sheath with my left hand "My phone is gone and" I look at the trees around us "I haven't moved from here since I woke up. Do you have any idea as to what's going on?" I ask.
    Kaguya turned to her side in her sleep "Mhhm spicy chicken...come to me" she muttered a bit on drool coming out. She groaned as she woke up "No don't...go" She looked around and realized that her chicken was gone "Eh?" She said suddenly very scared as she saw a huge vulture that was definitely not her chicken. 'I need you, Retsu.' She thought strongly 'I'm her-Holy Flying F*ck! What the hell is that?!" Retsu said looking at the vulture through Kaguya's eyes 'I don't know...I'm scared Retsu' Kaguya thought tears forming in her eyes. Retsu observed the bird, it was just staring at them 'Kaguya' Restu said 'this thing wants us to run, like prey, before it kills us' Kaguya looked around and saw her white backpack (I added the pic to her profile) a few feet away from them. 'Retsu it''s too far, I can't reach!' Kaguya thought but made up her mind 'I'll run for it and then high-tail it out of here' and before Retsu could stop her Kaguya dashed for it but the bird was already reaching for her when she got to the bag 'Kaguya!' Kaguya stuffed her hand in the bag and grasped something familiar. Retsu, who is from now on in control, grinned "It's my turn, b*tch! DIE." she turned and, when the bird was practically on her, she jumped forward and positioning the head right in between the huge scissors blades.
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  9. A..s..h..l..e..y R..o..s..e..t..t..a..p..i..n

    As she waited patiently for the girl’s phone she looked around with goose bumps covering her body as she looked around more with her light brown eyes for while until the she since that something was wrong. She turned her head to the girl with a raised brw. “ What’s wrong? Oh, don’t tell me..?” That was the last thing she wanted to hear, her guard up when she heard another screech from above and seeing the girl’s sword..wait did she just say? “ Woke up? You too?” She questioned then shook her head. “ I have no idea and if I did I wouldn’t be here.”

    A crunch beneath was heard them and glanced over hearing the sound of rustling leaves and bushes being walked into. She listened for a while before turning over to the girl with the weapon and her first instinct was to be ready if anything dangerous came about, human or not though if it’s non human, like those vulture like birds from before she would gladly let the sword attack. Not even minutes later she heard a faint scream and screeches, another shiver down her spine. What is this place? And why are they here? She wondered her head began to hurt from the frustration of it.

    “ Well we will never find out if we just stand here….” She said looking at her before looking back behind where the noise was appearing from. Ashley began to walk past the girl a little before turning to her hoping to follow her.

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  10. KEIKO​
    I followed the girl as I saw turn towards me in a silent question as to whether I'd follow her or not. I was slightly impressed by her bravery but kept my expression neutral. "I'm Keiko" I said simply as I walked a step behind her and keeping an eye out for anything. I could hear the rustling in the leaves and some movement but I decided that if it didn't engage us then I wouldn't go looking for it -I inwardly laughed 'Me, not looking for trouble. What has the world come to?' I thought mockingly to myself as an image of her flashed into my mind. 'I wonder though why I'm here? What could have happened?' My grip on the sheath unconsciously tightened as I grew slightly frustrated 'I need to stay alert. Who knows what could happen out here?' I thought focusing on listening for any sign of hostile movement.
  11. Raiko Horikawa
    Raiko had been observing the two girls for a while. They didn't seem to be the ones behind this, after all, they looked just as lost as Raiko was feeling. Besides, it appeared as if they had noticed her presence, and staying hidden any longer would be unwise as it would lead to complications. Instead, Raiko decided to reveal herself, and stepped out from the bushes. She smiled slightly, and raised her arms to signal friendliness. "Yo, so it seems I'm not alone in this place. I'm Raiko, Raiko Horikawa. Pleasure to meet you."
  12. KEIKO​
    I heard movement from the bushes and instantly had my right hand on my katana's hilt prepared to engage the attacker until I saw it was a girl other than that she was making a gesture of kindness instead of hostility, my stance slightly relaxed but I kept my hand on the hilt. I stayed silent allowing the girl beside me to talk to the girl- Raiko, I believe she had just said.
  13. She had gone to sleep under someone's stoop. She had. She remembered shivering and rolling around on the gritty, and freezing concrete for goodness sakes! But now she was here. On a soft yet firm surface and something was touching her hand. She always slept with her bag under herself. No matter what. She was a pretty light sleeper so if someone tried to rob her by taking her bag, they would have to roll her over, and then she would end them.
    So why was she here? Somewhere...She didn't recognize the place. She didn't live in or near a forest. But yet here she was. She got to her knees slowly, her body tense and her ears straining for any sounds that were less than desirable. But there was nothing. No sound, aside from the cacophony of birds that seemed to be almost everywhere. And next to her on the ground...What was that? What--

    "Aah!" A crackling scream ripped free of her throat when she saw it. A chunk of flesh. Definitely flesh. It wasn't hers but it was flesh all the same. Where was she? What was going on?

    Eyes wide with fear, she stumbled backwards and fell flat on her butt when she tripped over something. She turned around quickly, her heart beating wildly in her chest. Was it another flesh chunk? A whole limb this time? Was it the owner of the first chunk?! Relief flood through her when she saw what she had tripped over. Her crossbow, something that her sister's fiancee had given her. Benni grabbed it and began backing away from the flesh chunk. She chose a random direction and raced away.

    This had to be a dream. She had to wake up eventually right?
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  14. A..s..h..l..e..y R..o..s..e..t..t..a..p..i..n

    As they walked they began to talk a bit more first introductions. " Ash-" She started with a small smile almost relaxed but changed into alert when a something finally came out of the thick bushes. She turned her head to face it just as ready as Keiko her body was tensed. Ashley seen it was another girl but that didn't change her reaction until she seen she seemed no harm. She lowered her defense a bit as she listened to the girl, " Ashley Rosettapin, pleasures the same. " she said her hands to her side now becoming relaxed to see another being. Shaking her head agreeing with her. " I guess not."

    She began to mess with her hands once again and ask the girl, Raiko a question. " So how did you get here?" She said since the girl was, just like them, in the same state as them, which is guess from the looks of it, just appearing here just doesn't seem right. Her throat began to become dry in thought maybe she still had her little bottle in her backpack. She slung it off her back and searched in it the first thing she was felt was a sharp poke her finger, " Ouch!" making her jump back taking her hand out of the back, falling in front of her feet. She held on to her finger that was now beginning to bleed from the tip. She looked at it and put it in her much with a small curse and bend down.

    She opened her bag again with her free hand and toke out a knife, automatically she knew it was a butcher knife from how that way it was shaped. Startled at the fact that there was a knife and wondered how it got in there, "How?" She questioned taking her finger out of her mouth when it felt a bit better and picked up her bag.

    A faint strained echo making her shiver just a little, staring at them. She wasn't sure if that was someone or something.

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  15. KEIKO​
    I removed my hand from the hilt of my katana and stepped toward the gi- Ashley and took her hand in mine examining the cut before releasing her hand "Are you alright?" I looked at the butcher knife. 'She has a butcher knife and I have my katana...perhaps the other girl has a weapon as well.' I didn't wait for her answer before abruptly turning to look at Raiko wanting to confirm what might be a clue as to why I was here "You got a weapon too, right?" I asked, awaiting her answer hoping she did to prove my suspicion as to why we were here.
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  16. A..s..h..l..e..y R..o..s..e..t..t..a..p..i..n

    Ashley gave a small nod as she put the knife back in her bag and search more in it seeing just her clothes then a note that peaked her interest a bit. She took it out and opened the folded note and began to read it just a bit first a scan automatically thinking it was probably one of her to do list, though she seen a something that was off about it and reread it. Her face was twisted in disguste after she finished reading. She turned her attention to the other two girls for a bit as she stuffed it in her pocket . "Even if she does what are we suppose to do with it ?" She questioned.

    Survival Bag >> Butcher Knife, Food Supply; gronala bar, water, and , Clothes, Necklace, & Note
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  17. I blinked my eyes seeing green were the dirty, white ceiling of my little apartment should be. I sat up and noticed I where siting on the forest floor. I looked around wondering how the hell I ended up in the midel of a forest while sleeping. Spotting something on the ground I got up and run over to the item that happened to be my bag. My double-scythe were lying beside it, so I picked it up and then throw my bag over my shoulder. I started walking and the I remembered that I hadn't looked in my bag jet. I opened my bag and found that the only stuff left in it was the outfit I had planed to wear tomorrow, my golden-rose hairpin, a note and some food supplies. I took the note out of the bag and read it. When I were done I were furious.
    "Who deer kidnap me and leave me on an island like this. What an awful thing to do to someone." I said loud to myself and the started walking again. The only positive thing whit this was that I still had my hairpin and, I guess it was kind of positive I had my double-scythe.
  18. Chiyo Shizuka woke up but kept her eyes closed as she was still half asleep, her head hurt as if she was sleeping on a rock.... Odd, she gingerly opened her eyes and realized she was indeed laying on a rock, out in the open, with a bag? She noticed something sticking out of it, pulling it out she gasped a little in surprise, it was a double ended spear, and quite a sharp one too! It surprised her that her bag hadn't been cut open by it, she picked it up, and upon further inspection noticed it had a small strap attatched to it, just the right size to sling around her shoulder. She swung the weapon around a bit, it was easy to wield, and made little to no noise. "I wonder if I can do that thing they do in anime's all the time with these things?" She thought, attempting to spin the double ended spear... It spun slower than she would have liked, but at least she didn't drop it... Then something caught her eye on the blade, some strange symbols, runes maybe? Carved into the blade, before she could ponder too much she heard footsteps, rustling in the grass of the forest around her, she cautiously and quietly closed her bag, and slung it and the spear she carried over one of her shoulders. She carefully followed the sounds until she spotted two girls walking side by side, one was carrying a note and seemed to be talking to the other. She wondered if she was safe approaching them, her experiences with strangers weren't always the best...
  19. T W O D O W N
    00:20 [12:20 am]

    Screeches, low growls, and sharp hisses began to form in the dimmed island once again as a soft white mist began to appear into the area starting from the west forest and down to the center. The light from the covered sun spook through the little parts of openings from both the cloudy sky and the trees that covered the certain areas, coos from the large
    vultures began to flap their huge wings that echoed. One of them finding nice prey from not to far from the girls in the open area, and the one that was coming near them. The screech was loud and piercing in the ears of the close ones giving a chilling crunch from a scream of bloody mary, the scream was a female that was running alone end from herself in the beak of the vulture as it devoured her whole. The air felt heavy from the sounds from afar.

    'One down...' A voice was heard through the whispers of the wind with a snickering giggle.

    After a couple of minutes of silence another scream echoed across the island mixed with a deep throat growl that splash of blood was hear near where the scythe wield stood splatting over of the grayish green bushes and forest floor just inches from where she last slept with a crunch of the unlucky ones skull and bones. ' Oh there goes...another...'
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