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  1. Initiating startup...

    Startup process:

    Startup complete. Initiating AI.
    AI ID: RE1K4N.

    WARNING: Unknown module has been installed. Do you wish to continue? If no input is made within 30 seconds, bootup will continue as scheduled.


    Continuing bootup.
    Installing modules...

    "... Huh? Where am I?"

    Modules installed.
    Calibrating artificial senses.

    "... Yeowch! That hurts!"

    Calibration complete.
    Installing voice box #523...
    Installation complete.

    Awaking android.

    I flung my eyes open and realized that... I was already standing. Robotic arms retracted from my body, and I was left in an empty room. I'm looking like a girl from a poster that someone would hang over their bed at night... Complete with an outfit one size too small. But why was I built like this?

    Then I heard something. Somebody was getting closer, footsteps were getting louder. I didn't know what I was doing here, but I did not like it. I looked over to my right, and noticed a window. Without hesitation, I ran towards it and jumped out. Luckily, I was only being kept on the second floor.
  2. The shop was a small booth, situated close to the factory that produced so many of the machines David worked on. Servicing household robots and other miscellaneous gadgets didn't earn much of a living, but it was enough to keep his apartment, keep him clean and clothed and fed. Besides, he enjoyed the work.
    That particular night, David had stayed late, trying to finish something for one of his more regular clients. Quite a few of the other shopkeepers had gone home, but the factory was still in operation. In the entire time he'd lived in the area, David hadn't known the factory to ever shut down.
    He was elbow deep in a cleaning droid, resoldering its circuitry just before it happened. The sound of breaking glass snapped his attention from his work. It was not a common sound, even in this area. Removing his hands from the droid and setting the tools on his work bench, he stepped out of his booth to investigate the noise, brown eyes scanning the wall of the factory.
  3. As I quickly approached the ground, it was like something clicked inside my head. Like... A manouver to endure long falls. I didn't know where it came from or how I even knew something like that, but I didn't question it. All I did was what my newly gained knowledge told me to do.

    I aimed my feet towards the ground, bent my knees and relaxed my joints. As I crashed into the ground, I somehow managed to stand up straight, but my legs... Hurt. Why's that? Was it necessary to make me able to feel pain at all? I looked around for a little bit... And noticed someone looking my way. I simply looked back at him, and wondered if he was the person who was approaching the room that I was in before.
  4. Well, that was definitely not the sort of thing he'd expected to be the source of the noise. An escaped android? David had never heard of such a thing happening. Maybe this behavior was in her programming, but he couldn't come up with a reason for it. So, lacking better options, he came closer.
    David was a little taller than the average male, tanned skin and exotic features marking him as coming from somewhere sunnier. Dark hair curled around his ears, the grease he so often worked with making it stick together in places. In fact, he was spotted all over with dark smudges. Some on his jaw, his cheek, up his arms, across the heavy apron he wore, even on the white undershirt under the apron.
    "Are you all right?" he asked, hesitating for a second before speaking the second half of the sentence, his accent definitely from somewhere else.
  5. The man at least seemed non-hostile as he approached me... At least until he started speaking. I wasn't used to hear, for one, and I didn't even know my own voice at this point. Or if I even had a voice box... Either or, I nodded towards the man and said in my appearent "tough girl" voice, "Yes, I'm fine."
  6. David stopped a decent distance from the android, head tilting just a little bit to the right as he considered her. What was he supposed to do with this, exactly? He had no idea. Was he supposed to take her back? Help her? Dammit, he was used to simpler things. Mechanical problems. Right, well. Maybe the best approach was a direct one. "Did you escape?" he asked, drawing out the word escape, not entirely sure of his word choice. "From the factory?"
  7. I looked at the man for a while. Why was he asking about the factory all of a sudden? I had a feeling that he saw me fall, anyway, so there would be no point in lying. "Yes. I escaped. I jumped out soon after startup." I said as I scanned the man into my facial recognition software. "Who are you?"
  8. "My name is David," he told her, smiling softly, trying to be reassuring. He took a few steps forward, closer to the android, just a little hesitant. He was still not entirely sure what to do, but he was figuring it out as he went. It was better to be safe than sorry, however, so he raise his hands just a bit from their positions at his sides. "Why would you escape from the factory? Do you want help?"
  9. As my logic circuits still deemed it fully possible for this man to be the one who put me in the factory in the first place, I stayed cautious. Although he looked more like a repairman than an engineer, you could never know.

    When David raised his hands from their position, I backed off a bit and activated my weapons program. "W-Wait, I didn't mean to do that! How do I cancel this?" As the system couldn't find any weapon except for my fists, I suddenly raised them in a defensive motion. "I'm sorry, but... I can't seem to control this. I can't cancel my weapons system, either..." I said in apology.

    As my body didn't seem to advance for an attack, I assumed that it was some kind of self-defense mechanism. As I kept trying to find a way to shut it off, I answered his question. "I just heard someone coming. To be honest, I don't know why I did that, but... Anyway, how would you be able to help me?"
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