Synchronicity: The story behind the songs

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  1. Hiya, this is an RP I tried on Roleplay Gateway. I was just wondering if anyone would be interested.

    For many years, maidens have been chosen to spend their lives, singing to keep a dreaded dragon asleep. Without contact from the outside world, it was not hard for them to die. Disease, sickness and even by the dragon himself. When they were little, twins were separated, young Rin taken to be the next diva. Now that Len is old enough, he has decided to find and rescue his sister,t he only memories being a distant smile. Will you abide by him and help him out or will you be his enemy, attempting to protect the world from destruction. You see, if Len gets his sister back,t hen he's happy, but if the dragon was to wake... Then Hell would reign in the lands. What is your choice?

    Characters available (Italics means that they're reserved):

    Kagamine Rin - Diva, twin sister - Played by

    Kagamine Len - Twin brother - Played by

    Hatsune Miku - Dragon's guardian - Played by

    KAITO - Mercenary companion to Len - Played by

    Gakupo Kamui - Scholar, companion - Played by

    MEIKO - Noble swords woman turned companion - Played by

    Megurine Luka - Priestess - Played by

    Yokune Ruko - Fighter - Played by

    GUMI - Companion (Yes, I know she isn't actually, but I just thought to add her in anyways) - Played by
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.