Sympathy From A Vampire

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  1. "Damien I have a new job for you!" The bald headed man speaking a little more loudly than he needed to.
    Damien raised an eyebrow stepping over to his boss's desk where his boss plopped down a file from his desk. Damien grabbed the file and began skimming it. Mr. Roberts cleared his throat, "This woman is becoming suspicious of a fellow worker at her job. He is our type of people, she must be eliminated immidiatly."
    Damien let out a sigh and closed the file, "So what of one person knows?"
    Mr. Roberts let out a sigh, "What if she begin telling others?"
    Damien shrugged, "They would think she was crazy..."
    Mr. Roberts let out a frustrated sigh, "Damien... I do alot for you. I took you under my wing and treated you like a son. Just do me this small favor."
    Damien let out another sigh, "Alright." And with that he left.
  2. Kat just got off work. She started walking home and was thinking about her co worker. He seem off but she didn't know what it was. Sighing she walk through the park a short cut to home and wonder if she should ask him about his strange behavior. Humming softly she turn around and decided to go back and ask him.
  3. Damien got there in no time and immidiatly spotted the woman. With his quick speed he managed to grab her and hide behind the building. He covered her mouth, "One word out of you and you are dead..."
  4. Kat struggled and tried to scream. She look at him tears fell. She use her knee and knee him and started running. She hid behind another building panting hoping he doesn't find her.
  5. He turned her so she was looking into his dark grey mysterious eyes. As he looked in her eyes he couldn't help but feel... something. Sympathy perhaps? He had no idea. Eventually his expression softened slightly and he let out a sigh, "I am going to get so much shit for this... but I won't kill you..."
  6. She jump look at him tears fell. She was shaking scared and whisper "y you were going to kill me?" She felt sick and wanted to faint
  7. Damien nodded and he led her away from the place, "Yes, I was sent here to kill you... but I am not going to. We just gotta get out of here so they don't find you."
  8. Kat pull away from him look at him. "H how do I know I can trust you? How do I know jake didn't send you? That your not leading me to him" she was shaking and her legs went weak backing up from him. "No no jake sent you. D don't please. Don't tell him where I am. Please" she cried scared and fell to the ground passing out
  9. Just before she passed out and he quickly caught her. He looked around and used his super speed running into the woods. He eventually found an abandoned cabin and walked inside. He gently set her on the bed.
  10. She woke a few hours later and look around. She sat up fast scared tears fell. Quickly getting up she felt dizzy and touch her head groaning. "No no. Can't let him get me" she whimper trying to get to the door crawling dizzy
  11. Damien quickly caught her and picked her up, "Woah, woah. Relax. I don't know who the hell is Jake. But I do know if you go outside you will get killed."
  12. Kat look at him tears fell. "How can I trust you? Who want me dead? Beside jake. Who else? I have done nothing. I keep to myself I work and go home that is it" she said confused
  13. Damien gently put her down and stood in front of her looking her in the eyes, "Look... I can understand why you wouldn't believe me. And again I have no clue who Jake is but... My boss sent me here to kill you because... well, you were questioning a guy you work with... we happen to know him..."
  14. Kat look at him tears fell. "B but. He has been acting strange and is strange and I was curious as to why. Why would your boss want me killed for being curious?" Her hands were shaking
  15. Damien rubbed the back of his head for a moment before speaking, "Because believe it or not he is strange and my boss doesn't want you to know about the rest of us...'
  16. "Rest of you? What you talking about? You not making sense" kat said confused rub her head lost and confused
  17. Damien sighed getting a little annoyed with her questions, "Fine I will tell you but you have to stop asking so many questions." He didn't blame Kat for not trusting him, his facial features showed toughness and mystery. His voice was also on the deep and harsh side, which he could not help.
    "My people, including that coworker of yours are vampires."
  18. Kat felt dizzy hearing they are vampires. She didn't believe it but it made sense. "V vampires" she whisper her eyes closed and she pass out.
  19. Damien quickly caught her then laid her down. He let out a sigh then waited for her to wake up.
  20. Kat woke slowly and look at him. "It was a dream right you saying your a vampire and so is my co worker? It not true right? Cause if it is then" she move her hair pointed to my neck "you should be able to suck my blood to prove it"
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