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  1. Symbol: something used for or regarded as representing something else; a material object representing something, often something immaterial; emblem, token, or sign.

    I remember in my English class, didn't matter what year of high school I was in, I was told to high light things that were considered symbolic. It could be something like the sun, a river, a storm and sometimes it would be the mentioning of the Cross. I was soon astounded by the many symbols I found in just one book. I never realized how important symbols were as a writer's tool for telling a story. Even something as simple as colors completely changed the tone of the story! Symbols can portray themes, they can foreshadow, or subtly tell the reader relationships between characters.

    So here is your exercise.

    Write at least two paragraphs describing a scene where a symbol is involved. Make sure it relates to the story you're telling or the character that you're writing.
  2. After waking up that morning Hiro had finally decided that today was the day.No matter what he was going to make sure that he would confess his deep feelings for Yuuri.The only thing that worried him was how would react and what would she say.If she rejected his feelings he would feel like never showing his face again.He would feel utterly crushed because in his mind his world was grey without her.So after he worked up his courage he went to a jewelry store and picked out a ring.Oddly the women behind the counter kept trying to get him to buy an engagement ring.She kept saying he would need it one day.He blushed while telling her that he would wait to buy one when he was ready for that.Right now all he wanted was a promise ring and he really hoped that Yuuri would accept it.

    After buying it he left the store and removed it from the box admiring it for a moment.The ring was silver with gold hearts in the middle that went all the way around it.Then he carefully placed it in his pocket and decided the box that it came in.He had removed it from the box because he didn't want her to think he was proposing.Then he called her and nervously asked her to meet him at the beach at their favorite spot.She agreed to meet him there then they each said bye and hung up.He went to the beach and nervously waited on her while pacing.He was even rehearsing what he would say,"Yuuri...I like really like you...I really like you a lot...and..."He was suddenly cutting out by Yuuri calling out to him.He smiled at waved at her although he felt like his stomach was in knots.He watched at she walked up to him,"So...this was your big plan?A panic on the beach?"She asked and softly smiled.

    Hiro had almost forgotten about the picnic that he had prepared due to being so nervous.He nervously smiled and nodded,"Also I...I have something to ask you."He said hesitantly.She curiously listened,"Okay,but let's sit down first."She says then grabs his arm getting him to sit with her.He takes a deep breath and begins,"Yuuri...I really like you a lot and I have liked you since we were kids."He says.He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the promise ring,"Will you...wear my promise ring?"He asked barely managing to say it which was the same as asking her to be his girlfriend.Then he holds out the ring waiting with anticipation for her response as she looks at him surprised.It didn't take long for her to smile,"I've liked you since we kids too,but I had no idea that you liked me.Yes I'll wear your promise ring Hiro."She says and lets him put on her hand.Hiro couldn't help but beam with joy as he leaned in and they both kissed for first time.Now Hiro and Yuuri were boyfriend and girlfriend with Yuuri proudly wearing his promise ring.
  3. Elizabeth starred out the window, the sun. There it was shinning, she wondered what it's rays hitting her skin would feel like. Being as sick as she was made it so she couldn't leave her home, she loved the idea of the sun. She had only one friend, a spirit from Egypt called Aahmas, or daughter of the moon in Egyptian. Aahmas told her stories of how she would steal things under the hot sun of Egypt, Elizabeth loved to sit with the spirit and talk.

    Her short spikey hair grew in random directions, her orange eyes were bright. She sighed and took her first step out of the door Aahmas at her side. She felt the sun's rays against her pale skin, she smiled brightly. "How's it feel?" Aahmas asked smiling at her, "it feels amazing," the sickly girl said giggling lightly. She coughed and wheezed the last of her sickness acting up, "Are you okay?" Aahmas asked worried for the younger girl. "I'm fine," Elizabeth said smiling at her as she started to walk to her first school since she got sick Aahmas floating at her side.
  4. Amy looked up at the night sky watching the shooting stars.
    "they say that shooting stars can grant wishes" Amy mutter to herself, shaking her head at the old wives tail.
    if only she thought to herself but what wood i wish for?
    thing is she knew she wood wish for love. why because she has no need for money or fame without love. she noticed she was getting of topic.

    she looked back up at the stars as they shun brightly.
    mabby i will find love, she smiles at the thought.
    will i ever love yes will i ever be loved well thats for the stars to decide.

    to many people stars are pretty, to me they mean hope.

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