Symbols of a Mosaic.

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Yeah so don't expect me to try to draw a damn Mosaic or anything.

I draw symbols. Lines, patterns, ecetera. I even take requests but I need a base shape and a few other details. I have to hunt down a few old files and find the flashdrive they're on. But until I do find it I'll take any requests. I have one picture on my photobucket and I'll get it posted here in a bit so that you all can see a few things I've done.

I haven't drawn symbols in a while and I wouldn't mind doing so again. So if anyone wants to try me to see if I can still come up with something decent then please throw a few ideas my way I have a lot of free time on my hands.
Here's one of my symbols that I focused on detail for. there are a few that are cliche and quickly sketched.


And here's an actual person drawing from when I was Big on Kingdom Hearts....dont judge me.

JUDGE JUDGE JUDGE and the second spoiler doesn't work, it's broken!
I like the first one.... It looks exotic somehow.... Hmm.
I agree with Miru, it DOES look a little exotic.... tribal almost!

I think you'd be good at tribal drawings!

like this!


Also, the second pic is REALLY GOOD! I love it! It's almost spot-on!

One tiny criticism: The finger that's pointing, since it's in the fore-ground, the tip should be bigger. And the thumb needs to be shrunk down a little.