Syfy, 31 Days of Halloween

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Alright. So if anyone is like me, I leave my television on the marathon of sub-par movies, strange specials, and ghost hunting silliness for most of October. While other movie networks pine for my attention, I think I enjoy the way Syfy lines up movie after movie, showcasing their biggest and most hilarious mistakes (and the few gems) throughout October.

I wanted to ask you all what your favorite movie airing on Syfy recently was...or the worst, and why? I think sharktopus aired once or twice, but I always seem to miss it. Regardless, to start the ball rolling, I'll go ahead and give my answer.


Husk is the movie about a group of traveling teens or something (I never end up seeing the beginning of the movie) crashing into some random cornfield in the middle of nowhere. A member or two gets lost, the rest make it to the farmhouse only to discover that a killer scarecrow (or seven) are stalking the cornfield. Anyone who enters the field (Which conveniently has surrounded the house) dies...then their body marches up the stairs in the house to make their own burlap scarecrow mask.

There's also a telepathic spirit Raven that fills in the history of why there is a killer scarecrow ghost...but I find that part especially ridiculous. Overall, I liked the way Husk was presented. I wish they had a better way of explaining the backstory (since a Deus Ex crow just lames things up) but I'll live with it. Ultimately this felt like a movie with an idea that COULD have made the big screen, but had a sub par script writer who failed to capitalize on a few points that would have made it at least a passable horror flick.
Honestly, I haven't seen a good syfy movie. Ever. I can't cash in on the ham that they deliver. Most of their stuff is too much of a stretch for me to believe. So best movie? Nothing. Worst movie? Everything. Sorry to be a Buzz Killington but it's true...
Aztec Rex reigns so high on my chart of miserably hilarious movies that SyFy has pumped out. I will not be watching SyFy with the exception of the ghost hunters live event on Halloween night (or is it Destination Truth's turn?) Either way I like those shows that SyFy produces, the not so much.
They put House on Haunted Hill on the air. I don't care if it's not a SyFy Channel Original Movie, they just bought themselves a measure of redemption for that. So yeah, that's my favorite thing that they aired recently.

Worst thing? They haven't put it on recently, but Mothman. Gods-frakking-damnit, SyFy, how do you produce a movie so incredibly bad that you make me not like Jewel Staite?! HOW?!
Somehow...Syfy finds a way.

They get props from me for their Twilight Zone marathons. They do my heart good.
Somehow...Syfy finds a way.

They get props from me for their Twilight Zone marathons. They do my heart good.

I love those too, except for how every time, for some reason, I always have to leave and miss Terror at 10000 Feet. Every. Single. Time.
*shakes head* My deepest sympathies...I suffer the same curse.