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  1. S Y E L L E ' S | R E Q U E S T S
    Q&A / What I'm Looking For
    Pairings That Are Primarily Mature 18+
    Guilty Pleasure Fandom RP's
    Q: What type of partner are you looking for?
    I'm looking for somebody who is a dedicated poster without a track record of losing interest in role-plays. Please, if you feel like there's even a slight chance that you'll end up getting bored with an idea that peaks your interest, do not start it with me. There's nothing more disappointing than really getting into a good 1x1, only to have it abruptly end. Sometimes a very long post will come to me and I just let my fingers move, and like most, I'm an avid protester against one-liners. We're all writers in one way or another, be creative! At least a paragraph and a half at the least. In short, I want a partner who will really get stuck into the plot with me and write a sufficient amount to keep the story moving and is either eighteen or older - I really do not mean to offend or deter anyone, but it's merely just a preference.

    Q: Are you willing to change any of the plots for your listed fandoms or pairings?
    Yes, yes, yes! If you're looking for a partner or more members of a fandom RP that's listed below, tell me! I'd be more than happy to work something out with you regarding either! If you do like one of my plots and you have suggestions or criticism, also tell me! I'm looking for a partner, which makes the idea as much yours as it is mine.

    Q: Do you prefer to RP as a female or a male?
    So far I've only RP'd as a female, and I don't feel like I'll be switching that anytime soon. So yes, I'm looking for male counterparts to my roleplays. However, I'm not opposed to playing male characters if one/both of us needs a love interest within a roleplay.

    At the moment I'm only looking for a partner for one pairing, however I am planning on updating!​


    Burlesque Dancer x DJ / Bartender / Wealthy Businessman @Tatine


    Guilty Pleasure Fandom RPs
    Again, I am only look for a single partner for each fandom RP, but I will also update this category when a RP ends.



    Our Shared Past
    Fandom | Adventure | Romance
    Serena discovers that she’s the legendary Sailor Soldier, Sailor Moon – and it’s her destiny to defeat the Negaverse. Though during her first altercation with a monstrous creature, she meets Tuxedo Mask – who unbeknownst to her, is Darien Shields, somebody she can’t help but despise. Can these two see past theirreal identities and become the King and Queen they were destined to be? Or will their differences allow the Negaverse to win?

    Serena Tsukino 'Sailor Moon'
    Darien Shields 'Tuxedo Mask'

    • I'd be willing to use their original Japanese names if somebody prefers​
    • The other Sailor Soldiers will not be included/do not exist in this plot​
    • You're more than welcome to give Tuxedo Mask a few more abilities​
    • This is preferably a slow-burn romance, in which Serena and Darien won't realise their feelings for each other until later | giving them plenty of time to argue during their everyday lives heh!​
    • This doesn't have to follow the plot line of the manga or the anime, but the main first antagonist will be Queen Beryl​


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So You Want To Be Dauntless? @Bluemoon.xx
    Dystopian | Adventure | Romance
    Beatrice Prior has always struggled with feeling like she belongs. Born into Abnegation, the faction of selflessness, she has come to realise that being selfish may just be a part of who she is. Though after receiving an inconclusive result from her aptitude test, Beatrice realises that she finally has to make a decision on her own. Will she choose Dauntless? The faction for those who are brave and fearless, or will she stay with her family in Abnegation and live a lie?

    Beatrice 'Tris' Prior
    Tobias 'Four' Eaton

    • This doesn't have to follow the same storyline as the novel, but I'd like some of the events to stay central to the plot; such as Jeanine's attempt to control the Dauntless and the two of them eventually leaving Chicago
    • I'd also like to maintain the instructor/recruit relationship
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  2. Hello there! Your ideas about the Burlesque dancer x whomever and the Divergent roles both interest me. Is there one you'd prefer doing more than the other?
  3. Out of the two I'd prefer to do So You Want To Be Dauntless? If that's okay with you? :)
  4. Sure! I have to admit that I have not read the book but have seen the movie. Is that a problem?
  5. Not at all, for the most part this RP will be AU. :)
  6. Perfect! I like this idea a lot.
  7. Awesome! I'll get the thread up in the next forty minutes, I'm just going to watch the new episode of True Blood, heh!
    Eeek, thanks for partnering up with me!
  8. No problem! I will be waiting patiently.
  9. If you like i'd wanna do a fandom roleplay! (I new one, i don't know the two you have~)
  10. Just curious if you ever made a thread for us last night? I didn't want to miss it if you did.
  11. @Bluemoon.xx - Nope, I'm going to make it this evening, promise! There was a problem with all of the True Blood torrents last night heh. :(
    @Green - Sure, what did you have in mind?
  12. Haha it's fine! Thanks for letting me know dear.
  13. Hm i'm not sure, would you wanna discuss it further in PM?
  14. Hi!
    I think I would have a blast playing a Bartender to your Burlesque dancer, would you be willing to plot with me in PMs?
  15. That sounds like a great idea, definitely! :)
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