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  1. The World
    Swords and Starships is a Cyberpunk roleplay. This RP will have the fun and futuristic components of sci-fi as well as the mystical applications of fantasy with magic and swordplay. Magic and technology combine in this roleplay, and I hope you'll join us!


    Where do you fit into all of this...?

    Our story takes place several centuries after The Exodus. A faction of human supremacists have assumed control over the galaxy Andronicus. The New Order, as they call themselves, rule with an iron fist and assert their pro-human regimen on the other races. The Council of Four, the representatives of the four major races, have called for a peace talk within The Apex. Soon, the leader of The New Order will arrive and an understanding will be met— either everyone has the freedom they've been enjoying for so long restored or this faction of humans will dominate the four systems, and by doing so they will control every aspect of society.

    For reasons of your own, you are here in The Apex while the peace talks are in progress.

    For more information on the world, events, and the society of different races, refer to the sections below!

    The Exodus

    Before the founding of Andronicus there was a time of war and struggle on Earth. Deep within the Milky Way galaxy existed a planet called "Earth". On Earth, all four races coexisted in a kind of peace for many years. While it's true, the races were all very different from one another which made living in harmony a bit difficult. The Elves looked down on everybody, the Humans sought power, the Dwarves had little care for anything other than their inventions, and the Orcs itched for something to fight.

    However, peace can only last for only so long.

    One day in the middle of the Saharan desert, the Dwarves came upon an old alien artifact, buried deep in the sands. It was a cube, bright purple magical energies pulsated off of its surface.

    The artifact didn't appear to do much at the time, and seemed almost useless. It stayed for many years with the Dwarves to observe, but strange stories came out of their research. Through all of the horror stories that came from the cube, a single reoccurring word appeared— "Lexicon".
    A Lexicon has been found to be a magical tool that holds knowledge of every civilization of any galaxy in one place. In one cube. However, the trick is getting the Lexicon to open and reveal its secrets.

    Each race sent their best minds and warriors to try anything possible to crack the code of the artifact.

    Hale Lionguard of the Humans was both intelligent and strong. Wit and strength of equal measure was what he chose to use— to no avail.

    Elle Windrunner of the Elven clans was a master of tactics and magic. She believed that with the right key, the right tactic, she could overcome any problem. Sadly, this did not bode true for the Lexicon.

    Braum Strongarm was sent as an ambassador of the Dwarves. Being a seasoned fighter and expert inventor, he saw every problem as a puzzle to crack, a challenge to best. Alas, the artifact seemed too complex a puzzle to solve.

    And finally, Grom Deadeye was sent from the Orcish village. He was an excellent fighter and perhaps the strongest warrior of his age. For all his considerable strength, it proved useless against the Lexicon.

    These four were the strongest of their day, and each sought only the best for their respective people. Which is what shocked people when their views changed. Soon after they made contact with the Lexicon did they start experiencing strange growths. They grew in strength, they grew in power, and they grew in hatred. Everywhere they looked they saw corruption.
    The Lexicon twisted their minds and bodies and made them saw only the flaws in the people they loved so much. Greed, lust, and pride won out in their eyes of their people's virtues.

    With their newfound power they flew into an unstoppable rage. Their power was something far greater than any the planet had ever seen and the four races were left with no choice but to flee.

    Quickly an exodus was planned, and what was left of the populace fled the crumbling world in interstellar ships that were designed for long treks through space.

    As the ships set off, Earth was split in twain by the titanic powers of the four former leaders. That day foreward; Hale, Elle, Braum, and Grom would be known as the "Grakata". A term which in Elvish means, "Those who forsake".

    After several months of travel Earth's former populace came upon Andronicus, a largely unexplored solar system with plenty of space for each and every one of the races to spread out and settle down.

    Tensions have been high every since The Exodus began. Each race had quartered themselves off to one sector of the galaxy, letting their people grow and expand naturally and without the interference of others.

    To keep relationships alive and establish trade routes through the planets, The Apex was created. The Apex is a huge space station that is a hub of trading, politics, and high class living. The Council of Four was established in order to give each species a voice in how they as a whole want to be governed.

    The Apex sits at the middle of the galaxy, equal distance between each races new home world.

    The Exodus has been a huge turning point in the history of these Earthlanders, and it is their hope that they can keep moving forward.

    The Andronicus Galaxy

    The Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs have divided themselves into four different quadrants throughout the Andronicus Galaxy, equally divided in space and land.


    Human Territory (open)

    Humans take up the north-western quadrant:

    Homeworld - Aslao - planet of moderate climate with varying degrees of forests and plains.

    Planet - Feuvis - a swamp planet, home to giants as well as humans. Largely unsettled for civilians, but this is the site for most military operations.

    Planet - Striga - Ice planet, site of the human mega prison Trapjaw, hunters and researchers favor scientific pursuits here as well. Mysterious planet.

    Planet - Poustea - A calm planet of eternal night time. Lightning bugs cover the planet, a generally great place for farming and agriculture.

    Elven Territory (open)

    Elves take up the north-eastern quadrant:

    Homeworld - Alleria - Tall forests and enormous trees brush the sky as skyscrapers. Buildings are built high in the trees, home of the Elven Kingdom Argonia.

    Planet - Castinia - Water planet. Not a piece of earth exists on the water planet above the sea line. Magic experimentation is the highlight of this planet. A race of mer-people live on the planet called the Amabi, who are on generally friendly terms with the Elves. Magic keeps buildings under and on the water.

    Planet - Lovis - The planet is highly sensitive to its sun. Any sunlight that hits the planet causes its inhabitants to burn from the rays slowly and painfully. The buildings are of medium hight and create pathways of shade that discourage direct sunlight.

    Planet - Grion - Gaseus planet. Houses the Elven Excavation Corps. The gasses of the planet can be hardened and refined into nearly any mineral used, provided it is processed correctly and accordingly. The Elves typically hold this trade route with the Dwarves who can handle such delicate tasks with resources.

    Dwarven Territory (open)

    Dwarves take up the south-western quadrant:

    Homeworld - Pyara - Desert planet with mountainous slopes and rock, providing rather interesting architecture.

    Planet - Jotun - Yet another mountainous planet with snow that bites deep and dissolves most normal life forms and clothing. Dwarven tech is used to keep buildings and people alive and whole.

    Planet - Leethe - Not technically a planet, but rather a large floating mass of space debris fashioned into the largest trading/shopping center next only to The Apex. It is held in Pyara's orbit like a moon.

    Planet - Iovias - A planet largely covered in red grass with every blade the size of an average person. Little else exists on the planet, and a lot of Dwarven special ops. are held here, hiding in plain sight.

    Orcish Territory (open)

    Orcs take up the south-eastern quadrant:

    Homeworld - Sirt - The Orcish homeworld is a barren wasteland dominated by its wildlife. Honor and glory is gained through the hunt. Politics and judgment are dealt in an honor-bound fight. Huge ruins of old cities are scattered around the planet, taking up much of the space.

    Planet - Trill - A day and night cycle passes nearly four times within every twenty-four hour period. Negative emotions are hightened. Given enough bad energy, a physical being can appear and feed off of it, attacking and corrupting everything it sees. It takes a steady mind to traverse the land without issue.

    Planet - Nostea - Tall hills and sloping valleys hide most of the ground from view. Orcish combat training and general secrets are kept here.

    Planet - Pyrrah - An incredibly small planet. Smaller than a moon, about the size of an asteroid with its own atmosphere. A single red blossom tree stands in the midst of purple grass. Not much is know about the planet, only that it is tied to the Orcish warchief.

    Dark Space:
    The only solid information we know of Dark Space is that it is a void, empty. Scouting parties, drones, and even sensors have been sent in and they never return. It is a mass that equals nearly the size of a planet, greater than The Apex. It seems to just miss the main planets, circling the galaxy and completing an entire revolution around the outside of each main planet. Avoid at all costs, for surely it is death.

    A Look at the Inhabitants

    Humans: The humans of Aslao run a fair, diplomatic society. They do their best to keep in touch with the other races in order to keep their friendships alive.

    The human king, Jellal Lionstradt, strives to keep his people happy and content. No matter the cost.

    The humans have an honorable reputation and can generally be treated fairly by all who enter their realm. Easily the most versatile race.

    Elves: For as long as anyone can remember the Elves had always prospered. Rich both in culture and in material wealth, they enjoy a lavish lifestyle in their, largely woodland, realm. They've managed to update their weapons of war such as the bow and arrow to be as efficient and strong as any gun. They prefer their magic and agility over brute strength.

    Elves live for about four centuries, and far outlive any of the other races who live about the same span of time. During the last century of their life few elves can earn the title of "Sage", indicating they've seen much and know a lot about the world and have knowledge they wish to pass on to other elves. These are the most powerful elves and only four Sages exist as of now. There is a Sage for each of the basic combat principles, a mage, an archer, a warrior, and a rogue.

    The Elvish queen, Ioreth Moonwalker, treats guests with hospitality and kindness. She always manages to keep a level head, and holds a mysterious air about her, making her impossible to read.

    Dwarven: "Through strength of stone do we survive the flood." Persist and persevere, this is the Dwarven mentality. While it is widely know that Dwarves have a certain knack for mining and a strong constitution, they've also developed a strong affinity for technology.

    While most races are very adept with technology in their own right, none have made the innovations that the Dwarves have.

    The Dwarven leadership is hosted by three elected officials; Mila Stronghammer, Thor Isenthrope, and Oberon Stormstout. Together they combine to create the Council of Three Hammers.

    Orcs: The Orcs of Sirt have great emphasis on strength of arms and spirit. Orcish society is completely based around strong warriors with technological research taking a backseat. Magic is in short supply amongst the natives, but few "shamans" are gifted with magic and sit backseat in Orcish politics, dealing with elemental magic above all else.

    The Orcish warchief, Thrommgar Terrorspark, is as brutal as his race, but his spirit is that of an honorable warrior. He is wise beyond his years and always attempts a peaceful approach to things before resorting to brutality.

    Please read both sections of the rules! This is very important and you'll see why!


    1.) Do not be an asshole. I shouldn't have to say that, but just so people aren't bringing out of game fights into game. Keep drama out, this is a judgement free zone. Don't bully other players, or their characters, unless you make it clear it's your character, not you.

    2.) No Gary/Mary Sues. That means your character cannot be liked by everybody, nor can your character like everybody. That is a frowned upon character trait.

    3.) No god modding/over powered characters. There has to be a limit on your power, and drawbacks to your more powerful character traits. Your character cannot be all-powerful and all-knowing, you have to balance your strengths with weaknesses.

    4.) Your character is like a newborn here when you start. You do not know other characters, unless previously agreed upon. You cannot know what another character is thinking unless he, or she lets you know. (I.e. Looks around, an intense pain written all over his face.)

    5.) Please be descriptive with your character sheet.

    6.) OOC (Out of character) Goes in the OOC thread (here). That's what it's there for, plotting and talking. If you have to say something small in the main chat, go ahead, but please keep conversations out of the main chat.

    7.) It is preferable you post frequently and regularly, If you need to stop or wish to take a break from the RP send me a message and we can figure something out. If the IC has already begun, message me and we can find a way to logically implement you into the RP.

    8.) Do not complete actions for other characters. Only control your own character, and react to what other characters say. There is an exception, and that is if your are roleplaying with a partner you are very comfortable with roleplaying with, who allows it. As for NPC's and the world itself, I will write what happens to everything that isn't directly controlled by a one of you.

    9.) The roleplay is not rated, so you can do what you want. Cursing, kissing, whatever. The only thing I ask is that if you're going to have sexual scenes with someone, please replace it with a simplified action. (i.e. After the intense kiss, they move into the bedroom and continue, not coming out until morning.) If you want, you can move into a private chat with that person to actually roleplay out those actions, and then return to the main chat once you're done. I know I love a good steamy romance, but just keep it to yourself.

    10.) Asterisks are a no-no. Please roleplay using the prose format. (i.e. He cursed under his breath and gazed up at the taller male, "Are you serious?!" He didn't understand why he couldn't enter the store.)

    11.) You can have up to five characters.

    12.) Have fun. No seriously. Or I will destroy you.


    1. I will be acting as both the dungeon master and player. I will make sure that these are clearly defined with every post I make in the IC.

    2. BEFORE you have your character set in stone, please read all of the rules and message me! I will devise a questionnaire specifically for your character. Thanks! This will give me a little more insight into your character and I can adjust the RP accordingly! Please answer in character as you are able.

    3. I am a very active person on this website. (Seriously I just don't go outside) So worry not, if you post something that is related to an npc or something you want to interact with in the world I will respond quickly!

    4. When making your characters, please remember that flaws are fun! It is ok for your character to be flawed in some form or fashion. Granted they must be or you'll have to add some, but have fun with it!

    Once you have read ALL of the rules please message me with "I know exactly what is asked of me and I am ready and prepared to have an excellent time in Swords and Starships." and I will send you a questionnaire!

    Thanks guys, I know it's a lot of information to take in but I truly care about this RP and those who decide they want to join. Hopefully these rules have flushed out any possible questions you could have, but in case I missed something, ask away!

    Current Cast
    Quin as Gnok: The Armorsmith
    Chibbycookie as Zona: The Farmer
    Honorific as Gwaewon: The Swindler
    Nekurokasume as Nolan: The Swordsman
    Kimsim12 as Tarathiel: The Bowmaster
    Blitzfang43 as James: The Mercenary
    Sassmaster as Stella: The Sassmaster
    and Hal: The Cinammon Roll

    Character Sheet
    (If you have not read the rules yet PLEASE turn back!)

    . Name .
    . Age .
    . Gender .
    . Sexuality .
    . Appearance .
    Real pictures would be nice but due to the fantasy nature of the RP it's understandable if you can't find a realistic picture
    . Personality .
    A paragraph or two would be nice
    Weapon of choice
    Special Skills (up to 3)
    (Combat and strategic skills here only. I.e. lockpicking, hacker, agile etc.)
    . Likes .
    . Dislikes .
    . Biography .
    . Relationships .
    . Other Information .

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  3. This seems entertaining, I shall apply.
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  4. Can't wait!
  5. Name: Xugaa
    Age: 23
    Occupation: Guardsmen (Basically a bodyguard for Orc leaders.)
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Like all orcs he has incredibly sharp teeth and big muscles. He makes a big show by wearing large spiked armor. He is a foot taller than the average human. He sometimes wears a pair of goggles over his eyes.

    Personality: Xugaa is very level-headed and lighthearted for an orc. He values honor and justice. Like his brethren he loves a good skirmish, but only when necessary. Unnecessary injury and death are terrible things to him. He also refuses to fight or kill the unarmed and unable. But he also believes in a warriors death. Any coward who murders, or orders the murder of, a helpless sentient being deserves nothing more than excruciating pain.

    Race: Orc
    Weapon of choice: Xugaa is a fan of his peoples traditional battle axe, but it lacks a range capability. So, he also utilizes a rifle. (See appearance.)

    Special Skills: CQC, explosives, mild strategy skills.
    Likes: Fighting, hunting, magic.
    Dislikes: Dishonorable people, elves, orbital bombardment.

    Biography: Xugaa was born and raised on the orc homeworld of Sirt. At a young age he showed great discipline and organization. Which are not common traits in young orcs. He was selected for special training. He was taught his clans unique fighting style until he was deemed experienced enough to be trained as a Guardsman. It is a huge honor to be selected to protect the orc hierarchy. He endured grueling training for the rest of his life. Unspeakable hardships built him into a great warrior.

    Not long after his induction into the Guardsmen forces a rogue warboss attempted to assassinate Warleader Terrorspark. Xuggaa proved himself in this fight alongside his brothers. His warparty, against overwhelming odds, defended the capital city. His heroics got him a promotion to leader of his warparty. And he has since been selected to be a personal bodyguard of the Warleader.

    Relationships: His brothers in combat. He considers any orc that fights alongside him a good friend.
    Other Information: N/A
  6. Accepted!
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  7. Name
    . Gender .
    . Sexuality .
    . Appearance .
    She stands about 7 feet tall and is fairly buff for a female. Her skin is a pale shade of green with black eyes and hair. A usual outfit consists of combat-style boots, loose working pants and a tank-top, similar to what a human mechanic would wear. She also has a set of fitted iron armor she made for herself for brawling.
    . Personality .
    Gnok is a hard working, take-no-shit Gal who can power through anything life throws at her. After brawling for years, Gnok takes pride in every punch she throws and noses she breaks. But even though she has a tough exterior, she is fairly intelligent and interested in keeping some peace between the races. Gnok knows basic ship mechanics and successfully co-owns a large armory, supplying Nostea with quality wares. She's come to Apex to set up another branch of her armory and show that Orcs can fight for peace too.
    Weapon of choice
    A large, two handed hammer with leather grips.
    Special Skills (up to 3)
    Melee combat, intimidation
    . Likes .
    Ship Mechanics

    . Dislikes .
    Humans (Slightly annoyed)
    Long space flights (Makes her sick)

    Gnok started off in a small village on the homeworld with her family of 14. She grew up helping her many brothers train for battles, and found her way into a women's brawling group in her village. She worked for years making her way up the ranks, and is now known as one of the best. Beingan only girl has been more or less to her disadvantage, but she came out to be tough as any boy in her family (If not tougher).
    In her early teens, Gnok apprenticed at an armory where she slowly learned the talent of crafting armor, weapons, and wares. As she grew older, she broke off with another employee and they started their own business. From there it grew, and Orcs all over started sending requests, including commissions from Orc Legions.

    Gnok has gotten into bits of trouble here and there, like nearly killing customers or snatching a few things from her old bosses coinbox, but nothing too big. She may be an Orc, but Gnok knows honor and honesty will get you farther than cowardice and deception.

    None at the moment

    . Other Information .
    Gnok has a habit of finding anything smaller than her, especially dwarves, cute.
    And her ship, which she calls "Rosie"
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  8. Love her! Accepted!
  9. @Elfie Would it be possible to have a nomadic character that's been to most of the planets for given periods of time? I have other characters in mind if that's not possible, but I'd like to know before I start working on anything!
  10. Entirely possible!
  11. . Name .
    Zona Theodosia Hummel
    . Age .
    . Gender .
    . Sexuality .
    . Appearance .
    . Personality .
    Zona is hardworking, trustworthy and very loyal. Maybe even too loyal. Often times her own opinions, ideals, and dreams get drowned out by the opinions, ideals, and dreams of the people she looks up to. She doesn’t like seeing people get cheated or hurt however, and she will step in if she sees anything of the sort. She also can be quite gullible at times.
    Weapon of choice:
    Farming Sickle, although she would prefer not to fight
    Special Skills-
    ~Knowledge of plants (i.e. which ones are poisonous/dangerous etc)
    ~Starmap Reading

    . Likes .

    . Dislikes .
    ~ Isolation
    ~ Loud noises
    ~ Violence

    . Biography .
    Zona has spent her whole life on the farm planet of Poustea, helping on her parent’s farm. Her father would make yearly trips to The Apex to make trades, and one year Zona was taken along. She found it to be amazing. She didn’t even know there was anything outside of farming. All the other races on The Apex fascinated her as well. she didn’t even KNOW that there were beings other than humans. After that point she had dreams of leaving Poustea, of traveling around and living a new life somewhere else. Of course, she could never tell her parents this. All they want is for her to keep farming, to stay on Poustea and never leave. She does love the planet and farming, but is that really all there is for her in this life?

    . Relationships .
    Her parents are really the only people she knows, and she loves them dearly.
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  12. Accepted!
  13. Is this still open? Sorry if I missed something obvious! cyberpunk anything however gets me going if you know what I mean -wink- and I am very VERY interested!
  14. YUP! Still open!
  15. IMPORTANT!!!!

    I think it's almost time to start! We only have a couple players with completed characters, but for now I think we can set the date for starting on Sunday in the afternoon. I'm still working on a bunch of stuff for this RP and it's gonna be great! Hopefully some other people can get characters created before then. If you don't think you can finish a character in time let me know! We also don't have to start that soon if the majority decides otherwise, but let me know!
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  16. Gwaewon Teltanonel

    . Age .

    . Occupation .

    . Gender .

    . Sexuality .

    . Appearance .

    Like most elves Gwen is taller then the average human, at 6'5 though its still normal to have to look up the average Orc however. Gwen has a thin lithe frame made more for dexterity then strength. Blue eyes pop out in contrast to his light grey skin, flashing with color when it pleases him. Gwen keeps his raven black hair in dreadlocks, leaving them in a messy ponytail and out of his eyes. Typical of anyone who doesn't like to be seen in the dark, Gwen wears dark clothing. Dark, tight jeans covering his legs with comfortable black boots wrapping around his feet. The ripped up grey jacket hides many pockets allowing him to appear to pull things out of the air, including the deck of cards he never leaves home without. The sound of the deck magically shuffling itself is his constant companion. Unknown to everyone Gwen has a scar that runs down from his left earlobe to the edge of his mouth a long with several tattoos that includes a full sleeve on his right arm of thick ropes of tree roots growing down his arm. Only the lucky lady he takes home with him from time to time ever see it as their hidden by a glimmer Gwen keeps up almost constantly.

    . Personality .

    Gwen is a very charismatic person. Quick to laugh and smile with his signature Cheshire grin. He likes to go with the flow most of the time, never taking to much seriously unless lives are on the line. Though his moral compass is pointed toward the largest piles of coin, he will never kill an innocent man or profit off of people who are worse of then he is. People call him loyal and for the most part they are right. The problem is people who think Gwen is their friend are dead wrong. To him you are just another mark waiting to be fooled or stolen from. Friends are Gwen are few and hard to come by but those are the ones he would never betray.

    . Race .

    . Weapon of Choice .

    . Special Skills .
    Sleight of hand
    Lock Picking

    . Likes .
    Card Games

    . Dislikes .
    The Police
    Uptight People
    (Don't ask. Ever.)

    . Biography .
    Gwen is very guarded of his past. Anything from before he moved to Apex is off limits. The only thing he has ever said about his child hood is that not every elf lives a life of luxury. Gwen had moved to the station at the young age of 40. His early years here was spent running with an elf only gang of thieves. That gang slowly devolved from stealing from the rich to killing for a quick buck. Though Gwen had never killed until the gang had a final stand with security forces. He had wanted to run but the gang didn't let him. They saw his cowardice as an act of betrayal and he was forced to kill his closest friend at the time in order to get away and run right into the police. He spent 10 more years in jail, and when he was finally released he was on his own. He started going by Gwen and made a name for himself playing and cheating at cards games.

    . Relationships .

    The only real relationship Gwen has on Apex is with Kalia, the friendly neighborhood bartender of the Clock Tower​
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