Sword & Sorcery-DnD houserules attempt


Neko Archy

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So yeah, I want to use 3.5 dnd to try to replicate a sort of Sword and Sorcery type adventure.

For those of you not familiar, Sword and Sorcery stuff involves legendary heroes...going through their day-to-day lives. Their primary motive is usually greed and a good meal, and their foes don't represent threats to the entire world. Instead of amassing a gradually growing horde of powerful treasure, they have a tendency to gain powerful treasure...and lose other powerful treasure.

These are the guys who wander the earth, having exciting adventure filled lives full of people trying to kill them and the desperate effort to make their next meal.

Now standard DnD is geared towards High Fantasy "Smalltown farmboy grows up and kills Sauron" type stuff. Because of that, there are some house rules in order.

1. When I deem you to be between encounters, you gain fast healing equal to your HD. This makes a "healer" role a nice thing to have, but not a necessity.

2.Characters use the Gestalt rules.

3. Spellcasting uses the Spell Points system, with wizard-progression casters getting half the normal number of points per level.

4. Psionics will be nerfed as well, or more specifically the Psion and the Erudite will. Currently I'm running with half the normal number of power points per level.

5. Theurge-type classes are banned. This is mentioned in the gestalt rules, but if a class advances two types of spellcasting, it's gone.

6. Don't take the leadership feat.

7. For equipment, you get to have any mundane equipment you want (within reason) and one magic item of 13,000 GP or less. Magic weapons, armor, cloaks of resistance, and stat-boosting gear do not exist. Special material weapons and armor count as your magic item. Magic item is subject to GM approval.

8. All characters gain a constant +1 deflection bonus to AC and a +1 enhancement bonus on all weapon attack and damage rolls-in effect, any weapon wielded by the characters is a +1 magic item, and bypasses damage appropriately.

32 point buy.