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    Something is stirring in Mesym. We have all felt it. We all know it. The earth shivers with the awakening, the skies cry golden tears, even the very air around us cackles with lightning and energy, threatened by the growing presence beneath, above, and all around us. Even now we see the destruction and chaos in our very homes, and the world that has always protected and guarded us has retreated away. Mesym is scared. What is coming is great.

    There is no hiding from the awakening of what may lie beyond, no way to hold it back. The rift has been broken, and through it spills our greatest fears. Some of us have seen these things firsthand, and they are magnificent yet terrible. They cannot be allowed to stay lest they will consume all we have ever known and loved.

    Though this relentless force will stop at nothing, will pause at nothing, we yet have one tool in our arsenal that must give them pause. These celestial bodies we search for. Across the highest of peaks, and the deepest of waters, and the furthest of planes, we travel to recover and wield these ancient beings in our mortal hands. The union of two is a force stronger than that of any chaos.

    The way will be perilous. We know not where to begin and what we may face on our journey. But it is the only way.

    There are no gods now.

    Ered Athas.

    Sincerely, the

    The Idea

    Hello, and welcome to Sword Seeker! I've been nursing this idea for a little while now, but its still in development, so bear with me. I doubt the above did little but grab your attention, so I'll quickly summarize the plot.

    The world (dubbed Mesym) is falling apart. Dying. The people don't know why, and they don't know how to fix it. Instead of searching for a solution, they've all quietly given up, resuming their daily activities the best they can with earthquakes destroying their farms and volcanoes burning down entire cities. Many assume that the Great Ruin (the apocalypse, the second coming, whatever you'd like to call it) has come, and that nobody will survive. It has been thousands of years since the only beings that had the power to fix such a problem, the Old Gods, were destroyed, and without their help, there is no hope for Mesym.

    However, eight young women have recently been delivered letters, written by the hand of the spirit-goddess Nane herself. The details of each letter will be provided at the IC opening, but the letters meant two things; one, that not all the gods/goddesses were gone from Mesym, and two, that there was hope. In the letters Nane mentioned both a summoning (an ancient tradition in which gods/goddesses would call upon mortals in order to give them a quest) and the Swords of Power, which must be retrieved--and soon.

    The Swords of Power are mysterious artifacts used in the war against the Old Gods, crafted with strange and unusual abilities. The original seven wielders, known as the Seven Strigines, fought and killed several gods during the war thousands of years ago, including Atysus, often called the King of the Gods. The Swords of Power were their companions during battle, and after they died, they were scattered across Mesym. Finding them, and using them, according to Nane, may be humanity's only hope against the coming end-of-the-world.

    You can play one of the eight young women (two have been reserved for plot purposes, leaving six to play) or other companions, friends, or even enemies. Your goal is to recover the Seven Swords of Power, though you know not how or where to look. But Nane is confident in your abilities. You will succeed--you must.

    Be forewarned. This roleplay is designed to take place over a long period of time (it will tell a story that will take our characters many years of their lives to finish) and all players are expected to participate actively in the development of the story.

    Quick Notes

    This is just an interest check. I've no idea if this will take off or not, especially since I need dedicated members that plan to stick around for awhile. Life gets in the way sometimes, but if you decide to join us, you must at the very least hop on once a week or otherwise give us notice of your absence in order to keep the roleplay flowing.

    This roleplay would be sectioned off into chapters; each chapter with a focus on a different 'quest' or 'goal'. And, at some point, we would be introducing new characters. The system for creating new characters and plot-related characters will be more fully explained if an OOC goes up.

    A lot of the plot has been left out of this post. If we launch the roleplay, more setting and background will be released alongside a bit more of the plot info. However, most of it will be revealed in the IC. And plenty of it will be created you. In addition to needing to be active, you also need to be able to contribute to the story. For a large portion of the roleplay, our characters will be scattered across an entire world. Rarely will all of our characters be together in one place. I will facilitate the progression of the story but not control it; you must propel yourselves forwards, while I push you in the right direction.

    And there will be plenty of moments when your decisions will change the future of the story; for the better, or the worse.

    If this gets enough interest for me to post the OOC/Sign-ups, I will include additional information about the Swords and most likely a rudimentary map. However, it likely won't be posted until sometime next Saturday/Sunday. I'm taking finals this/next week.

    If you have any questions, leave them below! I'll answer as quick as I can.​
  2. I'm interested, but would need to see how its to be set up before I commit to joining
  3. What exactly about the set up would you like to know? I can answer any questions.
  4. Are you planning to have all this going on at the same time in one thread?
  5. Ideally the roleplay would take place in a group, so that several threads could be used to keep the roleplay organized. It would be kind of confusing to have each different traveling group of characters posting in one thread, since the setting would vary so wildly. Additionally, this would allow for variance in posting speed, in the case that progression (due to real life conflicts or otherwise) is slow in one group and not in another.
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