Sword of Embera: The Cytulius Requiem

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Episode One: A Midsummer's Dream under A Blue Moon

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjmvui-jylQ"]YouTube- Fate Stay Night OST Track 21 Taiko No Denshou[/ame]

Each night I have a similar dream…

It starts with the smell of fire. I always peer up. I see a great massive fortress on fire. I hear the moans of the wounded and screams of women attempting to flee.

It is around that time that I become aware of a man with evil eyes. They peer into my soul, as if trying to mock me for being a helpless little human in the middle of a raging battle.


I peer to the east… There comes four men riding on horseback. The first is wearing a piece of purple cloth wrapped around his left arm. It is torn but it seems important to the rider because in our culture the left side is the one closest to the heart. He carries a Sword with odd markings on it and raises it up in the air.


I then hear them speak in a language that is prohibited to speak these days. The rider grins and lowers his sword at the demonic man. In the bright lights, I see a young woman with white hair appear.


"Banija, elt gonern." She then speaks. A large claw then appears above her hands. Her stare is cold and stern. The woman has no more emotion than the demon standing before her does.

I then hear the bellow of a dragon. As I peer up to see it, everything turns white. All I see is the white haired woman staring at me with damning eyes…

It is at this point I wake up.

I try to tell the wise men these dreams but they scoff at me. So like I always do, I keep such things to myself.

Who in their right mind would listen to a tale of a pauper anyways….

Location: Elroot Commons; 6:50 PM

The summer was always a time of great excitement for the people of the village of Elroot. In a few short weeks the trades fair folk would show up and bring all sorts of rare items, such as foresight crystals and various food stuffs that some far off king enjoyed on his mountain top villa.

However, Joshua had spent much of his day doing what he always did, wander around doing nothing. He had been barred from attending the local schools, so he learned everything from the preacher. For all his life, Joshua had only a general idea of why people avoided him. He had often heard tales about his mother being a prostitute or some other form of dishonorable trade, so he was abandoned soon after birth while she fooled around with the next man.

Of course, none of these rumors where true. The people of Elroot were a slightly paranoid lot for the simple reason that the war had nearly breached their simply little lives more than once. An informal truce between the warring parties had been emplaced on this town. Since Joshua Youngblood came from a region outside of Elroot, he was potentially dangerous.

This day, he was wandering around the village commons, when there was a shout of "All Hail the High Priestess of the Moon!"

The young blonde man peered to his left. His jaw dropped when he saw a young woman with following blue hair. She was clearly a member of the Faye but why would his village elders announce the coming of a being they would normally consider second class, much like himself.


The woman seemed sad to be here, Joshua wouldn't blame her because the vast majority of these people were of the land, i.e. morons.

"Hello people of Elroot. I am High Priest Erin Tenpenny of Chenoa. As the war council has said many times before, we believe it is a wise decision to abandoned this settlement. I know it seems like a forced decision but the Reliniana Empire keeps advancing further and further into the Zeledin country side. My Queen's kingdom is willing to except anyone that wants to leave now before it is too late. The Relinianan forces will spare no one, that includes both human and faye. I thank you for your time. If you any comments or concerns, I will take questions in the local church."

She then bowed and was escorted by two well armored soldiers with long purple hair, even the Chenoans knew better than to come into this region undefended.

Jason then shouted, "Leave Elroot? My god, that is freaking awesome!"

He was about to bolt straight for the wooden doors of the church when a large gloved hand pressed down on his shoulders.

"And what makes you assume that the Cheonans want inferior brats like yourself coming to their nation? The elders have decided it is only open to freed faye. And you know how rare that is, don't you boy? The faye are weak and pitiful. I for one, will be glad to see the political trouble makers sent away. Though, I will admit that Erin looks like she would a good sex slave."

"What the hell?" Joshua then shouted at the town guard, "I don't give a shit."

Joshua felt a large fist belt him in the stomach.

"Remember your place boy. No one wants you here, no one wants you there. You are going to be an unwelcome being, no matter where you go in life."
The platoon moved steadily, large holes in their ranks, the regulars keeping a close eye on the dog-soldiers. They there down to less than a quarter of their original number, the slaves have taken the worst casualties. Every now and then two of them would be carrying a stretcher, or be helping another limp along at marching pace. They all had large amounts of dirt on their uniforms and avoided looking around to see how few remained.

Grech adjusted his cap to keep the sun out of his eyes, he held his place in the group, even though very few in his squad survived, not that they had been close, he had only met them on the battlefield right before they where sent to charge the enemy lines. What had followed had been a bloody mess with both sides fighting hand to hand where it had been impossible to stay with the same group for long.... so squad was a very lose term.

He looked over the human officer's head, they were entering a village, probably where they would be reinforced and sent back to the line, it was an old routine, the only way off the line was in a body bag. It was just like any other village they had been it, only minus the burnt out buildings and the civilians weren't hiding in their basements, yet untouched by the war and yet... it couldn't last muck longer, the war was coming, and it was written on the faces at the demoralized, and the wounded, whiten in the bloodstains on the uniforms, written in the empty eyes of the slaves who were forced to fight.

They where marched to a small square and the regulars took their weapons , there was no need to shackle them... just like the regulars, the dog soldiers just wanted to rest.

Cellydia Ali Auror

"Ali," the woman in my dreams used to say, "You're such a spoiled child. Have you ever thought of anyone, but yourself?" I often wondered why I woke up feeling as though I had really been scolded. Were dreams not just illusions of the mind?

A young girl drifted through the aisles of the church, walking past the empty seats and making her way to the altar. She had been there for a few hours now, and yet, the same questions floated through her mind. One day...I'll be married here to some foreign person who'll whisk me away from this forsaken village. Cellydia tried to imagine the happiness of one's own wedding, but her feelings fell short. Instead, she ended up scowling as she looked upon the empty altar, her heart twisted into a thousand many pieces at her own disappointment.

"These dreams...What do they mean ?" she muttered aloud in perplexity, her eyes glaring upon the statues that gleamed down upon her, "I don't understand them. I don't want them. Is there something wrong with me ?" Cellydia bit her lip, huffing in frustration. She had thought that coming to the Church might help her sort out these conflicting feelings, but it had done nothing. She was only more confused. She touched a hand to her cheek, feeling the frigid cold of her fingers against her pale skin & then turned to leave.

She made her way towards the door and then stopped, staring blankly at the rows and rows of chairs behind her. She didn't know why she felt so compelled to look at them. Did she want...to stay here ? Just as she turned back to face the large doors, they opened.

Quickly, Cellydia stepped to side in a hurry to avoid confrontation with those that had just entered. A blue haired nymph entered with Chenoan bodyguards. Cellydia was curious, but in order not to be seen by the villagers any longer, she turned quickly to leave.


Lily-May Addonexus

"Father, is it not foolish of her to come here?" The voice that spoke was a gentle one that flowed with a musical ambiance unusual to most girls her age. She tilted her blonde-haired head towards the large, bulky man to her left. He was watching the Faye Priestess with a blank expression on his face, but his daughter could easily see the intrigue in his eyes that most people would not notice soon enough.

"Perhaps." He replied, giving his daughter a quick look before moving towards the gates of the village. Lily-May was accustomed to his coldness, but she could help, but bite her tongue as he walked off so quickly. She hurried to catch up, hugging her sketchbook in her arms. The sound of her clothes rustling must have alerted Lord Addonexus for he flicked his hand in her direction to bid her away. She stopped chase immediately, slowing to halt and watching her father walk off in the direction of the crowd of exhausted soldiers.

Lily-May let out a small sigh, clutching her book tightly in her arms before turning around. She recalled the words of the Faye Lady and decided to satisfy her curiousity. She started for the Church, watching in horror as a guard punched a boy to stop him from going in. It was that boy, Lily realized quietly, her eyes softening. She had heard from her father's reports with his commanders about this child's past. She couldn't but feel sympathetic, and despite his being a stranger, Lily couldn't stand around as the guard pushed him around so casually.

"That's not true." She replied quietly, gently pulling Jason away from the guard by his arm.

She may have the meek appearance of a quiet, wistful young girl, but Lily-May was not solely her mother's image. She had inherited her father's blazing soul and his intense eyes. Her words were soft, her actions gentle, but her demeanor was determined.

"He has ever right to go in as does anyone else."
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"A bag of your white grain please, and is the roast ready as well?" A young man asked the merchant as he stepped up to the counter. An elderly woman turned slowly holding a small bag of grain seeds and a smile on her face that nearly closed her eyes completely.

"Ah Lucan! My how you've grown. We don't see much of you around the commons anymore. How are things at home, dear?" The woman placed the bag on the counter and turned back to open a cabinet where she pulled out a large slab of meat and began wrapping it up in twine.

"Things are going in the usual mannor. Mother is getting old and frail so I'm being sent out to gather the supplies she ordered." Lucan paused as he heard some comotion behind him. He listened briefly as he heard the announcement of Princess Tenpenny's arrival and the proposal she voiced to the crowd. His thoughts dwelled on his mother and possibly taking up the offer to move her there.

"That was quite an announcement wouldn't you say, Lucan? It's a sad thought, but I think I may just stick around. Haven't left Elroot since birth and I doubt I would survive the travel. You best get yourself and your mother to go, though! Here, let me get you some more grain and meat for the trip!" The woman turned and hurried back to the cubbards.

"That won't be nec..."
"Oh hush, I insist! Your mother has been a long time customer of my shop and I'd be much better off knowing the two of you were safe. Now here you go, it's all on the house, now get going lad and the best of luck to you both!" With that the old lady slid the curtain across the counter and closed the shop. Lucan sighed and turned to walk back home when he spotted Joshua being shoved around by one of the town guards but before Lucan could take a step to help out his friend, he saw a very young girl step up and surprise the three of them with her intense objection to the guards' actions. Lucan smiled at the girls' bravery but he knew that guard and knew that whether you were boy or girl, man or woman, young or elderly, he had no qualms beating you down if he had the chance. With the princess present this was no time for any fights to break out so Lucan decided to interviene.

"There you are! You little brat I told you not to wander too far from me!" Lucan jogged up to the little girl standing off against the guard. "I promised your mother I'd look out for you and you go dissapearing on me. We've got groceries to carry back so let's get going." Lucan glanced up at Joshua. "Hey Josh, listen I need some help with these, mind taking this extra package of meat and grains? You can join us for dinner tonight too if you'd like?" Lucan handed the extras over to Joshua right before being swung around by the guard.

"Boy you've got a lot of nerve! First of all, treating that mongrel like he's your friend is outright rediculous and second of all, interrupting my work. I should have yo..." Lucan dropped his package on the ground and stepped up to the guard aggressively and spoke in a strong but quiet tone.

"Have me what? Shot? Hung? You have about as much authority here as leaf while the princess and her guards are here so don't speak to me about 'interrupting your work'. And I will speak to whoever I want seeing as he happens to actually be MY friend. Now I believe you're suppose to open the doors for the REAL guards approaching soon so you might want to worry about that part of your 'work' instead of attempting to bully innocent people" Lucan turned to pick up his things and led Joshua and the little girl to the side of the church and stopped to turn back to Joshua.

"Listen, I know you of all people want to leave here. Hell I'm right there with you, but you know how these guards are. Why not just go back with me and my mother? I'd like to get her out of here as soon as possible and I'm going with her. I'm going to make sure you come with." Lucan then turned to the girl and a small smirk formed across his lips.

"Quite a brave one you are. Surprisingly I actually have no doubt you could've handled that moron with ease, and I'm sorry if i ruined that opportunity for you; however, this really isn't the time to really have it out with the guards. I appreciate you going along with my tiny lie. My name is Lucan, and who might you be?"

Lily-May Addonexus

"Ehh.." LilyMay stammered as Lucan appeared, scolding her for disappearing on him. She glanced up at the young man's face, looking at his green eyes. He's protecting us... She realized, glancing away quietly, "S-sorry.." she mumbled quickly. She listened as he argued with the guard, wide-eyed. As he led them away, having successfully quietened the annoying guard, LilyMay looked at him, astonished. He had so easily trumped the angry guard.

She held her sketchbook behind her as he spoke to her once they had left the area. She shook her head quickly, "I-It's not like that...I just...suddenly felt like saying something. I hadn't really planned ahead at all," she admitted, sheepishly, her cheeks turning pink in embarrassment.

She looked up to see him smirking and blinked. He wanted to know her name ? She glanced at Joshua and then looked back at Lucan. She didn't really have a lot of friends, but it felt nice to think that she'd just made some.

"I'm LilyMay! Thank you for saving me~" she exclaimed cheerfully with a bright smile.
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