Sword of Embera: The Cytulius Requiem

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  2. Alkura

    Alkura was snoring softly inside her room. After a long three days, she had more then earned a night in which she could sleep and rest to the fullest extent, and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning/afternoon/whenevershedecidedtogetup. However, the robot thing inside her head had other ideas. While Daisuke and even Nyx might have valued their host's rest and sleep, Asola, the A.I., had other ideas.

    Alkura suddenly found herself sitting on a large stone platform that had a twenty foot radius. Surrounding the circle were fifteen square stone pillars that stretched upwards, and in between those pillars flashed images and memories from Alkura's past in large rectangles that appeared like holograms floating unsupported in between the pillars. Past the pillars, Alkura could not see anything but darkness, and ten feet up it was the same. Alkura was effectively trapped inside a cylinder ten feet in diameter and ten feet in height.

    The teen stood, her multi colored eyes roaming over the images flashing up between the stone pillars. Nothing that Alkura saw shocked her, it was everything she had already seen. From the dead clones to the images of herself as a child as a car smashed into the one she was in, killing her mother upon impact and paralyzing Alkura from the waist down. A hand touched her shoulder and Alkrua wheeled around to look at who's it was, and then suddenly she was looking at Asola once more.

    Asola looked like a polar opposite copy of Alkura. While she looked the same overall, their were some fundamental differences The eye colors of her iris's were shifted around, so that instead of the right eye being red and the left being blue, the left was red and the right blue, and not only that, the whites of her eyes and the Iris's were flipped so that the color was surrounding the whites of the eye and the whites were where the Iris was supposed to be. Instead of the raven black hair that Alkura sported, Asola's was a startling white. But most of all, the most prominent part of Asola was the scars that covered the A.I.'s body. It was as if every wound that had ever been inflicted upon Alkura had left a visible scar on Asola. From the needle marks in her arms and neck, to the wood fragments that had been embedded in her arms and legs from the door two days ago. Alkura studied the A.I., and then shook her head.

    "If you were attempting to look like me, you've failed miserably."

    Alkura then stepped passed the A.I. and strode over to one of the memories playing out on the "wall" before them. What was she supposed to ask the A.I.? Why was she in here? What was she supposed to do in here? What did the A.I. want from Alkura? Why on earth did the A.I. chose to look like her of all people?

    "You forget that I am in your head. Everything you think I can "hear" in a sense."

    Alkura shook her head and turned around to face the thing. What sort of pitiful existence was this? Alkura was on the run from the very organization that had used her to further their goals, and now they were hounding after her for some reason or another. Not only that, but Alkura had to put up with a copy of herself that was a robot in charge of something it called "nano drones" whatever the hell those were.

    "That's the reason they are after you, me. My creator, the First Founder, created me with the specific purpose of mass producing a less powerful version of myself, and then utilizing the original creation method to build a less powerful version first for the Third founder, and then for the Second founder, while keeping the most powerful version for him. I am what they are after. You were simply to be a test subject for the serum, to work out the kinks in the system. I suspect the First Founder would dispose of you once they had figured out the "bugs" of the nano drones. I am in essence the "Alpha", just as you were the "Alpha" for the last serum."

    Alkura sighed, and then sat down cross legged and began to think. So, they were after the serum inside of Alkura. A serum that was going to be mass produced and would theoretically replace the previous Serum. Then the question remained why they so desperately wanted Alkura. They had the creation notes, so why not just make another version and make going after Alkura a secondary process? The E.I. were never about being open when they made a move. They much preferred to play so that their pieces were shrouded in shadow and they could quietly manipulate things in the background. And yet, they had attacked in broad daylight, without so much as an attempt to cover up the assault. What was so important to them that they would do such a thing? Meanwhile, Asola had pulled her legs up and was now floating in mid air with her legs crossed.

    Oh right, my subconscious, that's where we are at....

    Asola spoke, intterupting any further lines of thought about how she was floating in the air.

    "To answer that question, I have two answers, first, the nanodrones themselves are built to overcome mana limitations. Normally, an average person would be incapable of creating so much as a spark of fire with all of the mana they have built up during their lifetime. The First and Second founders wanted an army capable of utilizing magic, and they wanted it fast. So to do that they built the nanodrones that I constitute to be capable of transforming the chemical energy that your body can produce into mana. Second, I evolve. So that they don't have to continue using their time and resources to manufacture newer versions, the nanodrones and myself are programmed to look for ways to improve themselves. Given that all the nano drones are capable of utilizing biological components to self replicate. Similar to how human cells reproduce, but instead of utilizing a set of DNA, they utilize a set of computer binary code that tells them how to build the next nano drones. Which means if I see a way that such a drone can be improved, I can edit the template and then the change will be made in every future nano drone. Unfortunately the downside has been that the speed of the healing provided by the original serum is greatly reduced."

    Asola fell silent, her explanation finished. However, Alkura wasn't done asking questions. She had an idea. In fact, she was kind of tired of being useless. She had this special serum that allowed her to do things that the other members of the group couldn't, and yet in the last fight they had been in she had been helpless. Before that she had to be carried out of the prison, and before that she had only been able to help the group by loading ammunition into the tank gun. Over all, she hadn't contributed much, and had been more of a burden then anything. She didn't want to paint the picture that she was some helpless know nothing who couldn't defend herself.

    "Asola, I want to know what the efficiency rating on the conversion of the chemical energy is, and if it can be made to use something besides chemical energy. After that, I want a set of nano drones built specifically to manufacture objects outside of my
    body utilizing the mana. I don't care how you do it, just figure out how it can be done and do it."

    Asola stared at the girl for a moment, and then walked over to one of the floating memories, her feet moving from the cross legged position she was in to make the necessary steps. Asola went silent as she tapped the memory and she began to write on a now white square. Soon Alkura grew bored of watching the A.I. and closed her eyes, focusing on her surroundings and reaching her sense outwards. She might have been in her subconscious, but the A.I. had kept her in the dark about where. She'd try to find her own way out in the meantime.

    knock, knock, knock.

    The sound of a hand rapping quickly on a wooden door came to the forfront of her focus. She could hear the sound, and she focused on it by instinct. Instinct is what lead to her to grab onto the sound with a mental dead man iron grasp, pulling herself out of the place she was in back to her mind.

    As she opened her eyes, she was back in the room she had fallen asleep in, but instead of feeling well rested, she felt as if she had been run over by a semi, hit by a train, run over by another semi, and then kicked by a horse for good measure. In short, she felt like shit. She quietly got up, her body protesting with every nerve it could. She got up and stumbled to pull on something besides the nighty she had on. After she was dressed, she pulled on the cloak over it all, and then walked over to the door, before pulling it open to see..... no one standing outside her door.

    Alkura, annoyed at this point, grabbed her sword, pulled on her shoes, strapped the sword and her quiver of arrows to her waist, and then slung her bow over her shoulder. As a side thought, she took the bow off her shoulder and then destrung it. No sense in keeping it strung if she wasn't using it, she could always take a moment and string it later.

    Before she left her room, Alkura slid the hood up on the cloak so that it hid the pure exhaustion on her face in shadow and then stumbled out into hallway outside her door, walking to the main eating and sitting area of their new home. She slid a chair out, grabbed a bowl of eggs and toast, and began to chow down. She was not only exhausted, but famished. She suspected, that much like when one has a dream, the subconscious Alkura spent her time in had sped up her perception of time, allowing for Alkura to spend only a short time in it but wake up the next morning.
    She said nothing, but focused on her food and eating it.
  3. Name: Lucan

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Although slightly reserved, Lucan is not at all shy, he merely speaks when he feels it's actually necessary. Shades of sadness and a vengeful passion can sometimes be seen in his eyes but he's never one to voice those thoughts. He is also strict on himself in preparing physically and mentally for the day he can avenge his father and brothers, and his rigorous self-taught training sessions over these years have paid off more than he realizes.

    History: Lucan is the youngest in a military family. His father Duncan was a respectable Faye General. Lucan's brothers Connor and Darius were also on the Faye side of the war, serving under their father. Left back home with just his mother, Lucan spent his time doing all of the physical labor since he wasn't old enough to join the war effort. When Lucan was 12 a Faye soldier came to his home bringing back news of his fallen father and brothers with the only belongings he could salvage from them; Connor's chest plate armor, Darius' tattered hooded cloak, and his father's blades; two custom forged short swords. Lucan's mother begged him not to join the military in fear of loosing her last child. Reluctantly, Lucan obeyed and stayed home, but all the while sneaking out at night practicing his combat skills in the forest with his only friend Joshua, in hopes of one day being able to avenge his family.

    Magical Power: None

    Lucan has an athletic build, lean but muscular. His short midnight-black hair contrasts his bright green eyes. During the day he just wears basic villager clothes, worn and tattered from everyday work. At night however, he dawns his brother Darius's black tattered hooded cloak which conceals his father's short swords, his brother Connor's uniquely designed leather chest armor all over a single left-sleeved white shirt, thick leather belt, and gray pants with thick leather boots.

    Weapons: his father's [FONT=&quot]2 custom forged short swords
  4. Dimitri rolled his eyes and put money on the counter. He suddenly heard the sound of the king's voice and he looked back at the door- "don't you dare be dead already I need to let off my I told you so" -he went to the door and stood on the side, seeing as the king walked off with Will-
    He pulled a dagger out of his pocket and climbed up a wall to the roof, following and watching silently- "what are you planning. ."
  5. Name: Grech Fromsan

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Race: Water Faye

    Personality: He bears his masters' whips his a grim endurance, doing what he is told because he has no choice. Knowing no love other than that of his mother and the bond slaves share has left his embittered him to human masters and he has a sheathing hatred even for the odd human slave he has seen though he keeps it hidden in moments of stress it can rise to the surface.
    History: Born into slavery Grech has know no other life. Taken from his parents as a child he was shown how to use a rifle and thrown into the front lines, always on the most dangerous positions on the battlefield.
    Magical Power: Although he keeps it hidden he has the power to control water, and change its teprature, though is not yet able to form ice

    Apperance: Tall at 6' 2” and strongly built for a water faye, with dark blue hair that is long and mostly unkept. His face is covered with scars, as is most of his bady with whip scars of varying age crossing his back. His uniform is a simple green overall with faded black boots and a black bank of the right arm marking him as a slave.


    Longknife: While not a sword it is better than the standard combat knife as a fallback weapon.

    Rifle: A simple and cheap bolt action rifle with decent accuracy. In trained hands it can fire up to three rounds per second allowing for fast aim. Each box cartridge has 8 rounds. Under the muzzle is a groove for the longknife to be used as a bayonet.
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  6. In Progress...

    Name: Called "Marcel", though his mother named him Sere (pronounced zeer; meaning to burn, or to betray; possibly a derivative of Sereph.)

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Race: Faye
    Faye: Fire

    Personality: Marcel is as stereotypical as fire faye come. (Hell- if you'll pardon the pun- he's even a redhead.) Flamboyant, aggressive, moody; Marcel is quick to anger but usually just as quick to forgive. He's a pessimist, but a cheerful one, with a genuine affection for people regardless of species- though he will take the side of his own race if confronted. He's the curious sort (not nosy!), but very good at keeping secrets. He can be charming and vindictive in the same breath, but is bound by his Master never to be able to lie outright.

    History: Like so many faye of his generation, Marcel was born a slave. He has never known his father, nor any father figure, and was parted from his mother at an auction when he was a small child. The prize servant of a rich and often absent warlord, he was crippled magically- as a trophy- renamed Marcel, and as he was intelligent and hardworking, soon came to be all but in charge of his master's holdings. He may be little more than the lord's pet to show off- but he gets revenge in his own little ways. He's sleeping with the man's wife, and being their most trusted servant and confidante mostly free to use their resources to help his own kind when the man is away.

    Magical Power:
    Marcel is bound and bespelled against harming any human with the power he holds over fire. That was the oath. See the gaping loophole? Shh! Otherwise he is a practiced and fairly powerful fire elemental- it's a toy to him; he can't conjure it from the air, but if it's flammable, and within twenty or so feet of him (the length of a large room- any further and his strength and aim are...not so reliable...) he can light it on fire. Manipulation would take training he doesn't have access to.

    Appearance: http://virus-ac74.deviantart.com/art/Lockon-Stratos-Neil-Dylandy-108796041 (Except, wearing something that isn't a blatant anachronism.)

    Weapons: (thinking about this. Not sure I want him to have access to a weapon right away. Does he need one? Maybe a bow?)

    <!-- / message -->
  7. Okay characters are looking good.

    Just let me know when you all would like for me to open the plot. I was going to wait for one person that has expressed interest in the plot but that by no means should hold the rest of ya'll up.
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  8. i'm ready when you are, maybe with it started it'll spark more interest? who knows :)
  9. Lol, I try for smaller numbers when it comes to RPs. That way you don't get as bogged down waiting for people to post.

    I'll look at opening it up on Thursday night because that's the last day of my college week~
  10. Thursday is usually my best RP night too. But whatever is good for you, I'm almost always lurking around on my cell phone. My husband has pretty much gotten used to me dashing off yelling "I have to post!"
  11. Okay, assuming I don't get distracted by whatever normally distracts me at nighttime, I'll try to start this RPoo up tonight.
  12. Just reminding more active members, the IC is now open in the Fantasy section.
  13. Where do you want me to start rory, in an army heading for the town?
  14. ~Wahh :33 Roreh, this was hard xD Hope its okay ~

    But the rp story is really cool :D

    Name: Cellydia Ali Auror "Cella, Cel"
    [Cel-lid-dia, A-lee, A-Rawr]

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Race: Faye

    Faye Clan: Forest

    Personality: Cellydia has seen things that she will never forget. Things that haunt her in the dark of night, and she is too scared to fight the feelings of sorrow that often overcome her disposition. Cellydia tries to be more optimistic, but there's always something in the way of her happiness, or so she believes. She is a generally amiable person, with a 'cool' personality of carefully chosen words. She prefers company, but does not easily make friends. There something about nature that attracts her. She believes, that in one way or another, it is the only thing that can pledge you unconditional loyalty in exchange for your care.

    History: For as long as she could remember, Cellydia had lived with the strange old lady in the middle of the forest. The faint memories of a man going off to fight in the war often flicker through her mind, but Cellydia can put neither a name nor a relationship to the face in her memory. The truth is, when she was a young girl, her father had entrusted her in the care of this old woman and left for the war. Only his armor had returned, but Cellydia, in her distress, had forced herself to lock this truth away, and can no longer remember him. Cellydia, to pass time, helps out at a small tavern in the village. Because she is such a quiet looking girl, people do not seek her out and there is little known about her in the village.

    Magical Power: The ability to make plants grow & damaged plants regenerate. Cellydia's ability is quite developed in terms of her age because she spent a lot of her time practicing as a child. She cannot, however, do anything too large. For instance, in growing a tree, she can only so much grow a sapling to her own height with fatigue.

    LilyMay has medium-length blonde hair that is slightly wavy and bright green eyes.

    Weapons: None. Cellydia knows little of actual combat. She can defend herself with anything nearby when necessary, but she is not capable of truly fighting.

    Name: Lilly-May Addonexus "Lily"

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Personality: In the shadow of her father, Lily-May is a quiet, solemn artist who says little and smiles even less. She feels pressured in his presence to be exactly the kind of child he wants. But when he's not around, Lily-May is a cheerful, helpful young woman, who spends most of her time frolicking in the forest due to her love for nature. Lily-May is spontaneous and child-like, but takes caution when she is amongst other people.

    History: Lord Addonexus, a ruthless warlord if any, is Lily-May's father. In attempt to attain a heir in lieu of the war he wages with Faye, Addonexus wed a small, dainty woman from the village that caught his eye. Soon after Lily-May's birth, however, her mother passed away from prolonged sickness. Addonexus was quite feared in the village due to his power and strength. Because he could raise the child himself, he brought in a Faye nymph woman as a slave to raise his daughter. Neither the nymph nor Lily-May, however, grew fond of each other and around when she was seven or eight, she requested her father to send the nymph away. Addonexus was midly surprised by the rebellious request from the meek looking daughter of his, but did as she asked. From then on, however, he only seemed to get strictor and less satisfied with her. Lily-May only wished she understood why.

    Magical Power: Skillful control of the elements. Lily-May, having been raised by a light nymph, knows quite a bit about the powers of illusion and healing. She often tries to attempt them, though she has not been successful yet.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Weapons: Lily-May carries two small twin daggers and is adept in close combat. She is also trained in the use of a bow and arrow, but she does not carry that with her.

  15. She looks good Sakura!

    Vay, start with an army returning to Josh's village, expect to battered and beaten looking.
  16. Um... okay I think Marcel lives in Reliniana somewhere... so he wouldn't be coming in right away would he? Or would he be living in a city closer (relatively) to Joshua's villiage? Where are they evacuating to?
  17. Just have the characters come into the village. The evacuation concept was more applied to Joshua's desire to leave for a better community far away from the war, more than dealing with other characters unless you so desired that they want to leave as well.
  18. ~Roreh :D I added a human character to my post. :D Is she okay ?
  19. ----------------[ Basic Info ]----------------
    Name: Shigehide Suzuki (Magoichi Saika)
    Age: Believed 42
    Time Period of Origin: Sengoku Jidai
    National Origin: Japan
    Top Skill: Swordsmanship/Melee Combat
    Worst Skill: Subtlety/Covert Actions
    Power: N/A
    Weapons/Equipment: x1 Bladed Arquebus Rifle, x30 Powder and Ball loads, x1 Small Gourd with Sake, x1 Metal Emblem of the Saika, x4 Coins

    ----------------[ Backstory ]----------------
    Suzuki Shigehide is perhaps the better known of the three given the epitaph of Magoichi Saika, the name given to the leader of the Saika Ikki, an Ikko group focusing on gun warfare and acting as mercenaries in feudal Japan. During his time, Shigehide is mainly known for supporting the Ikkō resistance against Oda Nobunaga during the Ishiyama Hongan-ji War. Shigehide was possibly one of the first Magoichi’s sons. Shigehide is said to be his second eldest son, but the truth behind the matter remains unknown. This is mainly because his name isn't listed in historical records available to the public, making the authenticity of the "Shigehide" name even more dubious. Though said to be a warrior of distinguished prowess, details regarding his services remain scant. Aside from his distinct hatred for Nobunaga, the rest of his history is filled with half-truths, rumors, or theories.

    It is said that he participated during the Hongan-ji riots as well and led 3,000 gunmen into battle. He is accredited for taking the life of Harada Naomasa, a retainer of the Oda, on the field of battle. Despite being allied with the Miyoshi clan, legends state that Shigehide empathized with the Honganji rebels and was only loyal to them. When the Saika group surrendered to Hideyoshi years later, Shigehide was said to have tried to save his family from destruction. However, he couldn't convince Hideyoshi to spare them and his family's property fell into ruin.

    From here, the tales surrounding his fate differ from one another. One story says that he served Hideyoshi briefly before he also decided to commit suicide. Another states that he faithfully continued to serve Hideyoshi until Sekigahara and joined the Eastern army. There, he was employed by Date Masamune to be his secondary rifle troop. A few tales said that he became a wanderer and died as a hermit late in his life. After Torii Mototada's downfall during the battle of Sekigahara, he is said to have lived the rest of his days as a rōnin in Mito Domain.
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