Sword of Embera: Jani’s Tale

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Sword of Embera: Jani's Tale

Deep in the valleys of the world, there is a place of steam and magic, airships that roam the skies, with pirates and other tales of such romanticism.

Welcome my friends!


This is my home realm. It is called Mirabella, the Land of the Faye. Now, I know some say that such a land is just a fairytale, and it's just an image in every kid's head but that's not the case here.

Our world is made up of various islands separated by vast amounts of seas. However, we've found ways of amending this issue! With the invention of airships with a constant supply of a magical energy called Embera, we can travel long distances over short periods of time. It's simply impressive!


My name is Jani, and I am on a journey looking for parts and machines to create a new kind of steam powered airship that the world has never seen before. You may have heard of the exploits of my two famous sisters Rane the White Haired and Sara the Enchanter. I can't say I'm anything like those two but I'm always looking for people to help me out on my quest. You may join me if you like, or you may be my foe. But you will not stop me.


Yes, I know there's a war happening in the southlands. Some terrorist group that goes by the name of the Malden have been waging a conflict with the imperial court of Colinsburg. Funny thing is, I'll have to head down that way to get what I'm searching for. Figures, doesn't?

This journey will not be easy. I will have to face dangers, but, as long as I believe in my dreams, no one can stop me!
Basic Plot Idea: Mirabella is a world in which science and magic have co-existed for generations allowing for the usage of airships and other steampunk like machines to come into existence. Your character is a member of Jani's team of machine repairers that wish to create the fastest flying machine ever designed. The one thing holding you back are ever curious and intrusive governmental officals and warlords from various kingdoms surrounding the city of Musette, in which you live.

RP Style: Fantasy set in somewhat modern times, the basic feel of the RP is along the lines of Full Metal Alchemist, Last Exile, Howl's Moving Castle, etc.

No, godmoding! Follow the rules of the site! Use correct spelling and grammer!

Character sheet.
Race: (I'd prefer players to select one of the races listed below, if you wish to play as something else, please ask me beforehand.)

Humans: Same as we are, can master all basic elements. Embera magic can be learned but only the wisest can control it.

Faye: Can be devided into smaller clans. Some believe that the Faye are descendants of elves though this is a misnomer since they are not related in any shape or form. Their cultures are similar but faye are more likely to dwell willingly with humans than elves ever were. Males are called fauns, while females are nymphs.

*Water: Most common and widespread of all the clans. Spells tend to be water or ice based.

*Earth: Least spread around because they spend much of their time underground. They are strong and are used to heavy lifting. Spells tend to be rock based.

*Fire: Nomadic and flamboyant. Spells tend to be flame based.

*Forest: The most human like and happy little gardeners. Spells tend to be plant based.

*Wind: Wisest of the Faye, they quick sprinters and can hover in air. Spells are whirlwind or thunder based.

* Moon (Twilight): Currently considered the overall leaders of the Faye, they are based out of the nation of Chenoa. Their magic is healing and illusion based.

*Sun (Light): Considered the most liberal of all the faye, they are often seen wearing outfits that would make a grandma blush. However, when they are in human cities, they dress more modestly. Their magic is also healing and illusion based.

*Embera (Spirit): This clan is endangered, they have been in hiding for 300 years since the Destruction of their temple. Their magic is based on holy spells for wandering off evil.

Magical Power: (Limit of one per character)
I can totally picture being a quirky catgirl crew member, is that okay?
Yes it would be, the plot is more light hearted so such a character would fit in fine.

Name: Jani Banes

Age 18

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Head of a small machine repair shop

Race: A member of the Embera Faye Nation. Since she is a red head this means she comes from the Northern splinter tribe that calls themselves the Watchers, in honor of a ruined fort that dates to ancient times.

Personality: Jani is somewhat naïve about the world; while not daft she believes that she can get along with almost everyone she meets. At times, she can be overly honest about her opinions of others, often being fairly blunt without meaning to be. At her machine shop, she is more serious and focuses, often taking a commanding role, which almost seems condircty to her normal passive nature.

History: Jani is the youngest sister in a set of four siblings. Her eldest twin sisters, Rane and Sara are well known magi in her area of the world. Both having the power of foresight, it was hoped that Jani would as well. Instead, she was gifted with a much rarer power, the ability to bend Embera particles around her to form lightning. Her current shop was built upon her father's old clock repair shop, where she learned the basic concepts of gears and moving parts. Expanding upon this knowledge, she decided to learn how to operate larger machines since the interchangeable parts system is very much similar to what she was used to doing. As of late, she is being funded by a branch of a rich racing family that wishes for her to create the fastest steam powered flying machine of all time.

Magical Power: Embera Lighting: A rare power that only a few have very mastered, the most famous being Sky Videlin. Her control of the magic isn't very good and often strikes out in great quantities, which makes it a deadly move but can drain Jani fairly quickly.

Appearance: Jani is a fairly informal dresser, which isn't exactly uncommon for her peoples. It is generally a simple white over short and khaki pants or red skirt. She has red hair that isn't kept in a particular fashion, other it is kind of Tomboyish.

Weapons: None. Though she does carry a large wrench with her.
Name: Kysheeh'Nil-Grrarrosh (Translated: Break-Mind)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Flind
Personality: Break-Mind is prideful and prone to bragging. He's got a lot to be prideful about: He's tall, good-looking (for his race), and very intelligent with the workings of magical items. The blood of his heritage rises at times, however: He's become slightly infamous at going into violent rages or devolving to threats and cruel taunts at inopportune moments. Those familiar with him know he doesn't do it willingly, but that his heritage as a flind seeps into his actions at times.
History: The son of a pirate sailing a ship of gnolls, he and his siblings living upon the ship until their teen years. The runt of the litter (though still physically superior to the average human), he turned on the creation of magic items to keep up with his siblings. His father, enraged by this and fearful of magic in the hands of his children, disowned Break-Mind - though was kind enough to leave him at port instead of tossing him from the ship. Break-Mind was taken in by the authorities of the port town, and spent four years in prison... this was not a good time for him. He'd have spent a short amount of time, were it not for his attitude and rages that injured fellow inmates.
His release made him a very poor creature, and he sought out a job. Becoming employed at Jani's machine shop (deep down, he's unsure of why he was hired), he lends his magical talents and brute monstrous force into the shop's talents.
Magical Power: Spellrage: From a race of cruel berserkers that magic rarely finds, Break-Mind has a rather... unique way of bringing his power to the front. In times of stress, his berserker blood awakens, infusing his veins with magical power... toughening his flesh and improving his physical strength by a great amount. His mind and emotions are barely in control like this - but still in control. He can tell friend and foe, but he can barely speak full sentences in his rage.

Weapons: His natural claws and teeth have been enough to defend him for ages. The knife he wears on his belt isn't, in fact, a knife - it's a strip of material he uses to sharpen his claws and teeth.
Looks good, B. Frosty. I'll start the RP when I have the few others interested get character sheets up.
Name: Xavier Birdsong
Age: 254
Gender: Male
Race: Sky Lowers Faye
Personality: Though Xavier is older he has quite a bit of zeal for living, especially when it comes to machines and inventions. He is usually sleeping whenever he isn't actively doing something. He also sees the airship as his life's work.
History: Xavier grew up in a small mining community, his parents worked there using their magic to keep fresh air flowing through the mines during the work days. His parents taught him to use magic like them, but he put it to different uses. He began tinkering, making smaller replicas of the few machines the town could afford. He experimented with the machines mechanically and magically to improve their effectiveness. He had moderate success with a few by the time he was an adult, but not enough to really produce anything worth using.

He left home as soon as he could, he was able to get jobs at mechanic shops, but they never seemed quite ambitious enough for him. They rarely tried to create anything, and if they did, it was always something that had already been built. He wandered from shop to shop until he ended up in Mussete. He got another job in a shop, but he was just as bored with the work, until he heard his boss talking about Jani's idea. His boss thought it was ridiculous, but Xavier jumped as the chance to actually invent something new. Along with working on the airship, he's developed worker machines to handle the very heavy lifting required, they can't handle anything delicate though.

Though Xavier is getting older in his years, he doesn't have much to show for his life, so he's considering making the airship his life's work.

Magical Power: Magic refinement: Xavier is exceptionally skilled at enhancing machinery with his magical abilities.

Weapons: Embera enhanced machines.
Name: Ross Oliver

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Personality: Ross is very philosophical and doesn't like things that do not go as planned. If things do not go as planned he will force them back to the proper way.

History: A long history of brutal training is the cause of Ross's insane nature. He trained under one of the greatest doctors. With his magic and precision with equipment Ross has become one of the best surgeons any adventurer would be relieved to have.

Although these skilled hands and mind are great at the job he is not exactly the easiest person to get to know. Crews have tended to send in reports that Ross was not exactly liked by the rest of the personnel. Thus Ross now tries to find whatever job he can grab. Just so happens Jani is about to depart and they need someone to work medical.

Magical Power: Instrument of Blood: Using magic to shape blood to any consistency and shape is an extremely difficult magic to master. Some even consider this magic to be sinful to use as it is used in war by the most skilled. Instead of using it for violence these powers allow Ross to perform difficult procedures thus saving lives instead of destroying them.


Weapons: Any weapon can be crafted from blood but blood must be on the battlefield first. So Ross takes with him a cutlass on every adventure. He is not exactly extremely skilled but drawing blood will do just fine in his case.
I updated the character sheet application for some more detailed information, this will not affect players whom have already submitted a character.
Character sheet.

Name: Kali Ba'stet

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Cat person (If anyone has a better name for this race I wouldn't mind suggestions.)

Personality: Hyperactive and up-beat. It's rare to see a depressed face on Kali. If she fails she'll turn around and try a different approach with little to no sulking in between. She's an out-going girl that likes to get things done, but knows when its time to take it easy. Though she's positive most of the time, don't underestimate her attitude when she's angry.

History: Kali was born into a country divided by civil conflict. Her family left the country four years after she was born so she has no real memory of that time. The youngest of three siblings, Kali always stuck out from the rest of her family, who made a living by traveling with a circus, using their agile skills to entertain with acrobatics. Kali, however, was more interested in machines, learning how they worked, and flying them. At sixteen she ran away to pursue her dream, but found her outlet as a member of pirate crew. After living and working with pirates for four years she found it wasn't the life she wanted and ran away again. At twenty she joined Jani's crew to live the life she originally wanted to.

Magical Power: Recovery Magic: Kali can use a type of magic thats passed down through her family. She can quicken the healing process with this power, but it only goes so far and over using it takes a lot out of her.


A gun she keeps holstered on the back of her belt is her only real weapon. She also keeps a knife on her, though its more of a tool and only used in self defense as a last resort.
Okay all the characters look good thus far.

Since I haven't been a GM with most of you before, I'll give you a brief overlook of how I set up RPs on Iwaku. The vast majority of my plots will be set up in a chapter format that generally last between 10 to 15 posts depending on how the plot is flowing. Each chapter will generally start with a 1st Person Point of View, in this case it will be Jani.

As well, if we are dealing with more than one location, please be sure to put Location, Place above the main text you are going to post. Finally if your post is more than 5 paragraphs long pleae place a summary on the bottom of the post. This way, we can be all on the same page incase you don't have time to read every one's post.

Do except some character hijacking from me, since there will be times I need a speific character to do something to help move the plot along.

That's pretty much it. Any questions, please feel free to IM or PM me.
Okay IC is officially open in the fantasy section. For first posts, all I require is that you all already be in Jani's workshop so we don't have to waste 12 posts explaining where you are currently located and taking 12 weeks for us to get the plot moving around. Other than that just do what you normally do when introducing your characters.
Name: Kuja Laine

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Wind Faye

Personality: Kuja is agile in mind as she is swift of foot. Calm and analytical, her piercing winds can often be felt seperating a disagreement, since she dislikes fighting.

Kuja has never known her mother, yet she grew up with her placid father in a human city where he worked for many years of his life while he brought up his only child. From her father, Kuja learned patience and discipline of her spells, though she always seeks to learn more. Taking on his traits as a quiet and soft-spoken person with an affinity for tools and fixing things, she tended to hang around bars to watch the people come and go.

It was in one of these that she by chance ran in to Jani and was taken in by her free spirit and enthusiasm, which entranced her. Since then, she has faithfully followed her in her exploits, lending her various talents when needed.

Magical Power: Orb of Air -
Whether used to sit upon to levitate herself or hurled at foes, Kuja can create a sphere of air at any size between a marble and a roughly twice the size of a sphere to manipulate.

Kuja carries a slim pair of daggers with silver hilts and blades of a black metal that she wields in conjunction with her darting speeds and evasion.
Looks good Kitti.

Just a reminder, the RP IC is now open in the Fantasy Boards.
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