Sword Mages and the Song of Dark Tidings

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    Once, the world was in peril. A great war of the gods sent energy hurtling toward Feyrdon, threatening to destroy the planet. In response, the Forge God and the War Goddess crafted mighty weapons and ensouled them. Each soul matched the soul of a mortal and each weapon had magic within, such as fire or ice. Each also had a gift, such as the Lava Sword which has the power to seek other swords and their masters out. Finally, each sword will turn into the weapon its master has training in, be it stave, axe, rapier, mace, or dagger, as well as hide as a talisman when not in use.

    But the most important thing about these swords and their masters, beyond sheer power, is that the masters can combine the energies of their swords to create the great shield that once protected Feyrdon. But this is a last resort, as doing so will kill every Sword Mage and cause the swords to be scattered, the mages to reincarnate and only be called on in a dire emergency, and their protection to be lost from the world.

    Oh. And one more thing. The swords are cursed. The masters may never gain lasting fame. It’s a thankless job...

    You may play a sword mage or another sort of magical or nonmagical character.
    Please no gods.
    Sword mages may have any sort of job that exists in a fantasy setting, even royalty or priests.
    Do try to play good or neutral aligned characters.
    Keep your sword to a theme/element (fire, water, ice, wind, plants, animals, etc.)
    You may start with an active sword, a talisman that later turns into a sword, or neither.
    If you know you are a sword mage, you are unaware as to why you’ve been awakened.
    This is an original world, so no fandom characters.
    Talismans can be insect or nature themed.
    You can always hide your sword as a talisman if needed.
    Have fun!

    Swords already taken:

    Adra Raden-- Plasma Sword -- Scarab Talisman
    Zuriel Cimmerian-- Shadow Sword-- Pepper Moth Talisman
    Egna Runk-- Lava Sword (Sword of Seeking)-- Dragonfly Talisman
    Dominic Treaty-- Nature Sword --Leaf Talisman
    Darcilla Von Burke-- --
    The Priestess-- Heaven Sword --
    Darceous-- Storm Sword -- Blue Talisman of some sort
    Alec-- Poison --Scorpion Talisman
    Alistair-- Terra Sword-- Dragonfly Talisman
  2. I like this very much...I do have a character who uses a sword 'borrowed' from Welsh legend. Would that be okay?
  3. If it is an "elemental" sword and you don't use names from old myths, seeing as this is set in a separate world, it should be okay.
  4. So what's the actual plot, can there be dark sword mages and whst counts as elemental is it only forces if nature? If this is fan based i don't know it but it seems cool
  5. Right now, the plot is trying to find the other sword mages and figure out why you've been awakened. Elemental in this case just means a unifying theme, like plants or lightning or fire or ice or whatnot. I'm not sure what you mean by dark sword mages. Generally, they have good/neutral sorts of souls, so please no evil. And it isn't fandom.
  6. *drools* count me in
  7. Feel free to keep posting, guys! We'll get out of this bar faster the faster we meet up! Or don't meet up. Or whatever!
  8. I'm so in this thing
  9. Edited the first post to include swords and talismans. I will update this as the game goes on. Feel free to keep having insect/arthropod themed talismans. If you want a particular sword, best to lemme know or mention it in a post before someone grabs it!
  10. Two Dragonfly talismans....should I have to change mine?
  11. The priestess' sword is "The sword of heavenly light" Healing and bright light
  12. Mono, you can change if you want. Up to you, just lemme know.

    Estha, healing is great, but we do have a plasma sword/sun sword essentially. So it is up to you if you wanna keep the light aspect.
  13. I worded that wrong, me thinks. The light itself is healing light not offensive light. she can't attack with it, though when desperate, she can attack with a burst of energy. In turn, it takes away her other senses and makes her vulnerable temporarily
  14. Ooh, okay! Understood now!
  15. GM post. I'm fine with doing these teasers to make the story more in depth, just know that this is not going on anywhere near where ya'll are.
  16. I look forward to what everyone else has to input :P
  17. Alec's element is going to end up being Poison and his weapon will be a kusarigama.
  18. Is it too late to join in the fun? I'd like to give the ice sword a try if it isn't already taken.

    Edit: Also, can the talisman be made of crystal?
  19. Is there an option for an acid/disease sword?

    My signature weapon is usually a silver barbed whip with poisonous acidic properties... I absolutely loved the idea for this roleplay because of how in love with the weapon I use for every single character... But.. yeah the poison was taken.. so thought I'd try keep with the theme of it?..

    Like this but .. yeah, silver..

  20. I like it. Maybe your character could identify with Alistair in that regard oO;
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