Sword Girls

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  1. So, I recently picked up on this. It's a browser-based card game with pretty great art. I think it's professionally drawn or something like that, dunno. As for the game itself, it's comparable to Magic: The Gathering, but in much simpler terms (and many of the cards are cute). There is lore behind it, and the story is more involved than I would've expected from a browser game. You basically start with a deck, go through the tutorial, and go into "dungeons", which consist of different amounts of floors. The first dungeon is 10, but some go up to 30 or 40 floors. There's a cash shop with like...4-5 cards you can't craft, but everything else is craftable, and just as effective without spending money. Also, the "cash" system gives you tokens, but you can get tokens from doing different quests anyway, albeit it's a bit slower. The game starts you off with like....300-400, I think?

    Anyway, the link is here, if anyone wants to try. If you do decide to give it a try, just leave your username here and we can add each other and all that fun ^^


    Username: Miruruneko
  2. As a game developer...


    Username: Paorou
  3. I've seen the artwork for this before, and I was curious about the source but was too lazy to investigate. A card game, you say? I used to play MtG back in elementary school, and played a bit of the Pokemon trading card game around that time as well. Sounds interesting, I'll definitely give it a shot.

    Username: Acerbus
  4. So I see Paorou has the Darklore deck. Not sure what you have, Sil. I use two decks. One's a Passcode deck, and the other is a Crux deck.
  5. Darklore all day.

    So I've gone through the tutorial and cleared the first dungeon a few times. Other than not being able to choose which cards you want to attack, and the AI being completely retarded most of the time in what it chooses to attack, I'm enjoying the game. Moe overload, but I guess I need something "cute" to balance out all the grimdark that comes with October/Halloween.

    edit: Yeah... Not being able to attack what I want is really killing this game for me. 100% of my losses were from moronic decisions made by the AI. Not sure if want.
  6. Anime based cardgame where breast size doesn't equal strength? This I got to see.
  7. This looks fairly interesting. I might give this game a try on one afternoon when I am not feeling like doing anything.
  8. |I'm actually academy. I splashed darklore cause I got some rare iri cards.