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  1. I've seen a few of these pop up around the site, but I'd like to try it just as a one[x]one. I would like someone that has at least seen the first season of the anime, whereas the second season is not needed to RP in the world of Aincrad. The main aspects of this RP will be action and romance, with a dash of mystery. Unlike most one[x] ones though, it wont play a major part in the story development.

    A few teeny tiny things I should say:

    - Death is around every corner, so it's always a good thing to have more than one character up your sleeve.

    - Character development is something that brings an RP to life. I want to feel what the character is feeling. Their hope, their sadness, their anger. It makes it seem more life-like instead of just staring at letters on a computer screen.

    - Good spelling and punctuation is a must.

    - Three to four sentences is all I ask for, nothing more!

    - I need an active partner who posts more than a few times a day, and whom likes to talk about what's going on in the RP.


    Whelp, that's it. Message me or reply here if you're interested! :D
  2. Hello, Viceroy! I'm Alice and I am very much interested in this idea of yours. And I think it would be fun to roleplay with you. I'm really big on character development, it's one thing I strive for. I've also seen Sword Art Online and I love it. It's a fantastic Anime that I proudly geek out to! (My friends don't understand me). I think I fit your other preferred qualifications as well!

    Am I supposed to add anything else to this reply?

    I'm interested?

    I said that already, huh?
  3. *Blinks in amazement* W-Woah, alright! I'll message you!
  4. Bump! I'm okay with doing more than one of these, guys. ^_^
  5. Loved loved loved sword art.

    I wish I could role play as my picture character. XD

    But anyways, would you rather original or canon characters? I'd love to roleplay with you!
  6. I play original characters. :D I'll message you!
  7. Mm.. I have a strange urge to do just one more. Three in all! If anyone else is interested, just PM me or reply here. I'm really into this idea. xD