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  1. This rp takes place during the two years they were trapped inside the original game. You have just entered sword art online after creating a character. You are out exploring the world when you get teleported back to the main plazaand then told by the creator of this game that you are stuck here until the game is cleared. finally you are transformed into what you really look like in the real world.

    1 no god modding "this always seems to happen"
    ex "you cannot single handedly beat a boss, you cannot clear the game in 10 posts" i will just delete these type of posts
    2 no killing off other peoples characters
    3 oc only "i dont like when people play the main characters of the anime"
  2. cs
    in game name
  3. name: Jasmine asavedo
    age 18
    in game name: Terra
    bio: jasmine had gotten sword art online to try and impress, but it ended up backfiring when she found out she was trapped in here. then the guy who she was trying to impress abandoned her. now she is trying to figure out how shes going to advance in the game.
  4. (Is it ok if I could join?)
    Name: Keiji Aisawa
    Age: 17
    In Game Name: Keiji
    Appearance: Anime-Dude2.jpg
    Bio: Keiji was one of the first beta testers of the game. Even though it was a virtual reality, he enjoyed it and loved to live in it since he thought of the real world as a dull place. However, once he became trapped within the game world, he decided to join the front lines to help clear the world faster.
  5. sure theres an ic forum
  6. cs;
    Name: Jack Timion
    Age: 20
    UserName: Silv
    Bio: Hard core gamer, got his hands on the latest and greatest game. What more do you need?... Well now he is trapped in the game. That might be helpful... and he is among the few who still solo the front lines. Its not that he is anti-social... its just that he just doesn't know how to start up conversations.
  7. ok ill see you guys in the ic
  8. mind if I try throwing my girl in the ring?

    name: Layla Summers
    age: 24
    in game name: Shiva
    appearance: [​IMG]

    bio: Layla is a closet gamer as most of her friends and family either disapprove of video games. She tries her hardest to not let people know she is a female in real life to avoid hate comments and hassle from other gamers. She wanted to try her hand at the new game that came out and found herself trapped in the body of her character. She now provides back support for other players as a duel wielding pistol damage dealer, although she is quite adept at both front line damage and back support.
  9. Would you mind if I joined? I just finished watching Sword Art and totally fell in love!

    Name: Haley Johnson
    Age: 21
    IGN: Arius
    Appearence: image.jpg
    Bio: A lover of video games she waited for ages to play Sword Art Online and was so excited when the game finally opened to the public. She lives alone so no one could scold her or try to make her quit video games. When she found she was trapped though, she became afraid but tried hard to live in SAO. Despite her fear she worked hard and joined the front lines to try and help others get out of the game. She uses a katana that's always at her back, you won't catch her without it. She's also extremely fast and light on her feet.
  10. Mind if I join as well? I love SAO, haha! Sounds like it could be a fun RP.

    ϲʜαʀʟεs • 'ϲʜαʀʟɪε' • ɗυғoʀт


    Basic Information
    In-Game Name :: 『 Cinder 』
    Gender :: 『 Male 』
    Age :: 『 Thirteen 』
    Sexuality :: 『 He has no particular sexuality, however, he could be classified into 'bisexual' 』
    Beta Tester // Beginner :: 『 Beginner 』

    Fighting Style
    Offensive Weapon :: 『 Épée du Dufort - A Greatsword that Charles uses in everyday combat. It's weight is incredible, but Charles has trained himself well enough to wield it despite his size, he finds that it makes defense and offense much easier for him. 』
    Defensive Weapon :: 『 Incendie Poignard - An expertly crafted dagger that resembles that of a flame in appearance, used only in close combat for emergency defense. 』
    Role :: 『 Damage 』
    Favorable Statistic :: 『 Weapon Guard, Acrobatics, Smiting, Sprinting.. 』
    Armor Preference :: 『 Leather ⊙Light⊙ 』

    Biography :: 『 Charles does not usually talk about his past, mostly because he believes he was born a mistake. As in that he should have never been conceived. His mother was already dead when he came into the world, and so was he, nearly. He had only a faint heart beat, the doctors said, in the throws of an unknown disease that was not visual to anyone who glimpse his small body. This disease was of the flesh eating kind but it was unusual in the way that while devouring his body, it also suffocated him, pulling him down into death’s core with every passing second. A miracle would save him, they said. And so, his mother’s body discarded and himself swathed with antibiotics, the medicine having stilled the deterioration of his brain, the doctors decided that he would be better off dying a slow and horrifying death. That was when a man came to him. He was the president of a company formed to ’save lives’ and apparently Charles was their first example, their poster child, the baby who lived with a medicine they produced. That man adopted him but only to keep him around as a breathing slogan. He didn't have the greatest life as a child. It wasn't until he was introduced to SAO by a friendly co-worker of his foster father's that the dark and depressing life he lived began to lighten.

    'Freedom'. That word is the only thing that could describe his feelings upon entering the game, though he was new to the whole system of VRMMORPGs, he felt so much happier being in a fictional world rather than facing the reality he did. Being one of the nine thousand people to purchase the game he was obviously not a Beta Tester, however, despite being a beginner at SAO he learned quickly due to the fact that he was literally unable to stop playing unless in death. The first day in the game was quite enjoyable to him, upon entering the game he noticed that the usual pain and illnesses that he dealt with for all of his life had seemed to go dormant, no longer had he felt the effects that they had on him. Exploring the landscape, gaining experience through grinding, and even trying a few duels were what made the game so exciting compared to his 'normal' life. He was not at all frightened by the announcement that he was unable to leave the game, it wasn't like his daily life was much better than that, in fact being trapped in the game was favorable when given the choice between returning or not.

    Given Charles' drastically altered life once in SAO, he planned to make use of his new founded abilities that nullified the effects of the disease he lived with. Whenever he had the chance he trained himself in the ways of the Greatsword, crafting his own blade known as Épée du Dufort and training himself to wield it. Being a weakling most of his life, you would think that using a blade as large as a Greatsword would hinder his performance in battle, but Charles' determination to make something of himself pushed him farther to hone his skills and become a young prodigy in the way of Two Handed Combat. Though he is a long ways from becoming a master, he believes that he will become a notable adversary and a force to be reckoned with. Being commonly referred to as Cinder due to his potential, he is recognized as a player that could eventually become something great! Do not underestimate his capacious sense of will and determination, for this young man definitely has the potential to be one of the players to beat Sword Art Online. 』

    ⇛ Personality :: 『Charlie, when he is calm, can be really a rather nice person. He is polite and courteous to everyone he meets unless he is given reason to react otherwise, in which case he will be very snappy and sharp tongued. Although this has started to change for the worse in recent times with the onset of Schizophrenia and a number of other mental illnesses he has started to become increasingly reclusive and aggressive. He is perfectly capable of speaking his mind if he really feels the need to but his upbringing has caused him to make a habit of keeping it to himself unless he really needs to speak, this is something that he has worked to overcome and has achieved some small measure of success in this area lately which is something that he is really rather proud of. His greatest strength is his will to succeed. Absolutely nothing will stop him before he finally obtains his freedom. Complete abstinence in the face of adversity. His greatest weakness is the fact that he suffers from mental illnesses and this often leaves him too confused and disorientated to think straight at times. 』

    Likes ::
    『 ✓ Sunny Days
    ✓ Sparring with Other Players
    ✓ Cleanliness
    ✓ Friendly Players || Players Willing to Teach Him || Players Who Help Him Hone His Abilities
    ✓ Smiting a.k.a Crafting Armor, Weapons, etc. 』
    Dislikes ::
    『 ✗ Loud and Obnoxious People
    ✗ Laziness
    ✗ Disorganized Inventories
    ✗ Mean-Spirited Players that Taunt Him or Criticize Him Without Reason
    ✗ Being a Victim of Thievery || He Dislikes Players That Steal From Him 』
    ⇛ Love Interest :: 『 None at the Moment 』

    Username :: 『 Asura 』
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