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  1. Just show a picture of your character (or a description) and then just jump right in. Well start at the begingining!

    In game name: Kairi
    Real life name: Kairi Runo
    Appearance:(look at picture I uploaded)
    Weapon: dagger.

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  2. game name:saysay
    real name: sayuri kibki
    appearance: (couldnt get a pic) she has a red and black uniform and uses a huge hammer she has short blue hair
  3. Hi [MENTION=5723]KairiRuno[/MENTION] (and [MENTION=5624]Sayuri[/MENTION] so you don't lose this thread too!) The main Jump In section should be In Character posts only (OR at the very least at least contain In character content with the bio! Not just bios!) SO I have moved your two bio sheets here to the JumpIn sections Plot Discussion area. :D Now you guys can have a place to chat Out of Character and post up your bios. You'll need to start a new IC thread in the JumpIn main. We do it this way so people can quickly read through the roleplay and not get distracted by a bunch of OOC comments, and have a place to chatty about the plot.

  4. haha thanks!
  5. In game name: Kyy

    Real life name: Kyysucara Namosaka

    Weapon: dual spears

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  6. In game name: Rom
    Real life name: Mako Lynch
    Appearance: A tall muscular man, standing at six and a half feet with shoulder length blonde hair pulled into a pony tail. He has a heavy suit of armor that looks like a gladiators.
    Weapon: One handed Axe and a large Tower shield

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