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  1. So, I've watched up to episode 15 of Sword Art Online and just love the series! I would like to make an RP of something like it and wondering how many people would join.

    I'm also wondering about the set up. Should it be D&D style for leveling and skills, etc? Any input is welcome! ^.^
  2. Sword Art Online. HELL YES.

    If you attempt to add in all the level upgrades and stats it may be difficult but it's possible. Somehow this gives me a MMORPG vibe~
    Personally I think it would be cooler if you added elements like a video game to the plot but instead of choosing levels, the characters all have a "position" or "specific role" to the advancement of the game.

    Anyways good luck with this and if you do create it, feel free to notify me :)
  3. Great! Anyone else? :D
  4. I will!!! Sword Art Online is so awesome. watching episode 17 tommarrow :)
  5. GIMME GIMME! I do agree that we should do DND type lvling and things, but stay true to the actual story, like not set classes.
  6. I'm up for it too. But I have a question, how exactly would we do bosses and such, and enemies? Only wondering.
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  8. I'm super excited about this, but as a group I think we should talk this over. There are many ways we could interpret the world, but we need to decide how we would play the game. The D&D mechanic would work but I'm not sure it would exactly suit the roleplay style of the series. So, we should talk about it more.
  9. I totally agree with this.
    Jus FYI, I don't know how to make an RP into a D&D style, if we decided upon that. I would need someone who knows how to do that.
  10. I've talked about this with a friend(Ultima), and he says he doesn't understand how to do it. Oddly, enough I have enough experience with D&D to make into a roleplay. So, I'd like to propose a partnership, what do you say?
  11. That's great! I accept :D
  12. Add me on skype so we can talk this over. Currently I am elsewhere instead of home, but I do have my laptop with me, this is gonna be great.
  13. I only know the 4e rules. Never rp'ed with D&D over the interwebz so.. I do know GURPS and Pathfinder rules though
  14. I've palyed 3.5 for 9 or 10 years, plus I have all the books. Applying D&D to this RP will be hard and I will have to consult some of the players who use D&D in their RP. Otherwise I am just waiting to talk to Christine.
  15. I've never played D&D myself, but I can definitely learn. I've noticed in other website RPs people have figured out a way to do D&D style RPs. I thought it was pretty cool.
  16. Hey everyone! Jus talked to Eternalfire and he's gonna figure out how the D&D works on iwaku. It's possible. :)
    We need to come up with floors, that might be the hardest right now.
    Thanks for the patience!
  17. I'm putting this in the interest check forum, I take it you'll make a separate OOC once you figure out the DND system and how it works on forums?

    - Asmodeus
    - Davion
    - Grumpy
    - Vay

    Short list of people who have run DnD on the forum.
  18. I've tried to reach Asmo recently, not sure if he got the message.
  19. Thank you! Yep, we are still figuring things out ^.^
  20. What kind of characters do you get in this Anime?

    I've found the modern version of D&D is good, since you have a simple definition of character types (smart / dedicated / tough / fast / charismatic / strong), and you can make opponents with the same classes, e.g. a tough villain, a fast villain, a smart enemy soldier. You also have starting occupations.

    Also, have you guys thought about Big Eyes Small Mouth? It's a universal roleplaying system for animes.