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    So I've been having a craving for an SAO roleplay for a while now. I have a basic idea of what to roleplay in mind, and it's mainly OC-centric, along with the supporting characters, but canon-compatible. While I want to add romance, I don't want it to be the only thing going for the plot. I'd love to play around with ideas about Aincrad all its 100 floors, and all the possible player Quests, Sidequests, and NPCs.

    Take note that there will be romance and a pairing, but I don't want it to immediately happen. It doesn't even have to be a major part of the roleplay at all, though I'd like a little of it.

    Because this roleplay will be canon compliant, we will still be seeing or roleplaying the canon characters, and then some. The main events like beating the first floor Boss, and such are expected to at least reach - or affect - the original characters in some way. I even encourage that the characters know the canons, but only as far as friendship if the canon character is in a canon pairing.

    *wags fingers* Meaning no Kirito-kun x OC, or Asuna-chan x OC. I might consider if the characters Leafa (if we could reach up to ALO), Lizbeth, and Sinon (again, if we can do GGO) are open for a relationship with an OC character. If we can manage to write it believably, and not make the characters OOC.

    Time skips will happen, but overall the story will go at a moderate pace. I want to write out the effects of living for months inside a simulated reality, and how the characters cope with being trapped inside it. Also, playing out the Boss Battles will be fun!

    I expect this to be a long term partnership. Meaning you have to tell me if you're in a writer's block, or want a long hiatus, or if you're all together dropping the roleplay.


    Ideas for Plots and Subplots
    *Canon events still apply.

    1. The initial reaction of the characters and the people to the 'Tutorial'. The main original characters meet in the Starting Town.
    2. A story-based quest that takes the character(s) to different floors, giving them rare item drops or a Unique Ability.
    3. The thing about the PK-ers and the PK guilds, character(s) investigating and hunting down these groups. Doesn't necessarily have to be the guild Laughing Coffin, or the characters PoH, Red-Eyed Xaxa, Johnny Black, though it would be interesting if we can write it out.

    I'd love to discuss more ideas with my partner. Worldbuilding and expansion is great!


    Possible Characters/Pairings

    *Note: Characters in bold means that's my preferred role. Canon pairings still apply. (for example: Kirito and Asuna, Thinker and Yulier)

    ! - Craving
    ? - Idea

    ! Beta Tester x Newbie (m x f / m x m / f x f)
    Rating: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

    ? Antisocial Solo Player x Beast Tamer (m x f)
    Rating: :heart::heart::heart::heart:

    ? Friends in Real Life, Rivals In-Game (m x f, f x f, m x m)
    Rating: :heart::heart::heart:

    ? Player Killer x K.o.B Member (m x f)
    Rating: :heart::heart:

    ! Sick/Disabled In Real Life But Strong Player x Arrogant Clearer (f x m)
    Rating: :heart::heart::heart::heart:

    I'm also open to more suggestions.


    Prerequisites and Rules

    1. Adept or higher leveled writer. If you want me to make it clearer, I expect a partner to be able to write a minimum of 3 paragraphs per reply. Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation is to be expected, though I understand we all have our typos. 2 paragraphs are also fine during 'those days'. Remember, quality over quantity, but if we can do both then why not? Please, please use (") for your character's speech, and italics for your character's thoughts.

    2. An understanding of SAO canon and the terms that might be used. I'm not familiar with all the terms pertaining to MMOs, but we should at least be able to add some understanding about some terms within the roleplay.

    3. Aggressive writer. I want both of us to carry our own weight in the roleplay, and I love creativity. If you have an idea for a subplot or plot, just tell me and we'll see what we can do. I also love unexpected twists and turns.

    4. Realistic character portrayal. The characters' emotions, thougths, actions and reactions must be believable or understandable in the situations they end up in.

    5. Creation and control of NPCs and minor characters. Yes, both the game term and the roleplay term apply.

    6. I don't expect speed-of-light posts, it's even fine if replies are a few posts a week. But if you're going to go away for a while or more than a week, please tell me beforehand.

    7. No mature scenes, please. I write liberteen, but I'd rather fade-to-black for this specific roleplay. If I somehow get convinced, you know the rules - put mature content inside a spoiler box. Even more no-no if we're not in the same age groups, obviously.

    8. No god-modding, auto-hitting, or meta-gaming.

    9. I don't mind pretty posts. Use all the BB Codes you want, but it's also ok for me if we keep it sweet and simple.


    Some Things to Know About Me

    1. I'm an adaptable writer, and I can mirror-post my partner's writing. Meaning if you put in an effort, I'll put in an effort. I can go from intermediate all up to advanced, and my average posting length is four paragraphs in a post.

    2. There are some days or weeks that I might be slow in replying. I have my studies and real life obligations, but I will inform you if I'm going to be away for longer than a week. My average posting rate is a few in character posts a day down to a few in character posts a week.

    3. I have a taste for well-done angst, drama, and mindfuck. Yes, I like tormenting my own characters and maybe yours too, and the floating castle of Aincrad is the perfect gilded cage for me to torture them in new and creative ways.

    4. I've been roleplaying for at least three years. ^_^ But I'd love to partner with someone who has more years of experience, and preferably even older than me. There's always a chance to learn something new~

    5. I don't mind fluff or occasional 'slice-of-life' posts. Slice-of-life in an SAO roleplay pretty much gives interesting opportunities to see how our characters are living day by day in Aincrad, or coping with their situation.


    I'm looking for new partners. Contacting me through PM is preferred.
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  2. @Sen rainbows? xD
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  3. Raaaainbows~
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  5. I will rainbow everything.
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    This sounds fun, I'm in another SAO like rp called Anirad's Assent (probably spelled that wrong) but a one on one would be fun too!
    I would do the Antisocial x Beast Tamer
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  7. Thanks for taking a look at my request. ^^

    About the pairings, though, I'm planning more than just one pairing in a roleplay. Can you play more than one original character with me?
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  8. I can try, but you may want to find some one else if that's the case. I've only played more then one character only once, and I'm still getting used to it. :)
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  9. Your welcome to join the group Aincrad's assent.
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  10. Oh, okay. ^^ Maybe we can roleplay sometime in the future? I'm looking for a multiple character roleplay for this, but thanks.
    Thank you for the invite, I'll think about joining~
  11. Beta and Newbie is the one that I think would be most interesting, since the Beta's were well-hated. XD
  12. It's one of the possible pairings here, since I want not just one character for each player. ^^ If you're interested, we can discuss through PM. And I really like the idea too, especially the noob growing up personally and becoming strong enough to be a clearer
  13. Sounds good. ill be heading off for bes soon though, so if it can wait for detail hammering tomarrow morning ish, then that sounds good.
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  14. I'll rp with you if you're still looking.
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  15. PM me and we can discuss :)
  16. I'll Rp with you if you want?
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  17. I'm sorry, but my partner request has been filled out now. ^^' I might open up another slot on this type of roleplay, though, at a later time.
  18. Ok no problem just pm me if you want to do any other sort of roleplay.
  19. Reopened!
  20. If you're still looking (and you probably aren't, knowing my luck XP) I'd be really interested as SAO is one thing I've wanted to have a successful RP about for some time.